Weight Loss Dailies


Wednesdailies are my Fridailies! (Read 12 times)




    RR – Up early for a 4 mi run before work this morning, and then heading to the climbing gym w/DBF after work – hopefully it won’t be too stuffy in there!


    NRR – Spent a good 3-4 hours last night doing homework and reading…  I think it’s a double whammy of two classes and summer quarter being shorter than the others.  I am going to have to carve out more time for school than I have had to the past few quarters for sure!  Hoping to get some catching up/getting ahead done at work today, I’m guessing the office is going to be pretty quiet.  I have so much laundry/baking/packing to do before all the weekend festivities (innertube float on the 4th and then camping on the coast for the weekend)!


    FR – Stir fry chicken & veggies with mashed potatoes last night, not sure tonight but definitely something healthy.  I will do my best over the long weekend but camping and floating are always tough with all the beer and drinkies going around!




      RR: No running today. Yoga at lunch.


      NRR: Nothing major tonight. DH is taking Big B to see Monster's U, so I'll get little b to bed and then paint my nails or something girly like that. I'm off tomorrow and we'll probably swim and take the kiddos to see the fireworks. I work on Friday, so I don't get the full 4-day-weekend. DH is taking the boys to his family's lake house this weekend while I stay home and shop for the trip (can't believe we leave a week from Saturday!!) and clean out the closets/drawers. I'm actually looking forward to a weekend alone - I've even refused all dinner invites so I can just do whatever I want!


      FR: Still doing well.



      seattle - Enjoy your 4-day-weekend!! Camping and floating sound like fun!



        java-you do yoga, that is different than running, and is prob more beneficial than lifting!

        seattle-i love hiking, but don't think backpacking is for me. i like to shower and pee. haha.

        MC-will you go rafting with DS?

        snowed-a bike, genius!! 3 miles takes a while to walk.

        simon-hi!! glad you stopped in. wow, lots of great opportunities for you and DH. i'm sure you'll figure out what is best for you and your family. housing market is turning around!

        RR: 10 miles this morning, it was 56*! i wore long sleeves. supposed to turn warm later, we'll see. i did p90x last night, and not that sore today!

        NRR: relaxing tonight, need to do some laundry and such. dbf is going on a group ride i think. i am hoping to make him a dessert for his bday (friday) but this way it'll be somewhat of a surprise. no big plans for the 4th. just hanging out and i have to work friday.

        FR: my avocados went bad so didn't get guac last night. boo.


          Good Morning!


          RR- Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas until 4 pm. So no, I didn't run. I even went to work a few hours late and came home an hour early. About once ever 2-3 months I do that, recoup. But I have the next two days off for some running.


          NRR- Tonight our town has fireworks. We get them a day early because the same company also does a show in Juneau who has them on the actual 4th.


          FR- Finally went grocery shopping last night. so how I can eat actual meals and fruits and veggies instead of carbo- loaded snacks.


          Hi Simon!! Also, not to influence or anything... but I can't say enough good things about Colorado. Big grin


          Seattle- Have an awesome weekend!


          Java- A weekend alone is really, really nice sometimes. Enjoy the quite!


          sjp- 56, sounds like weather here! Have a great weekend.


            Just finished all of my homework for one of my classes until next week...  sweet.  Hoping to crank out a lot of the other one tonight!


            Java - stinks that you don't get a 4 day weekend!  I don't think lots of people are quite so lucky as we are.  A weekend to yourself is so nice every now and then, I hope you enjoy a few days of doing exactly what you want!  That must be rare especially when you are a parent to little ones!


            sjp - haha, I like to shower and pee as well!  I think that the place we are going might actually have bathrooms and showers...  I hope.  DBF always laughs at me for bringing so many toiletries but hey, I'd rather carry some extra weight than smell bad!  My only downside to backpacking is that it's tough to bring firewood and beer Smile  Have fun baking for DBF, I'm sure he'll appreciate it!


            snowden - man, staying in pajamas til 4 sounds awesome!  you're right, sometimes you just need a day like that.  we push ourselves so hard and sometimes don't even realize it until we are crashing!  Have fun at the fireworks tonight!