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    Hi all -- hey, I'm first!


    RR: I did OK on the HM yesterday -- about 30 seconds off my PR, so I'm super happy considering how things have been going lately. I tried to stick with a 2:05 pace group and hung right in there until about the 8th mile. But I came in around 2:09, which isn't bad for me. I'm now excited about the half again, although I think through the summer I'm going to focus on the 10K because it just fits my schedule better. I'll do another half in the fall. Also, I got some Wave Riders on a super sale on Saturday, so I'm breaking those in now.


    NRR: Setting off on 10 straight days of travel. I'm headed to work out of our Cleveland office for a few days, then will go to North Carolina for DD's college graduation on Thursday. Lots of festivities throughout the weekend related to that. Then Monday morning off to New Orleans for a leadership summit. Then I hope I go straight home after that but there's talk of a client meeting in Washington, DC, so I might have to swing by there before I can get back to Colorado. Hoping to get a few runs in while I'm gone .. have packed plenty of running gear and I know I'll have some down time in NC.


    Can't wait to hear how marathons went for OU and Seattle!


      Good morning!


      RR: Rest day. Went out for a quick 30 minute run yesterday morning and came back an hour later. Oops. But, it was a great run!


      NRR: Big B has karate tonight, then hopefully doing some catch-up on all the shows on my DVR.


      FR: Yesterday I made all DH and I's snacks for the week and his lunches (he takes a LF tuna salad every day). Nice to have that out of the way. Then we had chicken fajitas and perfect margaritas for Cinco de Mayo!



      B: overnight oats w/ apple and PB, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

      S: 2 quinoa energy bites

      L: salad w/ romaine, spinach, carrots, tomato, leftover chicken from the fajitas, balsalmic dressing

      D: ? either go out or I'll make mac&cheese for the kids and salads for DH and I.



      MC - great job on the half!! I knew you'd do well. Traveling that much for work takes a toll on you. I get to be home for a few months after 6 months of non-stop travel and I'm so excited about it. I do enjoy running in different cities though, so I hope you are able to get some running in.


        Good morning!


        RR:  The race yesterday went well!  It was a ten miler that I've run the past six years in a row, and I got my second fastest time!  I ran it in 1:33:37.  I'm really happy with how it went considering I have been super congested and coughing lately, so I decided I would take it easy and enjoy it.  Some time I will break 1:30 for the race.  Today is a rest day.


        NRR:  The weekend was busy, but good.  Saturday morning I met up with some friends for a brunch picnic, then Saturday afternoon/evening I went to a wedding, which was fun.  Sunday was the race, then the afternoon was spent recovering by catching up on TV.  Today is work, then I'm meeting up with a friend for coffee and cards, then later tonight another friend is coming over for a Downton Abbey date.


        FR:  The usual.



        OU and Seattle:  Congrats on your marathon PRs!  That's amazing!  How do you both feel today?


        Foco:  Nice job on your half marathon!  I love it when I feel rejuvenated about running following a race.  It looks like you have quite the travel marathon planned for work.   You really go all over the place for work!


        Java:  Nice job on the longer than expected run!  What shows are you catching up on?


        Have a great day!


          Good morning!


          Short race report:

          I had a great race yesterday despite the heat!  I was a little worried early on, I was trying to convince myself to not worry about time and just finish strong but I kept getting annoyed when the 5 hr pace group would come up behind me, so around mile 4-5 I just said screw it and started pushing the pace, hoping that I wouldn't regret it later on.  The last 5-6 mi were pretty brutal, no shade at all, not much of a breeze, and it was 75 when I finished.  I felt like the last 3 miles took forever, and figured that I might get a PR (sub 5:12) but that there was no way I'd break 5 - kept expecting to see the 5 hr pace group come up any second.  I don't really look at my watch much when I'm racing since I'd rather just run by feel, and when I finally looked at it after passing mile 26 it said 4:48!  I looked at it a few more times thinking I had maybe stopped it somehow, haha.  That gave me a nice little boost to run the last .2 to the finish nice and happy!  I wound up finishing in 4:49:59, a 22 minute PR!  I'm sure if the weather had been cooler I could have run it even faster, but I am still really pleased with how it went!  Smile


          Spent most of yesterday relaxing on/by the lake with DBF, which was really nice!  My legs are sore this morning and I've definitely got the marathon waddle going on, but not too bad!


          Congrats OU on your great race as well!  Will try to make it back for shouts in a bit Smile




            RR- No running today, its travel day! In 16 short hours and 3 flights later I'll be in Colorado. But I got a nice 10.75 in yesterday, wrapping up week up to just above 40 miles.


            NRR- I hate flying for travel, but I'm so ready to be home.


            FR- Hopefully I keep it in check some while I'm going.


            MC- Nice job on the half! That's a great time!


            Java- I do the same thing, its so hard to keep a run under 30 minutes now. The other day I came back at 45 minutes and DBF thought something went wrong because I was back so early.


            rtr- You will definitely break 1:30 when you're not sick!


            Seattle- WOW- 22 minutes PR! That's incredible! You're training really paid off. That's awesome. Go you!Smile


              RTR: Completely forgot you were racing this weekend -- and wow, what a time for a 10-miler! You are super speedy! especially when you were a bit under the weather. Enjoy relaxing with Downton.


              Java: Yes, the work travel can be wearing, but I'm trying to make this trip as "normal" as possible and stick to some short, frequent runs, keeping my food choices at restaurants healthy, and trying to get to bed at a decent hour. We'll see how that works out! Cleveland, my first stop, has some nice routes around Lake Erie near the office so that should be kinda fun.


              Seattle: CONGRATS on your PR!  So fantastic to hear you did so well .. I knew you would because your training was so consistent. And way to manage the heat -- very impressive time especially in that temperature. Have fun relaxing ... rest day today, I presume? How will you recover -- any easy runs planned this week or just play it by ear?


              Snow: Colorado weather should be beautiful by the time you get here. I think we're done with the snow now. Finally. Great mileage for the week. What are your running plans while you're in Colo?


                MC - way to go on being so close to your half PR, especially with less training than you wanted!  I think I am going to do the same thing, focus on shorter races over summer and then a fall half, and probably another spring marathon.  I really enjoyed training for and running the marathon but I think for now at least, it's going to be sort of a one a year kind of thing.  I hope all your traveling goes well!  I'm definitely resting today... my quads are pretty sore and I have a big blister on one of my pinky toes.  I am hoping to start getting some easy miles in towards the end of this week but I will play it by ear, want to make sure I recover well!  Probably some climbing this week for sure though, just to stretch out and whatnot.


                Java - hope you can have a relaxing TV night tonight, sounds like you had a productive weekend!  I love it when I can cook/make snacks ahead of time for the week!


                rtr - way to go on the 10 miler!  That is an awesome time, especially since you haven't been feeling very good the past week!  Glad you got some time to relax and recover afterwards!  My quads are pretty sore and I am babying some blisters, but aside from that I feel pretty good!  Already thinking about next races (not sure which ones yet) and itching to get out and run again soon!


                snowden - nice work on the 10 miler and the weekly mileage!  I hope your traveling isn't too exhausting... should be worth it to have such a fun trip!