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    Good morning!


    RR:  Yesterday I went to the gym and swam 1200 yards.  I really wanted to blow it off, but I forced myself to go and got it done.  Today I'll go for a run, not sure how far.  I think I'll just see how the run is going and take it from there.


    NRR:  The usual weekday stuff around here.  Work, run, hang out with DF. I don't really have any plans.  DF has been super busy lately on a project for work, so he's been working at home after dinner.  Luckily that should all be done tomorrow.


    FR:  Portobello cap with pepper jack cheese and avocado and sweet potato fries for dinner last night.  It was delicious!



    MIA:  Congrats on the call back interview!  How did it go?


    Foco:  Your breakfast sounds good!  I’m sure you’ll get back into running without any trouble.  You were doing great before your little break and a week or so isn’t really long enough to derail you.  I’m sure you’ll rock your half marathons!


    Snowden:   Enjoy your weekend!  I’m very much looking forward to mine in a couple of days!


    Seattle:  How long do you go to the climbing gym for?  That sounds really fun, but the only place I found around here was pretty expensive.


    OU:  Nice job multitasking at the gym!  I can’t believe your shift in weather!  That doesn’t’ sound enjoyable.

      rtr: way to get the swim done.  I found when I was swimming that after about 4 months it got annoying to go so I dropped the membership...swimming to me isn't something I can do all the time for some reason.


      seattle: I noticed that I started really slowing down about 4 weeks out from the marathon last time, just my legs getting weighed down with all the training and the high mileage.  This time I haven't noticed, probably because I haven't done as many miles and I'm just getting use to the higher numbers.  Almost taper time!


      mia: so glad you feel so comfy with DBF.  so happy for you!!! When is your running trip?  Is this one a full marathon over the week or a shorter distance?


      snow: it seems that at some point my body just says enough is enough with the bad weather, not doing it anymore!  MFP is like your best friend/ worst enemy - so truthful!


      rr: got in 5 miles on elliptical last night. tonight I'm going to go for a run, hoping for 7-8 maybe.  need a higher number since I won't get in a long run this weekend so going to do several longer weekday runs instead, won't be the same but atleast I'm getting some decent mileage in.  signed up for a new race they are starting here in October.  they are offering doubles so I'm doing a 10K on Saturday and half on Sunday.  figure that gives me the opportunity to continue with high mileage type races but without the stress of marathon training.


      nrr: was an icy disaster here yesterday - all the poor budding trees were covered in ice, so pretty yet so sad!  back up to 50*, hello yoyo weather!!!


      fr: does anyone else just love toast with melted peanut butter on it?  so amazing!


        RTR: The job interview went well I thought.  I felt extremely comfortable with the interviewer who would be my boss.  It is for a position they are just creating, which is cool.  Working with the OB's at the clinic and all the OB patients billing.  She did suggest I get a HIPAA cert (which takes about an hour online) and look into Medical Billing and Coding Certification - so I'm talking to someone on the phone at an online place today.  She had another interview or two and said they'd get back to me latest end of next week.  Now the WAIT!

        OU: Running trip is May 1st (fly), May 2 {board ship} until May 9th.  It is a marathon over the week again, and a bike ride thrown in.   I should get my travel documents today!


        RR: Didn't get out for a run yesterday, actually I was kind of lazy.  I am much less sore today though so that is good.  I will probably run with TP today.

        NRR: Wrote about interview above.  an UGH!  EX texted he had some planters to drop by yesterday, I said sure and I guess he was in the area because he said be there in 5.  I made the mistake of inviting him in because he was standing outside talking. He proceeded to talk my ear off for 90 minutes. Started noticing things wrong with my paint job and telling me how to fix things.  I said I needed to get ready for interview so he had to leave and he talked for 30 more minutes so I had to tell him he had to leave.  Very annoying.  I was upfront with DBF about it and now I think he doesn't want to come to my house anymore since he thinks EX will stop by whenever.  : (  Need to talk to him about that this weekend.

        FR: Ummmmm,  OU - yes I LOVE PB on anything.  I used to take it or leave it but now . . . not good.  Last night was PB with some choc syrup on a banana.  I was craving chocolate and figured that's what I had.



          Good morning!


          RR- Had a good climb last night, looking forward to a rest day today though.  5 mi tomorrow and then my last 20 on Saturday!


          NRR- Super relaxing night w/DBF after the gym which was nice.  We just cooked dinner and snuggled on the couch and chatted for a while.  Think the plan for tonight is homework and laundry... yippee!  I hope the work day goes by quickly.  We don't have any plans for the weekend yet really but I am already looking forward to it... seems like this week has been dragging!


