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    Good morning!

    RR:  I'm planning on running somewhere between four and six miles tonight after work.  I'm having a sinus problem, not sure if its an infection or what, but I'm congested, so hopefully it won't interfere with my run.


    NRR:  I had a very nice weekend.  DF and I didn't accomplish a whole lot, but it was very nice anyhow.  I watched a couple of movies on netflix, read some and we tried out a new Indian restaurant on Saturday.  I am well rested for the week, so hopefully that feeling stays with me.


    FR:  The usual.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it for shouts later!

      Hey guys - sorry I've been so MIA lately, life has been so crazy busy.  Just wanted to stop in for a quick update and do an RR for the race I ran yesterday.


      nrr: life is really busy at the moment, I've been fighting tons of homework and several deadlines at work so I have zero free time at the moment.  I am so looking forward to spring break - atleast I can breathe a little then!!!!


      rr: signed up for a half marathon on Thursday evening to run yesterday.  Love the course, it is a point to point, all back country roads, great scenery, wonderful community support, good swag ;-).

      So I've been doing really well racing so far this year so I had high hopes for this race.  The first 1.5 miles is all down hill so I knew I would have a great start.  It was really chilly at the start so I was freezing and ready to get moving.  First 2 miles I had an 8:55 and 8:48 pace (love downhills!), mile 3 I pulled back a little so I wouldn't wear myself out 9:05.  After that I got into a fairly flat portion of the course and felt great, then next 3 miles were all sub 9 min!  I felt great and was getting really excited about my time, but I also knew this course was a positive split course because the 2nd half had several large hills.  the wind also picked up to about 20mph so that really slowed me down as well.  I had a few miles around 9:40 from 9-11 that slowed me down a lot.  For the last 2 miles I just put my mind in gear and pushed and was able to finish strong with another mile at 9:04.  Finished in 2:00:41!!!! So close to breaking 2 hours.  If it hadn't been for the wind I could have easily done it.  I talked to several people who said their pace slowed by like 90 sec when they hit the wind so I didn't feel bad at all.  2 min and 10 sec PR, and I know I can do better so I am extremely happy!!!

      Recovering well, not really sore, going for 5 mile shack out at lunch today.  Started lunch running one day a week last week and love it! I feel sorry for the girl next to me that has to smell my shoes afterwards!!!


      fr: eehhh, I'm trying to stay good!


      Have a great day everyone.  Hopefully next week I will be back again more regularly!!!



        rtr-ugh, sinus is the worst bc you can still function but its annoying. i'm jealous of being well-rested! enjoy your run.

        ou-yay yay yay, congrats lady!!!! that is so awesome you PR'd. sometimes it happens when you aren't 'training' and focusing/putting pressure on it. good luck with deadlines, do you get 2 week spring break from classes?

        mia-i think you are being smart and even if you entered a relationship relatively soon, discussing it and being open is fantastic. you and TLC have taken it slow and that is probably why you are both so happy!

        RR: 12 on my parents treadmill this saturday, it was snowy/gross out and they live in the country where there aren't sidewalks. 7 on sunday outside, ran 1 mile with my sisters puppy, she did well. 10 miles outside this morning. its light out so i was good since the snow has been cleared/melted a bit. clocks go forward in a week, so outside runs are short-lived...

        NRR: home was a blast. my nephew/niece are super cute. my nephew is really chatty and we played a lot with him so that was good. niece was all smiles at her bday though almost fell asleep before it started bc it was her nap time. she was all glammed up in pink!

        FR: oh wow, so much at home...need a good healthy week!


          Good morning!


          RR - Had a busy but good weekend - went climbing on Friday and Saturday both, it is so much fun and a great full body workout! My 17 miler on Saturday went great as well, and my legs weren't even really sore from it yesterday. It's nice to see the consistent mileage building paying off! Looking forward to a cutback week this week and a half marathon on Saturday. Today is 4 mi lunch break run and then climbing at the gym w/DBF after work.

          NRR - Had a pretty low key weekend aside from all the working out - I wasn't as productive as I had hoped but oh well. Need to finish up some homework tonight and do some cooking ahead for the week... super exciting. I got a groupon for massage a few weeks ago and I think I'm going to try to schedule one for after my half on Saturday, sounds nice!

          FR - Thinking chicken enchiladas for tonight and making enough for leftovers.


          Back for shouts in a bit




            RR- I got in a good tempo run last night. Today is probably nothing unless I run after 10pm


            FR- And I made dinner last night! Burritos. Yummy, but can add on up calories quick!


            NRR- Nothing much changing. Super busy


            rtr- I'm congested too and I have no idea where it came from! I don't ever get sinus issues up in Alaska, only when I go home. So I hope I'm not sick. Hope you're not either!


            OU- Awesome last minute race! A PR! A sub 2 hour is in the books for you.


            sjp- Glad you had such a good time at home. Sounds like you got some great running in.


            Seattle- Nice job on your 17! And it's great not being too sore the following day. I always think the real test is how I'll feel the next day after a hard run.



              RTR:  always nice to start the week out swell rested. Do you have a sprinbereaved coming soon?

              OU:  wow congrats on your PR and also on your becoming a partner in the firm, very impressive!

              SJP:  sounds like you had a good weekend at home. Does dbf like going home with you?

              Seattle:   Fantastic job on your 17 miles!

              snowden:  do you run alone at 10 Pm?  Is it safe there?


              RR:  took Sunday off since I ran everyday last week. Ran hills on Saturday and my tosh was feeling it yesterday.  Ran 7.5 today with one of my TP's.

              NRR:  very nice weekend. TLC and I saw "identity thIef" on Saturday night. Sunday we went out to b'fast in Seattle, I had a groupon, and then took a spontaneous drive up the coast stopping in a little artsy town and then going to Bellingham. We stopped at an English pub for fish and chips on the way home and then just begged and watched tv the rest of the evening.

              FR:  well I suppose fish and chips isn't the best but they were good.



                Had a nice 4 mi run in the sunshine (yay!) over lunch today, now about to head up to the climbing gym with DBF.


                rtr - Boo sinus problems... so annoying!  Glad you and DF had a relaxing weekend!  I could definitely use some of that well-rested feeling... need to get to sleep early tonight for sure.


                ou - way to go on the half marathon PR, that is fantastic!  I am hoping to join you (though probably not quite as fast) on Saturday...  I have been so close to a half PR forever!  lunch running is such a nice way to break up the workday, especially if it's nice weather outside!


                sjp - glad you had a great weekend at your parents house!  I am so looking forward to daylight savings time...  I know it means the mornings will be darker for a while and we lose an hour of sleep but it means that spring is on the way and this winter has just been dragging on and on for me it seems!


                snowden - yeah, this is definitely the first marathon training cycle I've had (I haven't run one in a few years and never ran this much mileage/consistency) where I haven't been hobbling around the day after my long runs (so far anyways!), it's nice!  Burritos are so yummy!


                Mia - what restaurant did you guys go to for breakfast?  I saw your post a while ago about having a bad experience at Lake Youngs...  that's a shame!  that trail is my happy place, it's just so peaceful and nice to be out in nature - but yeah, there are some sections that can be pretty tricky/annoying when it's raining and muddy out.