Weight Loss Dailies


Wake up! It's the Wednesdailies! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I woke up early to run this morning, so I won't talk myself out of it after work.  I ran 3.1 miles and it felt great.  It was 60 and not humid at all.  Yesterday I didn't run because I had some errands to run instead.


    NRR:  Yesterday I ended up going to Macy's to look for a bra for my wedding dress and nice, dressy summer sandals instead of going for a run and I had no luck.  My mom is coming to Philly tomorrow because my bridal shower is on Saturday, so I wanted nice shoes to go with my dress for the shower.  Also, I have a wedding dress fitting on Friday, which will be nice so my mom can see the dress in person for the first time.  So today it's just work, some grading, then we're going to look at two houses hopefully and then we need to clean a bit.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.



    OU:  Crossfit sounds so challenging!  How many times a week do you go?


    Java:  Free yoga for life sounds pretty fantastic!  I like the name of their studio a lot.  Too funny about Winston getting in the way of yoga.  Has he settled down a bit?  I remember when you first got him you were having some problems with him.


    Seattle:  Congrats on starting grad school soon!  What are the classes that you have been taking if they weren't for grad school?


    Foco:  A beach trip sounds fantastic!  Where are you going?


    MIA:  Yes, a lot of my family is coming for the wedding.  My parents, brothers, grandpa, a few aunts and uncles and a few cousins are all coming.  My parents and brothers have been here before, but no one else.  How was dinner with your friend?


    SJP:  Cool and not humid is the best weather to run in.  I have a feeling that we won't be seeing much of that soon.

      rtr: oohhhh dress fitting! how exciting!  I bet your mom is excited to see it!  I go to crossfit about 3x a week.


      java: the casserole is jimmy dean sausage, onions, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs (1lb sausage to 24 eggs approx, I 1/3 the recipe).  It's really good, the sausage gives it great flavor.  Lasts me the entire week of breakfast as well.


      mc: oohhh a beach trip!!! how exciting!  I was amazed how flabby my legs got over the last month just from not running 30+ mpw!  I'm the opposite I cut back on running during the summer because it is too hot!


      mia: bummer about not seeing DBF as often this summer.  Maybe that will be the realization he needs that he needs to see you more - that absences makes the heart grow fonder thing!


      sjp: crossfit is addicting like P90X, you see the results and just want to keep doing it.  The nice thing is there is less talking and watching - you are active the entire time for the most part.  You guys still doing P90X?


      rr: so yesterdays cardio got cut because of rain (run is outside) so we did more squats or various forms - butt is killing me!  They were moving cardio to this morning so I was going to go to the 6am class, but it was pouring again this morning so I Figured that wouldn't happened.  Opted to sleep in and run on my own this evening.  I'll hit class on Friday morning when the timeline isn't so tight.

      Got my VO2 Max tested last friday for a research study, today I have the second round of the test.  I had a 37.5, which i think is pretty good all things considering!


      nrr: rain and storms today. Makes me want to be in bed!!!


      fr: had awesome pot roast from the crock pot last night.  brought it for lunch today also.  salads for dinner - I really do enjoy eating healthier, the food just taste better then eating out constantly...



        rtr-summer sandals are hard to find! we are trying to find cute flat ones for my sisters wedding, they are either super casual or have to get 4" heels for dressy ones. bridal shower will be fun!

        ou-we haven't done x in a while. but i am going to start lifting again soon. i just skip through all the exercises when he is talking. awesome about the vo2 max, i've always wanted to do that!

        RR: 10 miler this morning!!!! good to be back. it was cooler so i didn't feel like i ran that long.

        NRR: dbf is going on a group ride, so i have a couple errands, pick up a bridesmaid dress and some other stuff. probably going to bed early, i'm smoked this week!

        FR: nothing too exciting here. needing coffee today.


          Good morning!


          RR: Thunderstorms again! So nothing. I do have access to a treadmill, but it is really difficult for me to even find 30 minutes to run, so adding driving time to and from the gym is pretty hard most days. Big B has karate tonight, but my dad is taking him and I am meeting them there, so if I get home in time to squeeze in a quick run and there are no storms, I'll do it!


