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    snowden: still staring at that inbox message - why do I procrastinate! I will get that garmin in the mail!


    mc: I'm focusing on crossfit this summer because it's so hot, and I wanted a running break.  In the fall, I plan to do it 3 days a week, then run 3 days a week - quailty miles (a long run, tempo run, and medium run).  Pretty much get rid of the junk miles I always did.  Just going to test it out this race season and see how it works.  Over the spring I PR'd in every distance so it will be a good judge of if it helps improve me past what I was or hinders.


    rr: 3.5 miles later today with running group.  Haven't been there in atleast a month so excited to get back!


    nrr: ready for the weekend. Think we are going to the lake Saturday for fun.


    fr: I'm trying so hard to be good, but I keep failing... Why can't I get on track????


      use this thread, i even refreshed to make sure no one started--must have been EXACTLY the same time ou!


      Morning! I feel like it should be friday already...


      java-yeah strawberries are tough to grow, but there are several places nearby to me, which is ironic bc its mostly city. lake weekends are so fun! i bet the boys love it. your bro and sil aren't coming? (they were the ones that didn't help last time if i remember?)

      mia-i agree! aug 24th is super popular it appears. are you enjoying the pups? dogs are great, but you can never leave them for extended periods, which is tough.

      seattle-do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

      mc-you'll get those pounds off, a little food tracking, exercise and you'll get the scale in the other direction. those body fat machines seem so cool.

      RR: 10 foggy/chilly miles this morning. it was 55* and foggy today compared with 80* and sunny in 24 hours. gotta love maine weather haha.

      NRR: dbf is packing for fishing this weekend, weather doesn't look great but he'll have fun. helping him pack all the camping stuff tonight. otherwise, nothing much going on. supposed to rain, again.

      FR: making raspberry squares for dbf to take camping, they are easy and delicious

        sjp: perfect double post! I checked the time stamp and it was the exact same time!!!  what is the raspberry square recipe? those sound awesome! but so does the strawberries you picked!


          Good morning!


          RR:  I'm planning on going for a short, 3 mile run, later today.  Also, I'll be dong a lot of walking today, probably four miles. I took a rest day yesterday because my back was bothering me.


          NRR:  Yesterday I woke up and had a really painful crick in my back.  It hurt all day, which is odd, because that's never happened to me before.  I feel better today, so hopefully I just slept weird and it was a one time deal.  Today I don't have too many plans.  I might go see an early movie at a theater near here that is $5 on Thursdays.  Other than that, I plan on reading and maybe knocking some things out for the  wedding.


          FR:  The usual.


          OU:  The lake sounds fun!  Do you waterski or do any other water sports while there?


          SJP:  That's a crazy weather swing.  Here its just been hot and humid, no change unfortunately.  Raspberry squares sound really good!


          Have a great day!


            Good morning!


            RR: Yoga later today at some gardens in our downtown area. Should be fun!


            NRR: Won't get home till after 7 tonight, so will probably just do a load of laundry and get the boys to bed before I get to bed myself!


            FR: meh.



            OU - it is really hard to keep on track with a healthy diet. I find it helps if I pre-make my meals - can't really make an excuse to grab fast food when I have a salad in the fridge already made and ready to eat.


            sjp - No, thankfully my brother and SIL are staying home. My sister is closer to my age and has a child herself, so she understands much more about how to behave around kids. She still has a few drinks (as do I) but waits till the kids are in bed.  55 sounds pretty great to me! I love running on cool misty days!


            rtr - glad your back is feeling better! I'll cross my fingers for you that it was a one-time deal.


              Hello!  I am having a really crappy morning so far... someone broke into my car this morning by smashing my passenger side window, and stole my daypack with my climbing shoes in it.  I know that it could have been worse if I had more stuff in there, but still...  wtf.


              RR- Rest day from running today and climbing as well.


              NRR- Was going to have happy hour with DBF and some of his coworkers after work but now I may need to be at an auto glass repair place instead...  then it is also some of his friends' birthdays and we were supposed to go over there after happy hour, but I don't know if that will happen either.  Ugh, such crappy timing for this (not that there is ever good timing) when I am on more of a budget since I am also paying for school now too...


