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    seattle-sounds like you had an active and fun 4th weekend. that is great. saw some pics on fb, looked like a blast.

    mia-that is so great you spend so much time with dbf over the holiday. trail running is tough, way to go.

    ou-when is your vacation?! great job on the pr in the 5k.

    snowed-yikes, 55 is not summer.

    java-haha that is interesting timing about DH's and dying. did he almost fall off a roof or something? yay for new running shoes.

    RR: 4 miles saturday, 10.2 mile monster hike on saturday, 5 recovery miles sunday and 10 yesterday and today. i am still sore from hiking.

    NRR: back to work, was off yesterday which was nice. i did work on friday so it hasn't been too long. had an awesome time just hanging out with dbf and doing what we wanted, we hiked saturday, beached on sunday and yesterday cleaned/got ready for the week. tonight we are meeting one of dbf's friends that is in town for a drink and cooking him dinner at our place.

    FR: lots of good food, but didn't overdo it, which i'm very happy with



      RR: Yesterday I ran 5 miles with my TP, then went to crossfit class in the evening.  My body was tired last night and is a little sore today.  Hello muscles.  So far I like crossfit but it really isn't that different from what I was doing with my trainer.  My body seems to remember the moves although my muscles are reminding me I haven't done them for too long.  There are some hot maie bodies at the crossfit gym.

      NRR: Didn't get as much school work done as I wanted to yesterday but that's okay.  I tend to do it all early in the week, so I'll just spread it out more this week.  Ran some errands yesterday and got some yummy/healthy stuff at Trader Joes.  Stopped and saw a friend I hadn't seen for a few months.  She was embarrassed to see me because she had gained some weight (which I was told) so I figured if I just stopped it would break the ice.  I hope she's okay and will get together.  Our friendship is more than weight - sheesh! One of DBF's old running friend died of a heart attack while running this past weekend.  He is heading across the state to his funeral today.  I wished I lived closer last night so I could have given him a hug.  sometimes even an hour is too far away.  EX brought the dogs back to me yesterday and couldn't give me a time frame for how long he'd need me to keep them.  He is so freakin' disorganized and scattered. So I have the dogs indefinitely, although if I want to go do something I will make sure he takes them back.

      FR: Back on track.  Did great yesterday and motivated to do great today.  Getting good stuff at TJ's definitely helped.  I was down 2.7 lbs last night at crossfit.


      SJP: Sounds like you had a nice long weekend even though you had to work on Friday.


      Snow: Sorry about the icky weather.  Have you been out on your boat lately.  We ended up bringing home 30 lbs of salmon steaks this weekend.  And that was with not great fishing.  DBF and I came home with our limit of 1 King each per day, but didn't get any Silvers.  Many others didn't even get a King.


      OU: Nice job on your 5K PR!!  Always a nice feeling.  I am trying to do the Paleo, cutting out grains, processed sugar - but I have been eating the fruit.  It must be helping if I went down 2.7 without watching too much this past week.


      Java: Glad you got so much accomplished on your child-free weekend.  That was a weird conversation that DH brought up.  Did a friend pass away or something?



        Good morning!


        RR: a few miles in the new shoes today. Was hot and humid - yuck.


        NRR: supposed to have dinner with a friend tonight, but I have so much to do I may cancel. Feeling a bit overwhelmed.


        FR: DH and I both had to work late last night, so I picked up the boys and he picked up burgers from one of our favorite burger joints. Haven't had one in a while and it was GOOD.



        sjp - I'm glad you had a nice weekend! Sounds like you stayed busy!


          Good morning!  I was kind of bummed this morning when I realized it was only Tuesday!


          RR- I forgot my running shoes, argh!  This 5 day stretch is the longest I've gone without running in a long time.  Will feel good to get back into the routine tomorrow!  It's not like I've just been being a lazy slug, anyways Smile


          NRR- Looking forward to an easy day tonight and then cooking dinner w/my mom, getting some homework done, and sorting through pictures of our adventurous weekend.  There have already been some posted on FB but DBF and I have a bunch more good ones!  Then probably continuing to keep caught up on homework.  I didn't realize summer quarter was so short, it's only 8 weeks long!  Kind of nice, but busy!


          FR- Thinking teryaki swiss chicken burgers w/sweet potato fries and grilled brussel sprouts.  This weather is amazing for BBQ!


          Runningahead won't let me post a picture for some reason, but here is one of my favorites - https://www.facebook.com/shannon.sargent.754?ref=tn_tnmn#!/photo.php?fbid=4774569853839&set=at.4774556493505.1073741825.1583340107.10721453&type=3&theater

            Snow: hey sent you a message back on the Garmin.


            Be back later for more!


              Good Morning!


              RR- Quicker 4 yesterday that I decided to call a tempo. Not sure what I'll run today. The weather is terrible. I'm going to have to get used to the cold rain again.


              NRR- Yesterday at work was terrible. Just one of those days. The guy in charge is still a huge douche. And nothing's changed in well over a year. Very frustrating sometimes!


              FR- Beer and way to many kettle chips last night. I may have been emotionally eating...


              sjp- Sounds like you had a great weekend! A monster hike sounds like tons of fun!


              Mia- Sorry about DBF's friend dying. How sad. Glad you're doing well with food. ...and great bringing home fish! We haven't been out on the boat in over a week. Angry My pickup broke down and I finally just got it fixed the other night. So we're hoping for Thursday since it's the only day DBF and I have off together.


              Java- Hope your busy night goes quickly!


              Seattle- I can't see your pic through the link. Sounds like you had a really great weekend though! And your dinner sounds delicious! I need to have sweet potatoes again!


              OU- Emailed you back.