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    Let's get going!!!

    mia: Crossing fingers and thinking good thoughts on the job!  I hope to come back and see you talking all about how you got it!!!  I've really enjoyed my crossfit time.  We are like a family almost - same group coming to workouts each day and pushing each other.  I've really enjoyed it.  Why is ex keep pushing the dogs on you?


    snow: enjoy the watch!!!!  getting it just started up and basic functions is fairly easy once you learn the bezel and the menus.  Making it do fancy things is a whole other ball game!!


    rr: crossfit last night was actually super easy. It was just 5 rounds of 60 single jump ropes, 20 sit ups, and a 200 m run.  I didn't even break a sweat.  I could have run faster but we do our run on a sidewalk and it was clogged several times with other runners so I would have to slow down.  oh well!  I am officially taking 2 weeks of crossfit and not working out at all till our first hike on Sunday.  Need a few days to relax and let my body heal and refresh itself.  I'm pretty sore.


    nrr: got laundry done last night, but that was about it.  Glad I did some major packing Monday so that tonights pack-a-thon isn't an all nighter.


    fr: made tuna fish sandwiches for dinner last night.  yum!



      mia-we live in a townhouse style duplex, so 1 direct neighbor and we have a 1st floor, second floor and basement. it's really not that hot, just when there is no breeze, it feels so sticky upstairs and around 85*.

      ou-are you leaving tomorrow?! that is so fun. does weather look good for your hike?

      snowed-are you excited for your trip? hope you got on the boat!

      RR: 10 hot miles this morning. i actually felt really good. i ran negative splits and ended with the last few miles around 8-8:15 min/mi. dbf and i did p90x last night and i am so sore. the second group of workouts is really tough. but we like it.

      NRR: errands tonight, getting my dad a bday gift, last minute stuff for bridal shower and i have a golf tournament tomorrow. going to be super hot, so need to buy some gatorade or something.

      FR: we are thinking chipotle tonight!


        Morning!  Work was crazy busy yesterday, hopefully will be able to make it back for shouts today though!


        RR - Lifting back/bis/abs at the little work gym over lunch today, should be good.  DBF and I were really pleasantly surprised by the gym we looked at last night - it's in such a convenient location (especially when he moves into the new place), huge, getting remodeled, large pool, and the climbing wall had 15-20 routes that get switched every month.  I think we are going to do another month at the climbing gym and then put it on hold starting mid-August while we try this place out!


        NRR - Hoping for a stress free day at work today but based on how yesterday went, not sure that is possible...  oh well, at least being busy makes the days fly by!  DBF and I were at the gym pretty late last night so we pretty much just cooked, cleaned up the kitchen, did some dishes, and went to bed.   Tonight will be pretty much homework and laundry day.  I am so looking forward to the weekend...  I think it sometimes takes a week or two to recover from those four day weekends!


        FR - Stir fry chicken & veggies w/rice - I have been eating well this week but I still love doing this as sort of a super healthy feeling (if not always the most exciting) dinner.


          Morning!  I am having lots of trouble waking up this morning.  Since I'm doing the crossfit at night I am having trouble winding down so go to bed after 11.  I can't seem to sleep any later than when I was going to bed earlier.


          RR: Run and cross fit today.  I was feeling good during my run yesterday for the first time since I started double workouts.  Today I am sore from a million lunges last night.

          NRR: Ended up telling ex I really didn't want to take the dogs again, he was surprisingly okay with that.  I am picking up younger DD tomorrow so she can come home for the weekend.  She's been at school for a really long stretch, and is getting a little homesick.  She only has next week left of summer school though.

          FR: I had a hungry day yesterday.  Ate lots of watermelon, so I suppose it could have been much worse.  Also ate two huge bowls of roasted veggies and some chicken breast for dinner.


          OU: I bet you are extremely excited for your trip.  When does school start up for you again?  I think ex is procrastinating going back east, so me taking the dogs extends the time he can stay with DS.  How long will you be in CO?

          SJP: Where is the shower?  Will DBF go with you for the weekend?

          Seattle: How is the house coming along?  Did you say DBF is moving in there next month? Is it ready for him?


            sjp; yep we hit the road tomorrow!!! so excited.  There is a chance of rain each day we hike, so hopefully it will hold off in the mornings so we can.  seems like it always storms on the 14ers out there though, so we will see.  are you guys just starting p90x again?


            seattle: new gym sounds really nice.  I didn't realize you were using a climbing gym - thought it was like an indoor rock wall area or something that you just used.  good luck with the stress free day- i rarely see those and I wish I had more!!


            mia: i start school again mid august.  I took the whole summer off to recharge and relax.  Poor DD, this is her first summer away as well, right? is she trying to graduate early by taking summer classes?  I think I am going to try to eat maybe 60% paleo when I get back from vacation, with the 40% being healthy type of carbs.  We will see how it works.  WE will be in colorado for 8 days - yep same group as last time.  we make a pretty good traveling group and we all have similar insterests so it is easy to plan things.


              Hi all,


              Just wanted to let you know I haven't died ... just in a whirlwind of work travel and vacation travel and barely keeping my head above water. Will jump back in tomorrow to get caught up, then might be quiet again until the first of August.


              Sounds like some good running and lifting going on here!


                mia-the shower is at my parents house. dbf is going with me. he'll play with the kids/hang with my sister's fiance/dad/brother while we are doing the shower. they all like to hang out together, so it works out pretty well.


                ou-yeah, weather kind of goes out the window when you get up in elevation. we hiked up to 5799' and it was cloudy/cool when we were up there while it was 85* and sunny at the base. we did start lifting again, about a month ago--its all vain for me...i want to have toned/jacked arms for the wedding. haha.


                MC-hi!!! sounds like you are super busy


                  Just finished running, my legs were pretty tired today and my stomach was not acting very nicely due to all the veggies I ate last night.


                  OU: DD is just trying to graduate on time.  She is double majoring in 2 very different areas - music and biochem - so she has lots of courses to take and really only the electives overlap.  She's taking 5 classes this summer - 2 music (conducting and ??), a film class, a history class and an IT class.  I am really liking the new eating, I cut out all grains for the most part, I think I had pasta once when we ate out, but other than that I  eat lean meats, nuts, low fat dairy, LOTS of veggies and fruit.

                  MC: glad you are doing well.  Busy is good most of the time. : )

                  SJP: I think it is fantastic how DBF seems to fit right into your family, although your family seems like they'd be easy to hang with.  What's going on with his mom?



                    My arms feel like jello from my lifting session over lunch... clearly I need to stick with it!


                    ou - you've been working out so much lately, you deserve a break!  It's always nice to take some time to physically and mentally re-set for a bit.  nice work getting ahead on packing - I always leave that til the last minute, whoops!    we've been going to a huge climbing gym (www.stonegardens.com) so it'll be a bit of a switch to just have a smaller wall, but we'll see how it goes!


                    sjp - nice work on the negative splits, I love finishing longer/tougher runs like that.  Hope all the errands go smoothly and you have a productive night!


                    Mia - Double workouts can definitely make you hungrier especially if you're not used to doing them!  sounds like you've been eating super healthy despite it though, nice work!  Yay for having DD home for the weekend - summer school can definitely be tough!  DBF is hoping to move in between mid Aug and Sept 1... hopefully it will be ready, they've made so much progress on it already!


                    MC - good to "see" you!