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    Not feeling creative this morning!


    RR – Lifting and climbing with DBF at the gym, rest day from running.  Which is kind of a bummer because my legs are getting to that point in cutback week where they are antsy to run!  But I know it’s good for me.


    NRR – Yesterday at work was so slow.  It really stresses me out much more than being busy!  I know it’s understood and people know that that’s the just the nature of accounting jobs, but argh.  Luckily my company is planning to grow pretty significantly soon, which is exciting and should mean a steadier work flow hopefully in the near future! Need to learn to meditate or something.  On the bright side, I was so antsy when I got home that I got a ton of homework, laundry, and cleaning done! Hopefully today and tomorrow will go at least a little faster!  Looking forward to relaxing with DBF after the gym tonight and definitely looking forward to the weekend too.


    FR – Making salmon w/steak fries and Brussels sprouts with bacon and gouda for DBF tonight.  I am not a huge seafood fan (weird, I know living in Seattle) but am trying to like it more and salmon seems like a good place to start!


      Good morning!  Cross posted with Seattle!


      RR:  I ended up running a mile, walking a mile, then running another mile yesterday after work.  Running is hard these days!  I was very happy that I got it done though.  I felt about as accomplished after that run as I normally do after a ten miler!


      NRR:  Two more days of work, then I am off to NYC this weekend to hang out with two of my cousins.  We plan on going to a few nice restaurants, a broadway show and also to walk the Brooklyn Bridge one morning.  I'm pretty excited since these two cousins live in California so I don't get to see them very often.


      FR:  Nothing too exciting here.



      OU:  We use the common core, but the framework for being observed was just updated.  It’s still Danielson, but she came out with new stuff for 2013 so the school district switched the observation format around.  How much more school do you have left?


      Foco:  Thanks!  Nice job getting up early on a Saturday to swim!  I can imagine that class would be a great motivator.  I’m planning on swimming a lot more when running becomes harder.


      Seattle:  I’m impressed with how motivated you are about your coursework!  I would probably choose the happy hour over homework time.


      SJP:  Your race plans with DBF sound great!  How far off is your marathon pr from a BQ?  I don’t think you’d have much trouble qualifying.


        haha rtr, clearly you and I are on the same wavelength this morning...  like exactly!  Smile



          seattle-i have some recipes for the crockpot but definitely  make up my own stuff a fair amount. just do a legs workout and then you won't be so antsy to run! haha.

          rtr-oh that is fun you get to see family this weekend in NYC. what show are you going to? i'm about 15 min off a BQ, though my first marathon was sort of a cluster and i ended up running slower than my normal training pace which i think has something to do with superstorm sandy craziness, nyc getting canceled and stressing until friday night/saturday morning when i finally was registered for a different race. SO i do think i have it in me, just depends if its this race or not!

          RR: 8 easy miles this morning and then some elliptical. i think dbf and i are going to do core synergistics from p90x tonight. i shouldn't have to be at work late...

          NRR: got my few deadlines/projects out the door so it shouldn't be too bad the rest of the week, busy but not insane. hopefully nothing else random/urgent comes up, which tends to happen in my field as you never know when a contractor is going to call in a panic.

          FR: nothing exciting, trying to figure out what to feed my bro/sil/niece/nephew this weekend, the kids are easy, its my sil that doesn't eat ANYTHING

            MC: i love roasted brocolli, so delish.  I will have to try carrots though, haven't thought of that before.


            seattle: always catching up on homework! I feel ya.  I tend to skip the nights out a lot during the week just to go home and have some quiet to my life!


            rtr: have fun in NYC, which show are you going to? I saw Phantom when I was there.  I agree that running these days is tough to get in!


            sjp: NASCAR was okay, not my cup of tea.  Went with some friends so it was more about the rest of the trip for me.


            rr: crossfit this morning.  was suppose to be 4x600m sprints but it was freezing out so we changed to rowing sprints instead.  I'm not a fan of rowing but it is better then standing outside doing sprints and recoveries.  running in cold fine, sprints -no.


            nrr: OU is playing football tonight - ugggg I hate weeknight games.  So that's what I am doing is watching.  Made chili for dinner so pumped about that.  I feel much happier today then the last few days, I think because the weekend is coming up and I don't have any more meetings or school till Monday.

            so last night I had this dream that I was talking to a counselor about how stressed I am, ummm must be acting out in my sleep.  Made me feel better.  Guess I need to visit more often!


            fr: doing good with the veggies!  diverged a little at lunch yesterday and went to SmashBurger, but I had sweet potato fries instead of regular - that's a win, right?????