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    java-did you have fun at the lake?!

    snowed-ugh, broken cars are the worst. did you get it fixed?

    mia-nothing with our security deposit, we asked hte landlords and they were like 'we had to clean under the fridge'. so its bascially a lost cause. it really made me mad. not to mention its against the law. anyways....that is cool you get to check out crossfit!

    RR: 15 miles(!!) on saturday. first long run in a while and it was awesome. it was a bit drizzly/humid but not super hot. yesterday i did 7 recovery miles and chest/back workout. this morning was 10 sticky miles before work.

    NRR: had fun with my niece and nephew. they are so cute! dbf had a good time fishing so glad it didn't pour on him. probably just relaxing after work, tired after only 2 of us in the office this week, we are fairly busy but nice that it'll be quiet. weekends.

    FR: lots of fresh strawberries to eat still


      Good Morning!
      RR: Kettle bell workout on Saturday morning and then ran 5 miles.  Yesterday went to Crossfit orientation . . . mostly they just talked about the food we should eat, detox the first 2 weeks, etc.  No workout so that disappointed me a little although I am sore from kettle bells.  It was too hot to run after the orientation.  This morning running 7ish miles with my friend in our old neighborhood. going to crossfit bootcamp tonight at 6:15

      NRR: HOT weekend!  My friend was back in town for the weekend and feeling a bit down so I did stuff with her and her DD to try to cheer her up.  We went to her DD's soccer game on Friday night and then out to dinner.  Saturday we did the workout and then ran together.  I kept her DD at my house for awhile and her DD (9 Y/O) played with my dogs.  She came and got her DD and they went and had their nails done.  DBF  came over in the evening and met the dogs.  We went out for pizza and hung out with the dogs.  The pups really liked him.  Good sign.  Sunday crossfit orientation, then my DS came over for a while and we had lunch, my friend and her DD came over for dinner after her DD's soccer game and I made them dinner.  Nice laid back weekend.

      FR: Not bad with food except the pizza.  Supposed to cut out all fruit, carbs, and alcohol for the next 2 weeks.  I can do the carbs and alcohol but the fruit might be hard.  We'll see how it goes.


      SJP: Glad you had a nice weekend.  Good job on the 15!  Did DBF catch anything to eat?  I am going salmon fishing with my DBF on Wed and Thurs.  Should be interesting,



        Good morning!


        RR: Rest today. It was 63 degrees on my drive in to work. Wish I would have realized it was going to be so cool -  I would have taken advantage and gotten in a run!


        NRR: Had a good time at the lake, but I'm exhausted! Chasing the kiddos and being in the sun all day really zaps me. Plan for tonight is just do some laundry and relax a bit.


        FR: Ate a few unhealthy things this weekend, but didn't do too horrible. Back to my regular diet today.



        sjp - Glad you got to spend some time with your niece and nephew. And lots of miles too! Sounds like you had a nice weekend!


        Mia -  I always say you can tell if someone is kind by how animals react to them. Sounds like DBF is a great guy! Glad you had a nice weekend with your friend and her DD. Very sweet of you to try to cheer her up.


          Good morning!


          RR- Ran 3 mi Friday and Saturday with the pup I was dog-sitting, plus a lot of walking, and a lot of swimming in the lake on Saturday (as Mia mentioned, it was delightfully hot!).  Hot again today so I am thinking 3 mi in the evening once it starts to cool down a bit.  DBF and I are thinking of doing some outside climbing tonight and maybe swim as well.


          NRR- Had a busy and hot but fun weekend.  Hung out with the pup down at the lake on Friday, then DBF and his roommates and I went down to the lake on Saturday to swim, float in innertubes, and drink tequila, which was quite fun.  Yesterday just lounged around in my yard doing reading for classes, and went to dinner at the marina with mom and grandma.  Got some homework done last night but need to do more before the long weekend - should have some down time at work this week now that all my month end stuff is finished so hopefully I can crank some out then!


          FR- BBQ tonight?  Maybe some chicken or steak, potatoes, roasted veggies.


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Hi all,


            RR: Really nice/hard yoga sculpt session on Saturday and 6 miles yesterday -- it was cooler! And looks to be cooler this whole week. Yay!


