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    Good morning!  I'm not sure if anybody will be around today, but I figured I'd post anyway.


    RR:  I ran 4.4 hot, humid, sticky miles this morning.  The only thing that felt good about them was when they were done.  I feel good now though!


    NRR:  A lot going on here!  8 Days until the wedding and DF and I are under agreement on a house!  So, life here is a little insane.  Lucky for me, it's summer vacation.  We ended up putting in an offer on a really cute three bedroom townhouse.  They countered, we countered, they countered again, then we said "here's our final offer, take it or leave it," and they took it!  If all goes according to plan we'll close in mid-August.


    FR:  Not too great, not too terrible.  My dress fits perfectly right now, so I just really want everything to stay the same.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts if anyone is around!


      Hi RTR!!!


      rtr-that is so great your offer was accepted. yay! and closing seems perfect for getting out of your current place? good job on the sticky run this morning. how does the weather look for next weekend, are you stalking the 10 day yet?!


      RR: 10 humid miles yesterday and this morning i ran long, 15 miles and it was even warmer. I think it was about 85* when i finished, whew. didn't feel super hot though, so that was okay. we are hiking tomorrow so wanted to fit in my long run.


      NRR: had a quiet 4th, dbf and i got a grill and made dinner. just hung out all day and enjoyed the sun. we wanted to ride bikes but it was super hot and that would not have been fun, we did p90x in the cool basement instead. i'm working today then i'm off til tues. its super quiet at work, which is fine, i've gotten a lot done!


      FR: making grilled burgers (turkey for me) tonight with guac and cheddar and pasta salad. can't wait!




        RR: Did about 3 miles yesterday. Started getting too warm for me.  Probably just some yoga at home tonight. None of the studios around are offering many classes this weekend due to the holiday.


        NRR: Boys are off to the lake. Having lunch with my mom after work, then taking Winston to the vet, taking my wedding ring to be sized, and picking up some wine and sushi for dinner. I think I will take the night off, and start on the closets and shopping tomorrow.


        FR: I had two hot dogs yesterday! One for lunch and one for dinner!



        rtr - congrats on the house!! I bet you guys are so excited! I can't imagine how busy you are right now, but it is such an amazing time in your life, I hope you are enjoying it too!


        sjp - I was just saying how I love burgers with guac! Enjoy! Glad you had a nice 4th.




          RR- I've only ran 10 miles this week. Undecided


          NRR- Had a great 4th!


          FR- Not bad yesterday actually. Burger and one beer.


          rtr- Wow, awesome news on the house!!


          sjp- Nice mileage over a holiday!


          Java- Have a great weekend alone!


            SJP:  Wow, I can't believe you ran 15 miles in 80 plus degree weather!  That's very impressive!  We have to be out of our apartment at the end of August, so the closing should be perfect.  Yes, I did start stalking the 10 day.  Mid 80s for the high, chance of thunderstorms.  Hopefully no thunderstorms, since we're getting married and doing our pictures outside!


            Java:  Are you going to join your boys at the lake this weekend?  I'd love to have access to a lake!


            Snowden:  I'm at about ten miles this week too.  It's too hot here for me to run far!  I wouldn't sweat having a low mileage week.



              RTR:  Wow congrats on the house!!!  So much going on for you.  How far is the house from your work and DF's work?

              SJP: Awesome job on your running!  Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned.

              Java: Enjoy your productive weekend!  I bet you'll feel great to get everything done and be ready for your trip.

              Snow: Glad you had some time off of work to relax and enjoy.  How's the car?  Have you been out on the boat?


              RR: not much running but lots of core exercise keeping stable on the rocking, bouncing boats for 2 days.  Tomorrow hoping to get a hike in with DBF.

              NRR: Had fun fishing, got a little seasick on day 2 but after one puke (sorry if TMI) I felt much better.  I drank some of the boat's coffee which was really gross and I think that upset my stomach.  One girl was puking the WHOLE time on the boat - about 10 hours.  I felt bad for her.  It was super bouncing out, lots of big waves.  Day 1 I caught one big salmon, DBF caught a small one and a big one (about the same size as mine).  We are only allowed to keep one each of the Kings so we got our limit.  The second day I hooked three, lost a big one when someone's line got tangled in mine, the other 2 were too small to keep so had to throw them back.  DBF caught 2 keepers, lost 2 and one was  too small to keep.  Only one other person on the boat caught a salmon big enough to keep, so DBF and I went home with 2 (he gave #2 to me) our limit again.  All together we came back with 30 lbs of King Salmon that is cut into steaks and packaged.  If you have never had fresh salmon, you don't know what you are missing.  Deeeelish!

              FR: Okay until last night we were invited to the boat captain's house for a 4th party and he had a big spread.  I broke the no carb, sugar, alcohol rule for crossfit.  Oh well. ; )