          FR- I have found myself super hungry lately!


            Morning All!


            RR- My long run yesterday turned out to be just over 20 miles! When I got home and saw my time of 3:08 and then figured out how far I ran I was ecstatic. And today I'm sore. Smile I think what's sore the most are my knees, and my ankles. I kept kicking myself! But I'm really happy about yesterday. The run started out where I wanted to turn back. And bad food choices all week didn't help. But something in my just kept running on.


            FR- Grocery shopping today. Coffee and bread are about the only thing left in the house.


            NRR- Hopefully going to hike the dog today with DBF. Poor girl has been kind of neglected with busy lives lately.


            rtr- Nice job getting your workout in. I think I would have a much harder time working out if I didn't always start from my front door. The process of going somewhere and changing can turn into a lot of excuses for me.


            OU- Yes, MFP and I have a strong love/hate relationship. I Love toast with melted butter. Add some honey too and it's amazing!


            Mia- I LOVE peanut butter too. I have it every morning on toast with some honey. Hope you don't go to crazy waiting to hear back about your interview. But it's really good news that you felt really comfortable. Fingers crossed for you!


            Seattle- Wow only one more long run! Maybe your legs feel tired and your super hungry because you're near the end of your marathon cycle?


              Hi all,


              RR: Going to get back on track with 3 to 6 at lunch today and try to start to a mini-streak of running every day through the middle of next week to make up for my derailment this past week.


              NRR: The team-building outing lasted well into the evening last night so I'm feeling really behind still. Looking forward to a low-key weekend. I think DH is going to a retirement party for a co-worker in the western part of the state and I might just stay home and get some things done. And sleep. And watch a movie or two.


              RTR: Good for you to push through the swim even though you weren't feeling it! That will be me today with running. My DH almost always works in the evening -- it's a good thing he loves his work!


              OU: That race format sounds really cool. I don't have much interest in training for a marathon, either. It didn't get warm for long here before the snow came again so thankfully the trees weren't budding yet. I am really ready for true spring. I just had toast with almond butter this morning -- my go-to breakfast when I'm out of eggs.


              Mia: Great to hear the interview went well! Sounds like a good fit. So you'll hear something by tomorrow, sounds like? That's great. Sorry your ex is bugging you ... that is unfortunate.


              Seattle: Wow, your last 20-miler already! Do you think you'll continue the long runs occasionally even after the marathon? Sounds like you're liking them. I think 10 miles is about the limit for the longest distance I truly enjoy. Beyond that feels like drudgery for me ... but maybe just because I don't have enough long runs under my belt.


              Snow: Great job on the 20 miles! I love how you just head out and it turns into 20 miles. That is awesome.


                MC - I think I will definitely continue doing long runs in the 10-15 mi range after I finish the marathon.  I'm not sure about summer plans, probably a lot of backpacking and climbing, so maybe some trail running to go with that - but I'd like to go for a half PR in the fall so I'll be keeping my base up for that.  I have really enjoyed the higher mileage!  (and I like the long runs a lot more when I have higher weekly mileage to support them better).  hope your weekend is relaxing and refreshing!


                snowden - way to go on your long run!  you have been rocking those lately Smile  hope you have a relaxing night w/DBF and the dog.  I think it probably is just the fact that I've run more in the past few months than I ever have before, plus climbing which is a great workout for muscles I didn't even know I had, haha.  I am not looking forward to tapering mentally but I think physically it will be good for sure!


                Mia - oh, that snack you had last night sounds delicious!  I might have to try that next time I am craving something sweet.  Lame on EX showing up, hopefully you can make DBF feel comfortable about it.  Keeping my fingers crossed for your job search!


                ou - I'm glad to hear that you had the same sort of experience, I keep thinking "why am I getting slower???" but luckily I know a few other people who are using the same training plan (Higdon Intermediate 1) and they have all said the same thing... so hopefully the taper will put the pep back in my step.  my legs are feeling really strong so I think the endurance part of the plan is working for sure!  hope the icy weather goes away soon.  I make toasted english muffins with melty peanut butter on them pretty often... so good!


                rtr - we usually stay at the gym between an hour and an hour and a half each time...  will probably go longer once we get in better shape but my arms get tired pretty quickly still!  Our gym is about $15 more a month than the regular gym, but I figure we use it consistently (2-3x a week at least) and it's a lot more fun so it's worth it to me!  the only thing I miss is having a pool, but I am so busy with other workouts that it will probably be summer/lake swimming time before I can start fitting that back in anyways!  way to go on your swim last night, it's always a good feeling when you really don't feel like getting a workout done but you make yourself do it anyways!  Smile