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    Good morning!


    RR:  I ran 5.9 yesterday, 4.4 of those with the running group, which turned out to be just one other girl who I run with sometimes.  It was fun and nice to catch up.  Today I'm taking a rest day.


    NRR:  Today I am going to be grading all day long.  Well, when I'm not teaching, of course.  I have some essays to grade, then all of my students (about 180) are taking an exam today, so I will be grading those too.  I want to get as much done as possible today and tomorrow so I don't have to think about it over the break.  After school some kids are staying to make up the exam since they'll be on a field trip, then I'm going to take myself to Starbucks so I can do some more grading.  Tonight DF and I will hang out, probably cook dinner, watch some tv and I'll probably try to do some more grading.  Two more days until break!!!!!


    FR:  Not sure what I'll do for dinner.  A couple of nights a week DF and I just make our own since we sometimes like different things, so I think we're doing that tonight.  I'll probably have a portobello cap with pepperjack cheese, sweet potato fries and some broccoli.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    OU:  Does your dog keep up with you or do you try and keep up with the dog?  I’ve never run with a dog, but it sounds like it would be fun.


    SJP:  Didn’t Maine get the memo that it’s spring?  Hopefully the snow will be gone there soon.  There’s actually some flurries here this morning, so apparently PA didn’t get the memo either.


    Seattle:  Those brownies sound delicious.  How are you enjoying climbing at the gym?  Is it something you’d recommend?


    MIA:  Cirque du Soleil is amazing!  Have fun!


    Snowden:  Nice job running through the snow!  That’s always really tough.  I don’t think MFP  has a way to roll over your calories, but I know you can look at your net calories for the week so you can see how you’ve done at the end of the week.


    Foco:  Nice job improvising on the run.  I think twenty minutes of sprinting is a really good workout!



      mia-okay, makes sense about dinner, must've read too quickly! cirque will be awesome, i've always wanted to see that! enjoy!

      snowed-i agree, the whole picture is what matters with calories--hope you find the right balance soon! busy day for you yesterday, how often are you at the fire dept?

      mc-basement apt can be nice, i always worry about water issues with them though. even if its 'never had a problem' the truth is that you are below grade...and no water is never a guarantee!

      rtr-how did you find your run group? wow that is a  lot of grading! dbf and i do that with dinner too. we cook together a couple nights and then on our own others. haha yes we have had snow in april before, the good thing is it will melt fast, but it is annoying nonetheless.

      RR: 10 miles this morning. my foot is feeling a little better. its a little tender to touch and if i move my foot in a certain direction, but didn't hurt while running. weird.

      NRR: march madness baby!! (said in the dick vitale voice) i am super excited. i love to watch the games. otherwise, its thursday and i am ready for it to be friday already!

      FR: coworker and i are going to meet up with an old coworker for lunch/watch some college bball. excited.

        rtr: I can't imagine the grading load of 180 students, and high school at that with longer essay questions and such.  I like 5 problem math worksheets that I can grade in a glance!!!  I have 2 dogs I switch running with.  One is a husky who can make it about 2 miles and I am dragging her by the end.  The other one is just a mutt and we just stays right beside me (unless he wants to water a fence).  I'm really strict about training my dogs to run right beside me and keep pace otherwise they don't get to go.  My roommates lab could rip my arm off so he never goes!  They are like a person, just motivate you to keep going because they aren't tired yet...


        sjp: so pumped about 1st round action today.  Figure I will work till noon, and then "watch scores" while working the rest of the day!  I do know a few people that do crossfit and they swear by it and say that they love doing it.  And they are pretty girly girls so I respect that opinion a lot (they are also super buff from cross fit!)


        seattle: yummm send me some brownies!  haha that 15-25 is super windy- that's a normal breezy day around here!!!


        mia: enjoy cirque!!!! I love those shows, they are amazing!!!!  Thanks for the app advice, I'll have to check that one out!


        snow: so just have to ask, how cold did your feet get running in 5 fingers in snow??? there isn't a lot of room for socks in those things, or a lot of foot covering!


        MC: great game for your and pups to get exercise, i like it!  mixes it up for them as well since they don't know where to return ball!  I take pups out one at a time, and usually I don't get to - they are noisy and it's a hassle so 5am runs are tough to pull off.  Since I'm running evenings this week it is easier.


        rr: 2ish miles last night on hill.  I did 3 sets of 5 repeats on the hill sprinting up and jogging down.  Wasn't too terribly tough, but I never intend my hill stuff to be, it's more just getting use to terrain change.  Have 5ish tonight with running group.  Prepping for 20 this weekend, I'm nervous, hoping for a good run!


        nrr: not sure what tonight will bring, running with group then probably just relaxing and watching some tv.  Enjoying my last few hours of spring break!!!


        fr: gyro was awesome, as always!  I splurged and ate some fries with it. I had a lean cuisine salad for lunch and was starving and just didn't care!!!


          RR - Today is a rest day from running, but I may hit the climbing gym in the afternoon for a bit - there is a route that I've been stuck on the past two times and it's really bugging me.  If I can get it this time I'll be really happy even if I don't do much else!  It's just on a taller wall and it's a move that you kind of have to jump for, so it's definitely testing my fear of heights!


          NRR- We have a new accountant starting today to help out with the conversion to the new software... hopefully she is nice!  Not much going on today except trying to be super productive at work since I have to leave early for a doctor's appointment (yuck).  Hoping to get some laundry and cleaning done after the climbing gym and get to bed early!  Can't believe it's Thursday already... being busy makes the time fly!