            NRR: Ran the easy river run with DD yesterday in our inflatable kayak yesterday afternoon, which was really fun. Then went to a friend's last night to practice rolling in her pool in a kayak I rented. I'm going to take it out tonight (with DH in his canoe) and see how I like it on the river. Also, did the fat test thing on Friday -- really not good. The fact is, I need to  lose about 15 pounds.


            FR: I hate to count calories, so I'm going to do a lean protein, veggie, and fruit at each meal, one afternoon protein snack, and no alcohol for July. I've already dropped 5 pounds since Thursday, so I'm sure much of that was water weight/bloating. But still cool to have a good little success to start off with!


            SJP: Congrats on the 15 miles! That really is terrible about your deposit. Your niece/nephew sound so cute.


            Mia: Kettle bell workouts are intense! When is your next CrossFit class? Cutting fruit would be hard for me. But eliminating alcohol completely is easier for me than just drinking, say, 2 drinks a week.


            Java: It's cooler here, too, and feels fantastic! I bet the lake was fun but not relaxing. So much fun for the kids, though.


            Snow: I am struggling to get up in the morning, too. Really happy that this week seems cooler.


            Seattle: Awesome that you got your stuff back! How was the lake? sounds like you had a terrific, fun, and relaxing weekend planned.


              Good Morning!


              RR- Running? What's that? Hopefully today.


              NRR- Work has been crazy busy. Long hours. We did an engine change this weekend. My car is still sitting in the work parking lot. Ordered parts won't be here for a few days still. It's kind of hard to get out for a run before work when I still need to walk the dog and then have time to walk to work. I won't be able to get a ride home from work tonight so maybe I'll run home.


              FR- Terrible the last few days.


              sjp- I ordered parts to fix it myself, they just aren't here yet. Joys of living on an island I guess. Great job on your long run!


              MIa- I would have a really hard time cutting back on fruit too. I don't (usually) eat a ton of sugar, but I do eat 2-3 pieces of fruit a day. Let us know how your work out goes.


              Java- Hope your cool weather stick around a bit.


              MC- What "fat test thing" did you do? I hate counting calories too. I find I eat the same and follow the same habits with or with out the numbers. My trick is going to be being conscious of what goes in my mouth and thinking before I eat it what my body will feel like the next day.


              Seattle- Enjoy your hot weather! Hope outside climbing goes well!



                RR:  Just made it back from a rainy 4.4 miles.  It felt good!  I took the weekend off because my back had been bothering me, but I'm feeling like I'm on the up and up.


                NRR:  A lot going on here!  The wedding is in a week and a half, so DF and I are trying to tie up all the loose ends.  On top of that, we're still house hunting, and have found a potential place!  We're still deciding whether or not to put an offer in, but it's really nice.  My family comes into town early next week, so I want to get everything ready for the wedding/honeymoon before they get here.


                FR:  I'm having some cherries with my lunch and they are delicious!



                SJP:  Nice job on the 15 miler!  Are you considering a fall marathon?


                MIA:  It sounds like you had a really nice weekend!  How long do you have the dogs for?


                Java:  63 degrees sounds like glorious running weather!  Maybe it will be the same tomorrow!


                Seattle:  Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun!  Hanging out in a tube in a lake sounds like a great way to pass a hot afternoon.


                Foco:  Kayaking sounds fun!  Is it hard to roll over in the water?


                Snowden:  How did you get interested in being an airline mechanic?  Is fixing your car no problem compared to repairing airplanes?


                Have a great day!


                  rtr- So close to the wedding! Hope house hunting continues to go well! At first I wanted to fly, then I realized how ridiculously expensive it was and just sort of fell into the mechanic thing and really liked it! Fixing my car is just different.Car and airplane engines differ enough to make me stop and think. I can figure it out when I need to, but I don't enjoy it. Working on my car is the last thing I want to do after I get off work.


