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End of the World? Fridailies (Read 149 times)

    Who is having an end of the world party???


    rr: did 3 miles with some friends last night.  so nice to have people to talk to during a run, makes it go by so much faster.  I noticed last night that I have a nice bruise where I foam rolled ITB the other day, guess I might have been a little too aggressive!  Got in a full 9 weekday miles this week, and planning 8 with running buddy on Sunday, high mileage week ;-)


    nrr: we have to work a full day today - uggg, the one day I really needed the afternoon off!  I have a ton of stuff that needs to get done.  It's worth it to get the 24th off, but annoying at the moment.  I'm just hoping that the day goes by fast!


    seattle: we saw the Hobbit in IMAX 3D, it was done really well - there were only a few "cheesy" 3D type of effects.  Other then that it just felt like the picture was really deep and defined - looked great.



      MC-i would pick your favorite, if its yoga, do that, if its swimming then pick that. i usually go for whatever is most flexible--ie the gym is always there and i don't have to be to 'class' at a specific time.

      java-safe travels!!!

      ou-oh bummer about working all day but nice to have monday off for sure! wow you must have been aggressive to bruise from foam rolling!

      RR: 10 miles this morning, the first few were tired but after that i woke up haha. tomorrow is long run and then i have a cutback week. though i might run normal while at home since i'll have time and daylight!

      NRR: headed home after work! so excited. my sister and her fiance are also coming tonight, with their choc lab puppy. going to be a full house! we are decorating cookies tomorrow--should be fun with a 3 year old! can't wait.

      FR: a lot of yummy stuff the next few days!


        Hmm, still here...


        RR - 4 mi lunch break run, maybe on the TM if it has been as cold and nasty out as it has the past few days! Tomorrow is 8 mi hilly trail run, possibly in the snow.

        NRR - This week at work has actually gone by pretty quickly! I am trying to get as much done as I can on my financial statements since we have a short week for Christmas. So far so good! Planning on grabbing dinner with my brother tonight, and then we are going to go see the new James Bond movie. It's been really fun to spend time with him since he's been home - I am always really grateful that I have such a close family (at least my immediate family [mom, brother and I] and my mom's side of the family).

        FR - Ham and cheese panini from Starbucks for lunch... they are expensive but a nice Friday treat. Going to get Mexican with the bro tonight, yum!


        Holiday related - DBF and I are going to his parents house on Saturday/Sunday, spending Christmas Eve with our own immediate families, and going to my big Irish extended family Christmas party on Christmas.  Should be fun!  I hope everyone has a lovely holiday Smile


        Back for shouts in bit!


          Good morning!


          RR:  I'm not sure if this will happen today or not.  I have a busy day planned, but I'd like to fit in three miles if I can manage.


          NRR:  The kids are funny at work today.  Basically they can't believe we're doing work, when "it's Christmas!"  Sorry kiddos, break starts at three o'clock and then you have a week and a half.  Also, that means I have a week and a half off and I cannot wait!  I'm flying home tomorrow to South Dakota and it looks like the weather will cooperate.  SD and Minnesota (where I have a connection) aren't being hit by the big storm, so I'm thankful for that.  I'm also happy Christmas Eve falls on a Monday this year so I can leave on Saturday and not Christmas eve.  After work I have to do some last minute shopping, wrap my presents for DF and his parents, then maybe squeeze in a run.  DF and I are having a date night tonight at our favorite Italian place, then we're opening presents and celebrating our Christmas together since we won't be together for actual Christmas. 


          FR:  Italian tonight, yum.



          Seattle:  Enjoy your holidays!  It sounds like you have a lot of great stuff planned!


          SJP:  Have fun at home!  DBF is coming with you, right?  How long are you taking off work?


          OU:  No end of the world party here, are you having one?


          Have a great day!


            RR- Nothing today. I didn't sleep much last night so I'm going to hang out this morning at home and give the dog an extra long walk on the trail. My foot is still hurting. I got on the elliptical yesterday to see how that felt and it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. I will probably stick to the bike for a few more days.


            NRR- If they Mayans are right(haha), the world will end while I'm at work. 


            FR- I ate 4 extra rich sweet truffles at work yesterday and snacked when I wasn't hungry after work/before bed. But still did better than I had been doing. My main focus is still protein. I think I'll cook up some rice/bean/veggie mixture for my dinner at work tonight.


            ou- Nice running during the hectic time. I just had to check myself for bruises from foam rolling, nothing. But do have a nice on from falling on a run a week ago when I went from sidewalk to street.


            sjp- aw, enjoy making cookies and decorating, sounds fun! Have a good time at home.


            Seattle- Enjoy dinner with your brother. Its so nice being able to do things like that with my brother as we got older and weren't siblings who fought all the time. Your Christmas sounds busy and fun.


            rtr- safe travels! Glad you won't be too affected by the storm.


            Have a nice Holiday weekend everyone.


              Hi all,


              Late checking in, and this will probably be my last post until I get back online Jan. 2 after our holiday travels.


              RR: Got an OK to run from the chiro so did 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym today with DD. Felt sooooo good! The week off hasn't hurt much, it seems. Really looking forward to getting back into it in the New Year. 


              NRR: Our little retro country band is playing at a bar here locally tonight and we should have a pretty good turnout. Looking forward to it -- lots of family and friends will be there. Finished up some work projects today, went with DD to get a mani/pedi (my feet are such a wreck ... ), other errands. 


              OU: Hope work went quickly! Hope the bruise subsides quickly. I am not an expert at foam rolling. I have one, but haven't really used it much.


              SJP: I think you're right about the gym--I should pick the one that combines yoga plus all the weight equipment and cardio equipment that I can have access to anytime because I have a hard time getting to scheduled classes sometimes.


              Seattle: Hope your 8 miles goes well tomorrow -- you are tough to run in the damp cold all winter!


              RTR: Hope you have very smooth travels to South Dakota. Your dinner and Christmas plan with DF sound wonderful! We did our little immediate family exchange last night, and it was so relaxing and fun. Tomorrow the extended family descends -- much more chaos!


              Snow: Really hope the foot pain subsides! Good to keep focusing on the protein. I think it makes such a difference.


              Happy holidays, everyone -- will catch up with you all in the New Year!