Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  I might try this out today, but just a short one.  I'm still congested, but I don't think a run will hurt.  Probably three miles.


    NRR:  Half day with the students this morning, then conferences in the afternoon.  Luckily no conferences tonight so it won't be a super long day.  After work I have to stop at the supermarket to buy stuff to make some lunches since I'm all out, then I'll attempt a run.  Tonight DF and I are hanging out.  He dropped our kitten off this morning to be spayed and declawed, so we won't get her back until Saturday. 


    FR:  I was out of bananas for my usual breakfast of yogurt and banana, so I might have stopped and picked up a donut.  Oops.


    Have a great day!  I'll try  to make it back for shouts later!

      Morning all.  I feel like I can see teh light at the end of the tunnel - only 1 test and a paper to write and then I'm done!


      rr: Chose to sleep in this morning so I was alert today, gonna try to sneak some test review in during work today.  Want to do some abs tonight at some point, then will do 3 or so tomorrow morning.  Hoping to do around 10 on Sunday for a long run.


      nrr: Just the same old same old.  Need to get out and get some christmas shopping done this weekend.  Need to go to the kitchen store and get a crockpot and a coffee pot for different presents.  Also need to hit up the toy store for my donation presents.  Love holiday shopping!


      wr: 151.8 - really not happy with this, and my pants are reading the same thing.  I really need to evaluate and get a hold of myself.  I didn't think my eating was that bad, but apparently it is and add in my sweets and it's been disastrous.  Need to figure out what to do and start making myself do it.


      rtr: hope you get your run in.  nice that they do conferences at night and during the day.  Around here they are all in the day - ummm how do working parents make it to them????  Luckily the presentation overload was just for the teacher - there were some great ideas presented that I got some stuff from but wish they could have talked longer so I could learn more about it!


      mc: I hated running in the mornings when I started in august, but I've slowly come around.  I"m looking forward to a few weeks of evening miles when the semester is over - but it's nice to have it out of the way and not worry about it at night.


      java: poor little b! that is a bump!  what is it about the second ones that make them dare devils. My other friend's second child is like that as well!



        RR: 10 miles on the treadmill, felt really good today and didn't seem too long on there. haha sometimes it feels like forever. also did 15 min of elliptical after.

        NRR: got some more xmas shopping done last night! also did laundry and some packing for home this weekend. don't need too much, just outside winter running stuff takes up a lot of space! going to be spending lots of time with my niece and nephew and I can't wait!

        FR: prob could use a grocery trip but going to just eat out of the cupboard tonight. so probably a completely random dinner....

        rtr-sometimes i feel better after  a run with a cold bc it clears me out, i warm up and the blow out all the snot. nice image right?! good luck with the conferences!

        ou-go easy on yourself, its a tough time of year. just eat healthy, excercise and enjoy the sweets and treats. i know its tough when pants start getting tight, but you can lose a few pounds in the next couple weeks, usually thats all it takes for pants to fit better...


          Good morning!


          RR - Rest day today... yuck haha.


          NRR - My company holiday Christmas party is tonight... hopefully it will be fun.  It is at a fancy hotel in downtown and the menu looks yummy so that's a good start.  Nothing much exciting to report... just looking forward to the weekend.  I don't have any plans for it yet, just want to sleep in!


          FR - the menu is Greek themed food so hopefully I can find a salad or veggies or something in there!


            Hello all!


            RR: supposed to go to a hot yoga flow class this afternoon, but I'm thinking of skipping it. I just don't feel very motivated today. Guess I'll see how I feel when it gets closer to class time.


            NRR: Little b's eye is still swollen, but it is looking better. Just got a call from Big B's school that he ate some chocolates that may contain peanuts today (he has a nut allergy).  He's fine, but still scary since he has had some pretty severe anaphylactic reactions in the past. Don't know what is up with my kids this week, but I'm hoping the drama is over!


            FR: Just not doing well in this area. I keep snacking between meals - need to quit that.



            B: ww waffle w/ pb and all-fruit jam, coffee w/ skim and truvia

            S: mini luna, coffee

            L: last of the lentil soup, maybe some crackers to help keep me full

            D: TBD



            rtr - glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope your run goes well.


            ou - yeah, Big B is so cautious, I'm not used to a crazy climbing kid! Big B can be crazy too, but usually learns his lesson if he gets hurt. I wouldn't worry about a little weight gain too much, especially at this time of the year. The important thing is that you are aware and can work on getting back to your normal eating habits and exercise routine. Try not to be too hard on yourself.


            sjp - ugh! 10 miles on the treadmill sounds like torture to me!


              Quick pop in to day hi. 

              I didn't run yesterday and now its been a few days in a row and I' itching to run. The snow keeps falling and my winter shoes are not here yet. I think I'll try for the gym today. My mom is here and it's wonderful. She's doing MFP and its working for her. Hoping she'll help keep me on track this week. And maybe I'll pick up MFP in moderation again. Hope everyone is doing great. I'll try to pop in later for shouts.