                    Seattle - sounds like a great weekend!! Tequila makes my clothes fall off. Blush


                    MC - I hate counting calories too, but a few months ago I did watch my calories on myfitnesspal for two weeks, just to see around where I wanted to be. Once I had an idea of what a day of eating within my limit looked like, I just try to eat that way all the time. I found really increasing the veggies has made a huge difference for me.


                    snowden - I'm impressed you know how to fix your own car!! Hope you are able to get a run in.


                    rtr - the wedding is so soon!! I think you said but I'm forgetful, where are you going on your honeymoon?


                      Java: Glad you had a nice weekend at the lake, although it is funny how tired we can be after having a fun-filled weekend.  I laughed at your "tequila makes my clothes fall off."

                      seattle: It was still pretty warm out last night at 11, I'm thinking today is going to be even hotter.  I am lucky because I have AC.

                      MC: My first crossfit workout is actually this evening.  The workout I did with kettlebells was just with a friend who is a trainer and has small classes in her garage at home.

                      RTR: I have the dogs until tomorrow because I am leaving tomorrow evening to go salmon fishing with DBF for a couple of days. I let Ex know he had to come get them.  Good luck on getting the house if you decide you want it!  Wedding in a week and a half!!!  Wow!

                      Snowden: I'm thinking I may break down and have some fruit for my dessert tonight. It's better than lots of other things I could be having.  We'll see.  I am very impressed that you can fix your car yourself.



                        Java: Thanks for the tip on just counting calories for a while until I get a sense of how much to eat. That makes sense! I've also been realizing that I eat a lot of fruit in comparison to veggies -- I'm going to try to reverse that.


                        RTR: Kayaking is fun, and rolling is the mind-bending part. It's not really hard when you don't let your brain get in the way, especially when you're actually in a river and not just in a pool. Some boats are also easier to roll than others, and I am shopping for one that is super easy to roll. (I used to have a kayak years ago but loaned it to my sister and I think it disappeared at one of their garage sales. :-(  Wink


                        Mia: Ah, I guess we'll know tomorrow how you really liked your CrossFit class.


                        Snow: I did a hydrostatic fat test at our local university Friday. They also did the caliper method as another data point. The hydrostatic was about 29% and the caliper was about 23%. Of course, the hydrostatic is more accurate. So I have a lot of work to do. But I'm on a good path now. Unfortunately, I'm just NOT good at doing anything in moderation, and all my happy hours with co-workers in the last month or so are really making me gain weight. Plus struggling with the back problems keeps me from running as much as I should. But I think I'm on a good course now. We'll see ... I'm going to eliminate alcohol until the end of July and just see what happens.


                          I just looked at the forecast and it's still supposed to be almost 80 later tonight...  I think I may have to bump my run to tomorrow morning when it is only 70 instead!


                          sjp - woohoo on your long run over the weekend!  Do you have any races coming up soon?  Thought any more about doing another marathon?  I think the quiet office but busy days are some of the best!


                          Mia - cool that you are trying crossfit, you'll have to let us know what you think of it!  hope the place is air conditioned this week!  I was thinking of climbing inside at some point but it might be crazy hot in the climbing gym...  yuck.  Glad you guys had a nice weekend and that DBF liked the pups and vice versa!  Too funny on the fruit/carbs/alcohol...  I'm sure I could give up fruit pretty easily but I would have trouble with the carbs and I'd miss having cold frosty beers!  go figure!


                          Java - I know what you mean about being tired from a weekend that sounds super relaxing...  it really is draining to be out in the sun all day!  especially with kiddos I'd imagine!  I am glad tequila did not make my clothes fall off as I was only wearing a swimsuit!  Smile


                          MC - you enjoy the cooler weather and I'll enjoy the warmer weather!  Kayaking sounds super fun, I'd love to do that more often!  your diet plan sounds great, and that's so cool that you've already lost 5 lb so quickly!


                          snowden - hope your parts come so you can get your car fixed soon!  that's awesome that you know how to do all that stuff, I am pretty useless when it comes to my car...  fingers crossed you can get a run in today!


                          rtr - awesome that your back is feeling better!  Can't believe the wedding is coming up so quickly, you guys must be so excited!  and possibly coming back from a honeymoon to a new house??  It's a great summer for you guys for sure!!