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    Not creative this morning... hope the weekend doesn't go by too terribly quickly!


    RR - Ending up with an exploring 8 mi on the trails through the valley near my mom's house (she wanted me to run there so we can drop my bro off at the airport), it was a lovely misty morning and finished with a nice big hill.  Felt fantastic!  Maybe doing some indoor rock climbing with DBF this afternoon, I haven't done much of that but it seems fun!


    NRR - Dropping bro off at the airport and grabbing coffee with my mom (she is always a mess when he leaves for school..  poor thing).  Then heading up to DBF's for possibly rock climbing or making dinner and watching a movie or whatnot.  Don't really have any set plans which is kind of nice!  Tomorrow is Mom's birthday, so thinking mani/pedi, watching the Seahawks playoffs game (eek!) and maybe watching a chick flick... she hasn't seen Bridget Jones' Diary so maybe that.


    FR - Thinking either steak or broccoli beef and baked potatoes or maybe sweet potato fries for dinner.


      Earthquake Dailies!


      Experienced my first quake last night! 7.5 which resulted in a tsunami warning. What an experience! Especially when you're a firefighter and apart of the "aid". Thankfully a wave did not generate.


      RR- Nothing today. I was up til 4 am so I turned off my alarm and slept in.


      FR- Tracked my calories yesterday and stayed with 1300... then late night snacked on WAY too many chips and salsa. So cutting out late night snacking is my goal.


      Seattle- Your run sounds great! I love exploring runs. My town is pretty small but I'm terrible about knowing the side streets which gets stressful with there is a fire call. So when I want a long street run I explore all the side streets and try to get mental pictures of where I'm at.


        Good morning!


        RR:  I ran 6 miles this morning and 3.1 miles yesterday.  I feel a bit out of practice, but I'm sure I'll be back to my normal self in no time.  I've been congested this week (I think from our heater), so that's been holding me back a little.


        NRR:  Not too much going on around here this weekend.  DF and I had a nice relaxing day yesterday and today will probably be more of the same.


        FR:  Mexican last night, it was delicious.  Too bad a margarita isn't a health food.


        Seattle:  An eight mile trail run sounds glorious.  Do you have a lot of trails near you?


        Snowden:  Wow, that sounds like quite an earthquake!  Are earthquakes relatively common in Alaska?


        Have  a great rest of the weekend!




          RR- Nothing yesterday since I was up til 4 AM from the earthquake and tsunami warnings and such. I decided to turn off my alarm and sleep in. I'm taking my time getting up this morning but I'd like to get a few miles in.


          FR- ug. I'm kind of in a rut with this. My schedule makes it so hard to cook food. And my fridge is empty.


          NRR-There is a little bit of snow on the hill/mountain behind my house. Hoping it works its way down.


          rtr- Earthquakes are pretty common in AK but not a lot in SE and they are usually smaller where you don't notice them. This one was big! And created quite a stir. Thankfully the epicenter was south and east of us, so the wave had to go up coastal line. If it were south and west of us it would have been a very different story and a big wave.


            Hi all,


            NRR: We took the kids to the airport so they could get back to their college lives ... flights left really early, so we left the house at 4 a.m. and I never regained momentum after that. Was just tired all day. But ...


            RR: I ran a little over 3 today ... not a heroic effort but at least something. Really looking forward to implementing my 2013 plan for real this coming week: yoga on Mon-Wed, running on T, TH, Fr, and either Sat or Sunday.


            Seattle: Awesome job on the 8 trail miles! Trails around here are icy right now so I'm sticking to the roads right now. Steak/broccoli beef sounds terrific. I'm craving some serious protein this evening ...


            Snow: Wow, I think a quake would be really scary to experience firsthand. Hasn't come up in Colorado yet but we have other natural disasters plaguing us .. I suspect wildfires will continue to be a problem for some time.


            RTR: Great mileage this weekend! I hear you on the Mexican and margaritas ... that is the hardest for me to resist.