              Have a good day.


                Fly by again - ugh!


                rr.  Didn't run this morning, even though M slept through the night.  Will be getting in a longish run this evening after she's down.


                nrr.  Like I said, M slept through last night.  Finally!  Usually she's a great sleeper, however, that molar has really been bothering her.  Nothing else going on after work today.


                fr.  Made enchiladas last night.  Yum!


                  Hello again!

                  I'm rethinking my decision to run.  I've been hacking all day at work, so I think I"ll take one more rest day.  Now I'm aiming for a short run tomorrow.


                  I've had a fair number of parents this afternoon, but now I haven't see one for awhile. 


                  Simon:  What kind of enchiladas?  I might have to try and make those one night.


                  Snowden:  That's great that your mom is having success with MFP!  How long is she visiting for?


                  Java:  Is a hot yoga flow class where they crank the heat up super high?  I'm not sure I would like that very much!


                  Seattle:  Have fun at your Christmas party!  I would be all about the tzaziki at a Greek themed party.  That's my favorite.


                  SJP:  Enjoy your time with your niece and nephew!  Yes, that was a beautiful image! Smile


                  OU:  We only have one night time conference a year because contractually they can only make teachers stay at night two nights a year.  One night is back to school night, the other is conferences.  If the district required that we stay an additional night, they would have to pay us.  That's probably why conferences in your neck of the woods are only during the day.  What sort of ab workout do you do?


                    Hi all,


                    RR: I'm feeling today's run slipping away ... so much work to catch up on that I came into the office early. Still plugging away. I might jump on the treadmill here at work before I leave. 


                    NRR: Work! Lots to get done in the next two weeks before everyone heads out for the holidays. 


                    FR: I had sushi yesterday for lunch from Roll Cafe, which is sort of fast-food sushi (but very good!). It was so wonderful. I had a tiger roll and edamame. 


                    Mia: (from yesterday): Yes, now that I have discovered the magic of massage, I factor it into the budget once a month.


                    SJP: (from yesterday): DH travels within the state at least a couple of times a month. We live on the eastern side of Colorado (Front Range) and he's always traveling over to the "Western Slope." He wishes we lived over there! Mint M&Ms are like crack for me. Anything with mint and chocolate together. You are inspiring me with your mileage on the treadmill! There is a treadmill here at work, so I should take advantage of it through the winter.


                    Seattle: Great point about accepting that I might be "tired for lifting or sore for running" sometimes. Also, I could try to embrace shorter, easy runs on lifting days. I tend to either do 6 miles or nothing at all. I need to get out of the all-or-nothing mindset.


                    OU: Great to hear that you've adapted to the morning run. I would love to come to work with the running done. Didn't happen this morning, though.  I'm struggling with the food thing these days, too, especially with all the holiday treats flooding into our office.


                    Java: Hope the boys give you a break from drama soon! Scary about the potential encounter with nuts. I have a cousin whose son is allergic to virtually every food except meat and vegetables (he's on a forced Paleo plan! :-) ). My cousin is always having to bring in treats for him when other kids bring in cookies, etc. It was certainly an adjustment in their lives.


                    Snow: Hope your shoes arrive soon!


                    Simon: Hope your run goes well this evening!


                      RR: Neck/back are starting to feel better today and I decided to walk to do my banking and grocery shopping even though the weather is icky. Walked about 3 miles to the stores and back and treated myself to a coffee at Starbucks since it was so cold out.


                      NRR: Nice night with the man(have to think of a better name) last night.  He invited me to his family christmas party next weekend.  It's with his brother, cousins, etc.  Ummmmm Nervous!  He also invited me to go to the Seattle Symphony with him on New Years Eve.  I've always wanted to do something fun like that  and the closest I've ever come is a party at a bar with ex called "I got screwed at Budgies"  KLASSY eh?!  LOL

                      Ex and I have an offer on our house so that might get sold soon!!  I would be happy to break even but ecstatic to get a little money out of it.

                      A friend called me last night to let me know he and his wife were on the way to the hospital to have their baby!  Still hasn't arrived yet - poor mama!

                      Lots of excitement. : )


                      FR: Thoughtful and caring (T&C) man made me dinner last night again.  He made tuna steaks, salad and steamed veggies.  VERY GOOD!  I am feeling so very lucky.



                      RTR: That cold just seems to be hanging on - I feel for you.  Hoping soon you'll feel like running again.


                      OU: Nice to see the semester come to an end.  I also need to do some Christmas shopping this weekend.  I did some online but need to get more done. I've been slacking.


                      SjP: I miss my T'mill but may get it back Ex has been fixing it since he has so much time on his hands.  I'll take it back if he wants to do that.  


                      Seattle: Enjoy the party tonight. 


                      Java: Keeping fingers crossed that there is no more scares for a long time!


                      Snow: Glad you are having a good time with your mom.  What is MFP?


                      Simon: You probably needed to catch up on your sleep.


                      MC: Yes, I'm going to start factoring in the monthly massage as well.