Weight Loss Dailies


Mondailies again-yikes! (Read 11 times)


    Morning! tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired! busy busy busy weekend

    mia-thanks! it sounds like DD is having a great time in NM, too bad about the older one being a brat, that age is tough. hope you had a good weekend with dbf, i'm sure you did!

    mc-you must have a big workshop! do both you and dh use it?

    RR: still got my running in this weekend. friday was 16 miles before we started doing all the wedding stuff. saturday i ran 10 miles (it was so cold, 46* at 5 am) before we got our hair done. then yesterday 7 recovery miles. my hips are super tight and it was rainign this morning so i ran 6 and did the elliptical.

    NRR: wedding success! it was so so so much fun. lots of laughing and a really amazing event. nothing went wrong, was a little rushed getting to the church and was utter chaos for an hour or so before we got in the limo but otherwise it all went well. we had perfect weather, 75* not a single cloud and barely a breeze. fun to visit with family--a couple photos on fb if you want to check them out.

    FR: bbq was good, had SO much food leftover that dbf and i came back with a lot, and a case of wine. haha.


      Good morning my long lost buddies!


      RR: Rest day today. Ran a few miles yesterday morning at the lake - it was HOT!


      NRR: Sorry I've been MIA again. Work has been busy and with Big B getting back to school there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Big B is really enjoying kindergarden and we seem to be getting back into a routine. DH is busier than ever and has been working quite a few late nights lately. Hopefully he'll get a break soon.


      FR: Been staying pretty well on track. Went to the lake this weekend and I always seem to have a hard time eating healthy there - too many people to please and I never want to spend enough money to buy separate food just for me for the weekend. Easier just to have sandwiches and pancakes with everyone else.



      sjp - saw the wedding pictures on Facebook - looked like lots of fun! Good for you getting your run in! And it's always nice to score leftovers - and wine!


        Morning! Monday again.

        RR: Went for a run on Friday with DD and then yesterday we went for a short hike but it was pretty steep.

        NRR: Went to DBF's Friday night and we went out for Fish and Chips at an English Pub.  We both felt bloated and icky that night and had trouble sleeping.  I don't think we'll be going there again.  Saturday we woke up and decided to take a drive and find a place for b'fast.  We found a nice little cafe and had a leisurely b'fast.  Then we dropped his car  to get tires rotated and balanced and went to a shopping area to walk around.  We ended up going to see The World's End spur of the moment.  It was funny but very odd.  Headed back to his place and I was invited to a wedding that night, but not allowed to bring a guest.  A couple of my friends were making their marriage legal since gay marriage is now legal here .  THe ceremony and party was on a cruise boat.  Very touching and nice.  We got back about 11 and I headed home.  Another night of upset tummy and feeling icky, so didn't sleep well.  I hate that my tummy is so sensitive.  Sunday DD and I went for a hike, then tried to find a place to eat - the one we wanted to go to is usually open until 3 on Sunday but we got there and they had closed early for the day.  So off to another place and we ordered but they were short staffed so it took forever to get food.  I had a date with DBF on Sunday so had to rush out of the house when I finally got home.  DBF and I went to hear our favorite gypsy jazz group play.  They were really good as usual.  A very nice weekend.

        Ohhh, I did get disappointing news on Friday.  I was told I was going to start my job on Sept. 30th, got a call Friday that they made a mistake and I was scheduled to start the 2nd wave of training Dec.9th.  Very disappointed.  The HR guy said IF they had an opening I might still get in but not too likely.  UGH!!

        FR: Feeling really icky and fat lately.  Need to get back on the wagon.


        SJP: I need to go look at the pics, but it sounds great.  So glad it all came together so well.

        Java: Good to hear from you!  I'm glad Big B is liking Kindergarten.  Is it a full day program?



          I'm back! Thanks you two for keeping this place going!


          RR- Nothing. At all. I plan on running today for the first time in what feels like forever.


          FR-. Really really terrible. I've fallen off the band wagon on a lot of things lately.


          NRR- Dad and brother were in town for a week and we have a great time. Brother and I went hiking a few times and got some really good climbs in. Later in the week DBF and I took them and the dog out on the boat to an island and "camped" in one of the many forest service cabins around.


          sjp- Glad the wedding went so well! It's always a hige relief when things that big go so smoothly. As always, nice running!


          Mia- Sorry the job is starting later than expected. That's quite a bit of time longer than they originally told you!


          Java- How exciting that Big B is in kindergarten!




            RR:  No running for me today, but I did walk about five miles.  I ran yesterday and I'll go for a run tomorrow.


            NRR:  Last week of freedom around here before work starts!  It's also moving week.  We move into our house on Friday!  I'm excited about the house, but a little nervous about the city to suburb transition.  I'm sure it will be great, it's just a change that I have to get used to.  We went to a wedding on Friday, went and worked on the house on Saturday and had a relaxing Sunday.


            FR:  DH and I have decided we're going to celebrate our last week in the city by going out to one of our favorite restaurants every night until we move.  Last night it was a great pizza place that we love, tonight is Ethiopian.



            SJP:  The pictures looked great!  I had a bit chaos on the morning of my wedding (really the whole week leading up to the ceremony) but everything after that ran smoothly.  I think that's the way weddings usually go!  Nice job getting your running in!


            Java:  Do you have many more weekends at the lake planned for this year?  That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend!


            MIA:  I'm sorry to hear about the job!  Is the training in December guaranteed?  Hopefully they can fit you in the earlier training.


            Snowden:  Your week with your dad and brother sounds great!  That must be a lot of fun camping on that island!


            Have a great day!


              Hi all,


              RR: Didn't run over the weekend because I had back flare-up ... going to new chiro tomorrow (we switched insurance this summer) and I'm sure I'll get it back on track quickly. Did yoga sculpt Friday evening, and maybe that aggravated something. I rode my bike to the library to drop off some books on Saturday. Took the dogs for a hike yesterday. Never sure whether any of that makes any difference with the back flare-ups or not.


              NRR: Really quiet weekend. DH pretty much sat at the computer all weekend trying to get some nagging projects off his desk. We went to dinner with DD and her DBF Saturday night, which is always fun. Then went to dinner with my cousin and his wife last night. Other than that, I read a lot.


              SJP: Don't you just love weddings? Sounds so fun. You are amazing to keep up with that much running during all that.


              Java: It's hard for me to keep on track food-wise with big crowds, too. Nice that you're still having some good lake weekends before fall really sets in. Great that Big B loves kindergarten!


              Mia: Ugh, too bad about the job starting later, but at least it's a go. It's a bummer your tummy has been unhappy lately. Other than that, it sounds like you had a great, fun-filled weekend!


              Snow: I am really in a slump running-wise, too. Good that you got some hikes and climbs in.


              RTR: that will be a big change from city to suburb ... will you have a long commute to work? I love your restaurant plan for the week -- that sounds like something I'd propose.