Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  Today I'm planning on going for a run, probably 4-6 miles.  It's supposed to be cold and windy, but I plan on getting it done.  Yesterday I went to the pool and had a nice 1600 yard swim.


    NRR:  Work, run, hang out with DF.  DF and I like catching up on shows together, but we just finished the Wire and now we don't know what to watch.  Any suggestions?

    FR:  My spaghetti and caprese dinner last night was delicious, as always.  Tonight I think we're going out, but I'm not sure.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later for shouts.



      rtr-DBF and i like white collar a lot, its on usa. do you use netflix? not sure if its on there or not though. its really witty/smart show if that is your thing.

      seattle-i bet you killed your midterm! it is easier to fix meals with another person.

      mia-ugh, construction and traffic is the worst. i hate dealing with that. hope cobra isn't too expensive (that is sort of impossible i think) and fingers crossed you find a job with benefits soon!

      snowed-yeah i figured that there wouldn't be that many races in your area. is the marathon local?

      RR: 10 miler this morning. felt pretty good. we are supposed to get another snow storm again this weekend but looks like sunday, so at least i'll run outside one of the days..ugh, over winter.

      NRR: dbf and i went out for dinner after work at a sports pub, it was packed bc the high school basketball is going on this week, which is a huge deal here, so it was jammed. also supposed to go to DBF's parents this weekend (killmenow) for their birthdays but it looks like snow so not sure if we'll leave earlier or what is happening. i'm not interested in driving 2 hours in crazy snowstorm bc his mom is needy and wants us 'there' for her birthday. /rant.

      FR: veggie burger and sweet potato fries last night, was delicious.


        Good morning!  I was up for almost an hour last night with a coughing fit so I am super sleepy this morning...


        RR- Rest day today... I've done double workouts every day this week and I'm still trying to get rid of this nagging cough so I think a day off will do me some good.


        NRR- Just keeping busy working on month end stuff at work today...  I hope it goes by quickly so I can go home and sleep!  Well, do laundry, and do some homework, and then sleep... haha.  I am looking forward to another low key weekend, hopefully it will go by more slowly than the last one did!


        FR- Thinking of making turkey meatloaf w/mashed potatoes & veggies for dinner.  I think I may have Friday night (pre-long run dinner) and post long run Saturday breakfast be "free" meals so I can eat whatever I want and make sure I am well fueled for my long runs.


        Back in a bit for shouts!



          Snowden:  hope you are enjoying the couple of days with your boyfriend. Did you say you live in Sitka?

          Sjp:  hope you are able to avoid the mom drama this weekend.  Do you and dbf get to go do things alone when you are there?

          rtr: only one more workdays until the weekend.  Any plans?


          RR:  really rainy out today so it's a good thing I have someone to run with or I might not Go. Heading out to meet my friend in about 30 minutes.

          NRR:  no plans at all today. I'll probably do some cleaning, maybe make some Soup. I'm heading up to TLCs later this afternoon.

          FR:  weight is going in the wrong direction. I need to take charge of that.





            RR- I didn't run yesterday. The weather was terrible, but that's just an excuse but I pretty much run in anything, But I just didn't feel like it I guess. I thinking a mid length run today. Possibly long if my body is feeling okay.


            FR- Went out with DBF for dinner last night at the pub he works at. It was bbq night. I totally went all out. I didn't even bother logging the food and beers. But it was delicious and I don't mind that I had a cheat meal.I think DBF is cooking spaghetti and meat balls for dinner tonight which should be good!


            NRR- Nothing too exciting going on here. The weather has been really weird. Snow for 5 minutes, rain for 5 minutes, then fog for 5 minutes. Maybe spring is coming!


            RTR- Do you have netflix? There's tons and tons of shows on there.


            sjp- My marathon is local. I just saw on their facebook page that there are only 99 spots total for the full and half.. So its really small. Fingers crossed the weather is bad enough you don't have to go at all. Sucks when the parents ...suck.


            seattle- I like your idea of fueling meals before and after long runs. I hate worrying about calories when I know my body needs it. But I haven't really figured out the" stop eating when I'm full" part yet so I may have to wait on that idea.


            mia- I do live in Sitka. I moved here from, Colorado where I grew up, 2 years ago.


              Got in a cold, wet and windy 6.5 mile run this morning. It felt good when it was OVER.   Haha.

              seattle:  sounds like your body is requesting a rest day. Hope you cough less tonight.

              Snowden:  we stopped in Sitka on a running cruise I went on. They had us do a follow the map run in Sitka and the HS cross country team was there and helping to lead the way. Do the natives like the cruise passengers or hate them?



                I went out of a wet, rainy, snowy, slushy 12.7 miles. I did see one ray of sun at a point in the trees and I just stopped and felt it for 10 seconds. I felt really good for the first 5 or so miles. Then it started getting a bit harder. Around mile 11 it got hard. From there it was steep rolling hills that I had to walk the up portion. I never walk, because when I do I have a hard time starting again. But, as always, it was a great run!


                Mia- The locals have a love/hate relationship with the cruise ship people. Love their money.  A lot of people are really rude and complain about them a lot but I don't understand it at all. Tourism is a huge part of the town's economy and many businesses would not survive without their business. I try to be nice to them and point them in the right direction if they ask a question because a good impression is always good and can mean repeat business for the town