              Wow what a great weekend!  Mainly because I had a weekend!

              RR: ran about 7 miles on Friday and then 5 miles and some stairs yesterday.  My piriformis and hamstring was hurting today so I didn't run.  I cleaned house instead.


              NRR: friday night I made dinner for TLC, he had a rough week at work and was stressed out.  Then we took a short nap and headed out to see one of his favorite local groups play.  They play gypsy jazz music.  We sat pretty much right on stage and he really liked it and so did I.  That was one of my Christmas gifts to him.  Saturday morning we slept in and then went out for b'fast at a really good b'fast place.  Then we drove around the backroads and went to Snoqualmie falls.  Really pretty.  Headed back to his house and watched some football and I fell fast asleep.  I think the week just caught up with me, I was foggy all day and having trouble remembering words, it was kind of embarrassing.  TLC woke me up at 3 because he knew I wanted to go for a run and wanted to make sure I got out before it was dark.  Came back and had to call my mom and then my friend from college, who is coming to visit next weekend.  We ordered a pizza and just vegged last night, went to bed early and ended up sleeping late again.  I'm feeling great today energy wise so I guess I needed all that sleep.  Came home this morning and went to visit a friend and picked up stuff from my old house.  Then I took down my Christmas lights from the outside of my house and vacuumed and mopped my floors.


              FR: Trying to get on a good eating schedule.  Have to weigh myself tomorrow morning and see where I'm at weight wise.  I'm feeling good for the most part.


              Seattle: Hope you had a good day with your mom today.  Seahawks did great today didn't they?  Have you ever been to the Maltby Cafe for b'fast?  So good!!!

              Snowden: Scary about the earthquake.  I've been through tornadoes, hurricanes and wild fires and small earthquakes.  Always scary because they are so random.

              RTR: Your weekend sounds like mine, very relaxing.

              MC: Were you sad to see your children leave?



                Mia: Your weekend sounds sublime -- lots of sleep and running! Yes, I already miss the kids like crazy, but we have some fun plans for the spring for get-togethers. Already looking forward to those!


                  I will get to some shouts later, but for right now:  GO SEAHAWKS!!!!  What a game Smile


                    snowden - I hadn't really explored around there much either - I was actually looking for another trail and completely stumbled onto the one I ran on (never found the one I was looking for haha).  It was fun though!  I don't usually do exploring long runs (I have a couple of trails and paved paths that I usually run on) so it was fun.  So glad the earthquake didn't do any major damage to you or cause a tsunami...  yikes!  I know Seattlle is due for a big one in the next 50 years or so and that always freaks me out.  City built on a landfill, probably not so good in an earthquake...  at least we'd have the Olympic mountains to protect us from a tsunami I think.


                    rtr - mexican food is always so good...  DBF and I eat a lot of it.  Glad you and DBF are having a nice relaxing weekend!  I definitely get more stuffy in the winter from all the dry heat inside...  I miss summer already.  There are definitely a lot of trails and amazing places to run in/near Seattle...  if you are willing to drive an hour (at the most) you have literally miles of trails along the lake, along the sound, up in the mountains...  we are really spoiled in that way!


                    MC - yay for getting your running plan going next week - something to look forward to for sure.  I loved being on break, but the routine of the work schedule really helps me for both exercise and food.  Glad you got to spend some nice time with your kids!  My mom was a mess dropping my brother off to go back to grad school in Cincinnati this morning :/


                    Mia - your weekend sounds so lovely and relaxing!  I haven't been to Snoqualmie Falls in a long time - do they have that trail down to the bottom of the falls constructed yet?  Last time I heard they were doing a lot of construction there and you could only go to the top.  Great Hawks game today...  I was really nervous in the first quarter but they finished the rest of the game super strong!  Hope RG3 gets better soon though.  I have never been to Maltby Cafe before - I used to work right around the corner from there (that was a long commute!) but never made it.  I've heard it's awesome though.  Maltby Pizza is also really good!