          NRR: DH took Big B to see Epic last night, so it was just me and little b. My sister's ex-H picked up my neice from our house Monday night and had mentioned piking Big B up early from MIL's yesterday and taking him and my neice to the movie - and he said it in front of Big B. Well, when you say you "might" do something in front of a 5-year-old, they think it's happening. So Big B was really good all day and MIL said he kept saying he wanted to help her so he could go to the movie. Of course ex-BIL flaked. So I'm happy DH was able to get home in time to take him. Poor guy - I hate it when people dissapoint my kids. At least he and my neice were able to meet him and DH, so hopefully Big B never knew things didn't go as planned. Me and little b had dinner with my mom, stepsister and stepdad. It was nice to spend some alone time with little b.


          FR: Nothing new - it's a good thing.



          rtr - Winston is doing a lot better.  I have worked really hard on being a strong pack leader for him and we have spent a lot of time teaching him his place - at the bottom. He still likes to sneak food off litle b's plate, but we're working on it. I didn't realize you are in Philly! I have a good friend who is an opera singer there and I keep planning to come see her! So nice that your mom is coming for the shower and will get to go to the fitting!


          ou - I'm so sick of this rain. Sorry it got in the way of your runs too. The breakfast sounds amazing!


          sjp - Woo hoo for 10 miles!! You did such a great job taking care of yourself during your injury. I'm so glad you are better!!


            Good morning!  I lost track of time yesterday but I should be around more today hopefully.


            RR - Planning on a walk along the waterfront over lunch, and possibly a short run over lunch tomorrow.  My feet are holding up better this time (probably because I stopped mid-race to put blister bandaid on instead of ignoring the blisters until I was done!) and my legs seem to be recovering pretty well too.  I am looking forward to getting back into a running routine and also introducing some speedwork and more trail running a few weeks from now.  And more climbing and swimming, too - there is a (heated) outdoor lap pool on the beach (literally, on the beach!) 5 minutes from my house that is just about to open for the summer - so excited!


            NRR - Managed to keep busy at work yesterday with lots of little things, hopefully today will be the same!  I've just been feeling sort of restless this week and want it to be the weekend again already...  probably pretty typical after training all winter for something (or two somethings, in my case) and having them be over with.  It's supposed to be sunny and warm again today, so DBF and I are going to take the intertubes out to the lake after work for a float!


            FR - Stopped on my way in to work this morning to stock up on healthy groceries - need to be really strict with myself for a few weeks to get back on track.


              Hi all,

              RR: Did yoga/strength class yesterday and it felt great. I was just careful with the forward folds, and things seemed to go well. Today is really nice and cool, so I'm going to run 6 miles (first time at that distance in a long time) midday ... really looking forward to it! I'm still struggling with getting out to run in the morning. I love it when I do it ... why is it so hard to get out of bed to do something you know will feel great?


              NRR: Starting to realize how much I have to do before the beach trip. Yikes!


              RTR: Yes, dressy summer sandals are really hard. Try Zappos? At least it's less legwork. Good job on getting up and running this morning. Hope one of the houses you're going to look at is a hit! We are going to Topsail Beach in North Carolina. It's a terrific, quiet, family-oriented island about an hour north of Wilmington. There is literally nothing going on there but some houses, a couple of restaurants, and a miniature golf course. So relaxing!


              OU: It's probably going to get hot here, too, and I remember last summer I canceled a July half marathon because it was just too hot. But it gets cool here at night, so if I would just get up and run in the morning, all will be well! Beach trip will be fun .. it's my second favorite vacation (behind a river trip).


              SJP: Yay for 10 miles! Hope it stays cool for you. Enjoy your early-to-bed night! I really look forward to those rare times when I can make it to bed before 10.


              Java: Glad the movie worked out in the end for Big B, and fun for you to spend time with little B. Really hope the thunderstorms move out. I can't imagine how tired you all must be of that.


              Seattle: Speed and trail work sound like good things to focus on now. And the swimming pool sounds fabulous! What a great thing to have handy this summer. Hope work goes fast for you this week .. it is dragging for me.


                Good Morning!


                RR- Woke up today and feel as if I am returning from the dead. The cold virus DBF so kindly gave me knocked me out. It was accompanied by something that felt a lot like the flu, only without the puking part. Hoping I can get out for a nice easy run in an hour or so.


                FR- Lots of jolly ranchers the past few days.


                NRR- My work bought a "new" airplane back in December and today it comes back from its new paint job. There's quite a bit of work to get done on it before it's ready to fly customers around. So I'm headed in on my days off to help get it all done. Thankfully today I'm feeling a bit better and am feeling a bit human again.


                rtr- The wedding must be really close! Have fun with your mom in town and the bridal shower!