              FR- No idea...  got a croissant this morning and stress ate it.  Oh well.


                Seattle: Sorry about your crappy morning/car break-in.  Will insurance cover it?

                Java: Yoga in the park sounds fun.  I did a yoga/wine-tasting once through living social and that was a blast.

                RTR: Those cricks can be so painful.  Did you take anything like Aleve for it? Sometimes that will help with the pain and then when you move it more it will work itself out.

                OU: IT is so hard to keep focused on food especially when those around you don't have the same goals you have.  Not sure my excuse since I live alone.  LOL

                SJP: Yes I'm enjoying the pups but you're right I can't do any extended outings because of them.  At least it's only for a week.  Are you a bachlorette this weekend or do you have plans while DBF goes fishing?


                RR: Ran 5 with my friend this morning.  It was lightly raining and super humid out.  The sun is supposed to arrive in the next 24 hours though.

                NRR: finished this past school session up with a 99%.  YES!  Monday I start some new classes.  Having kind of a boring week, looks like I won't see DBF for a while since I have to dogs.  Wish I had a project to do around the house to keep busy.

                FR: Need to shop today and get more produce.  Should probably wait and go to the farmers market on the weekend, that would be fun.  Maybe I'll get a small amount and then still head to the farmers market.  My TP gave me some banana bread he made . . . YUM!!  He said he gave me some because if he didn't he'd eat it all.  Not complaining. : )





                  RR- Ran 18.5 miles yesterday. It took 3:30 hours. Which while not my longest distance it is my longest time on foot running. Yay! Slower pace as I was on moderately technical, single track trails 90% of the time. Hike about 20 minutes up a climb that I'm not able to run(yet). It was a great long run!


                  NR- Dentist appointment soon. Bleck. Then got called into work. Bleck. And Tuesday night on the way home from work my clutch crapped put. Bleck.


                  FR- No ice cream or alcohol for about 5 days now! Still working on portion control.


                  OU- Haha, not a problem! I procrastinate too! Enjoy the time with your running group!


                  sjp- Thats a huge temp swing! Ankle/foot still feeling good?


                  rtr- Summer break! Hope you have a great day! Do you have much left to do for the wedding?


                  Java- Garden yoga sounds really nice!


                  Seattle- Aw I'm sorry! That sucks. People suck! You use those climbing shoes a lot. I hope the rest of your day goes better.


                  Mia- I love banana bread. And farmers markets. Awesome job on your class!


                    Hi all,


                    RR: Yay, I got up and ran 3 miles this morning! Amazing that it was already almost 80 degrees when I got done at about 7 a.m. Also, I weighed again and dropped 3 pounds so thinking that the other weigh-in was somewhat of a fluke. But I am really interested to the do the body fat testing tomorrow and see where I am with that. I don't even have a wild guess at the moment. Also, I thought of another tactic to get me through the running this summer, which is to use our treadmill at work as an option when I don't get up early enough in the morning.


                    NRR: I kayaked a really easy section of the local river here yesterday evening with some friends. Have not been in a "decked" kayak (with a spray skirt, as opposed to inflatable kayak, which I paddle quite a bit) in a long time. It was really fun! Tonight I will likely hear a band with my niece and DD. Looking forward to the weekend because we don't have much planned but lots of fun possibilities. Hoping to get over to see DS in southern Colorado on July 4, even if we just get to take him to dinner.


                    OU: I like your CrossFit/run plan for the fall. Sounds great.


                    SJP: Yeah, I think especially with a focus on evening eating, which I know is a common problem, and more consistent mileage I should be able to get back on track quickly.


                    RTR: Hope your neck trouble clears up soon!


                    Java: The yoga in the gardens sounds neat -- outside?


                    Seattle: That just sucks about your car. That happened to me once years ago when my car was at a park and ride and I still resent those stolen CDs. I replaced most of them, but still ... I am wary of parking at park-and-rides to this day. Enjoy your rare rest day!


                    Mia: Congrats on the high score on your school session!


                    Snow: Wow, that is a long run and a great time! And congrats on the ice cream and alcohol avoidance ... that's huge. I need to focus on some alcohol avoidance.