          FR - thinking skinnytaste chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries tonight, yum!


          I will try to be back in a bit for shouts, especially since I didn't make it back yesterday!


          rtr - to answer your question quickly, so far I absolutely love climbing and would totally recommend it.  It is an awesome workout but so fun you don't realize it until you are so tired after, and it is also a great intellectual puzzle, and great for pushing yourself (especially if you are afraid of heights like me!).  Plus everyone at the climbing gym is super friendly and encouraging and helpful!


            Hi all:


            RR: Yoga strength yesterday, and will do somewhere between 3 and 6 with coworker today. Should do 6, but I have too much work to get done.


            FR: Nothing exciting except my veggie stockpile.


            RTR: That is a marathon grading schedule! I would want to get it done before break too, though. DH and I almost always do separate dinners, which seems weird. But he eats weird things at weird times (he probably thinks the same about me), so we just eat together whatever we've fixed for ourselves. I am resolved to make more chilis and soups, though, because we both like that.


            SJP: No basement worries here as we never get any moisture. Unless their water heater explodes, it will be as dry as a bone. Hope your foot gets completely better soon! Maybe it's bruised?


            OU: You've given me a good thought about just running with the dogs one at a time. Typically, I just get my run done during the day and then do the Chuck-It with them in the evening. When I don't get my run in during the day, I end up doing silly things with them like I did the other night. It's just really hard to tell one lab that they have to stay home while you take the other one running. Such sad eyes. Really looking forward to March Madness this year, too.


            Seattle: You make climbing sound so intriguing -- and doable! I don't have a fear of heights but I'm completely uncoordinated. Hope you nail that tricky route today. Good luck with the new accountant and starting the conversion. That's always stressful to introduce new systems.


            Mia: Getting back to your question yesterday about DD: My DH is a fish biologist, so she volunteered for sampling trips when she was young and really liked working outside. She started school knowing that she wanted to major in environmental science, and then did an internship on the coast while she was in school. But didn't want to limit herself to ocean work, so she shifted to hydrology. I think she'll be in good shape with this project to work in the mountains, which is where she ultimately wants to live. Hope your DD gets through the semester without too much stress--sounds like she has a lot on her plate! Does she love crew? DH rowed in college and absolutely loved it.


              Happy Friday Eve!

              RTR: That's alot of grading, but when it's done RELAXATION!!

              sjp: careful with that foot, don't need an injury now.

              OU: I always have to take a couple of days to psych myself up for 20 miles.  Definitely helps to do it with others.

              Seattle: You definitely make the climbing sound fun.  I'm sure you'll conquer that path tonight!

              MC:  I was looking at gov jobs yesterday and saw a bunch for Hydrologists.  Funny, I don't think I'd ever heard of that before yesterday.  DD loves crew - she had never done it prior to college but now she is the top woman on the team!  And 4th out of the whole team.  Pretty cool!!


              RR: running with friends in a little while.  Not as windy today.

              NRR: Excited about Cirque tonight!  DBF is making DD and I dinner at his house.  He's going to make some of the cod he caught this weekend, DD isn't excited about the fish but I hope she at least tries it.  She's almost 19 and needs to start trying new things.  Sheesh!!  Older DD got thru her hard day yesterday so she is feeling much better today.  She has spring break next week and I think she'll be "arting" all week, so she is staying at school to work on stuff.  I will see her on the 30th though, since she is in the area for a regatta.  She and 4 of her friends are going to come here for dinner and then I'll (and possibly DBF) will drive them back to school.

              FR: I start off the day great and then go off track.  I need to remember I'm going on the cruise in a few weeks so I need to keep my butt in gear.



                Good Morning!


                RR- Yesterday I got in a good 11-12 miles. I went out on the snowy trails again and got in some really good hill work. Then I looped back to the house and picked up DBF and the dog. I've been hoping DBF would start running and he did yesterday! He's physically in good shape but has been pretty stagnant with exercise for the past year. So we didn't run very long and did a lot of walking but I was so glad he came with me. Hoping he will today too. And he dog did great with us both running.


                FR- I had a HUGE dinner last night. Steak, baked potato, garlic bread, corn. Half a slice of peanut butter pie. I haven't had that much for a meal in a long time. Then later I went and had 2 beers with DBF. But it was good, I didn't completely over do it, or have snacks later that night.


                NRR- Run, clean, grocery shopping, walk the dog, EMT class. Possibly going out for a ride on a boat DBF and I are looking to buy. My day is already full!


                rtr- Nice idea grading at Starbucks! I didn't even think about looking for net calories. I'll have to do that.


                sjp- Right now I'm at the FD all the time. Between that and work I realized I'm living out of my car. But once the EMT class is over life will chill out a bit.


                ou- I hate having cold feet. And with 5 fingers it can be really easy for your feet to go numb. Which I think is just plain stupid. It completely defeats the purpose of them if you can't feel your feet and what you're running on. Some people are die hard about them, but it just doesn't makes sense to me. They sell socks that do a pretty good job, even wool ones! But when there was a bunch of snow on the ground or really cold I wore vivobarefoot trail shoes. They are just as flat and hard as 5 fingers, just don't look weird. And those I would wear smartwool socks with. Good job on your hill running.


                seattle- time does fly when you're busy! All week I've read the Daily titles and think ... uh is it really already Mon, tue, wed, thur...


                MC- I'm going to get a veggie stock pile today too!


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                  Mia- It's so easy to get off track as the day goes on. I don't have an answer to help ya out but just thought I'd let you know I'm in the same boat and feel ya! Enjoy the show tonight!