                OU- That's cool you got your VO2 tested. What do thoes numbers mean? Is there a scale? 37 liters of air?


                sjp- Welcome back to the double digits!


                Java- I'm impressed on how much you do run with such a busy life!


                Seattle- Congrats on your marathon. You seemed to do great running a second marathon so soon. That heated pool on the beach sounds so wonderful.


                MC- Where again are you going for your trip? The beach will be wonderful!



                  RTR: How fun that your mom is coming out for the weekend.  Hope you are able to find sandals, I do have luck with zappos usually as well.

                  Had a good time with my friend last night, always fun to catch up.

                  OU: Yeah, waiting to see how the summer goes.  He's talking about weekend trips to take with me, so I'm sure it will all work out.

                  SJP: Woohoo for 10 miles again!!

                  Java: Definitely can never say "might" in front of a 5 y/o.  I'm glad it all worked out in the end though.

                  Seattle: Where is that lap pool?  Sounds nice.

                  MC: a beach vacation in NC sounds fantastic.  Are your children also going along?  Did DD move back to FC yet?

                  Snow: sorry to hear you got sick.  Glad you are feeling better.  Don't do too much to soon and get sick again.


                  RR: Not sure yet today, I think it's a lawn mowing day again though.

                  NRR: I almost feel like I'm stuck in the movie ground hog day recently.  Each day seems the same.  Need to change something up.

                  FR: determined to get the fluff off especially after trying on some shorts that fit great last summer.  UGH!



                    rtr - I always run into distractions when I schedule a run for after work... it's so much easier for me to get it done in the morning or over lunch if I can!  Sounds like everything is pretty exciting with all the wedding stuff and house hunting!  I haven't taken any accounting classes before this, so I took some basic financial accounting classes so I could meet the pre-reqs for the masters program!  I am a little bit nervous as I had to take out a pretty sizeable loan to pay for it, but hopefully I can find some scholarships or whatnot to help out with that.  I just don't even really know where to start looking for them!


                    ou - sounds like you are rocking it on the healthy eating this week - that breakfast casserole sounds like a great idea.  I actually did something similar with breakfast burritos - sausage, eggs, cheese, and veggies in a tortilla.  So nice to have healthy things that are easy to just grab and go in the morning.  Rainy and stormy weather always makes me want to stay at home in bed too.  not sure what my excuse is today as the weather isn't that bad and I still want to be home and in bed... I guess I'm just in lazy mode haha!


                    sjp - way to go on the 10 miles, so glad that you are back up to your normal mileage and not having any more issues with your foot.  I have been tired this week too (pretty understandable I suppose) and yet I still randomly stayed up until almost midnight last night catching up with an old friend from college... oops!


                    Java - yuck on the crappy weather - hopefully they pass quickly and quit disrupting your routine!  Glad DH was able to take Big B to the movie instead... I would be really really annoyed if someone flaked on my kiddo like that but at least he didn't wind up disappointed.  Glad the FR is going well too!


                    MC - your beach vacation sounds absolutely lovely!  I love low key mellow beaches like that.  Good luck on your 6 miler, that's great that you are starting to get back up in mileage a bit!  I am with you on the having a hard time getting up earlier...  whenever I oversleep I always regret it and yet it's so difficult not to!  I will spend speedy work week vibes for both yours and mine!


                    snowden - bummer on being sick - so glad that you are finally starting to feel better again.  I somehow haven't gotten sick (knock on wood) since like February...  I'm sure it will happen eventually but I am trying to hold out as long as I can!  I just become such a wimp when I am sick.  I am really glad I did the second marathon, it was a great experience!  Now people keep asking me if I'm going to do another one this month and become a Marathon Maniac...  but right now that is not really something I am very interested in.  I think marathons are a one-two a year kind of deal for me at this point!


                      Mia - xpost!  hope you are enjoying the nice weather, sounds like all the yardwork is getting you outside to do it a lot!  I stopped at a nice spot on Beach Drive (West Seattle) on my way home last night, so nice.  The pool is Colman Pool at Lincoln Park.  I was really excited to learn about it especially since DBF and I cancelled our regular gym membership in favor of the climbing gym membership (aka I haven't had a pool in a few months)!