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    I feel so sorry for you guys up north - that cold sounds brutal!


    jkr: I love poptarts - I try not to buy them because they are of no health benefit what so ever, but they are so tasty!  I actually like the low-fat ones better, the pastry shell isn't as sweet and tastes more like a wheat blend.  Wow you have a crazy schedule of races coming up - so much fun though! I'm trying to do more - different races instead of my standard ones I always do.  I always think that my mom is trying to be that "best friend" to me, but we never really bonded well growing up, and now we are good friends, but I don't really go to her with any problems (I usually don't go to anyone actually!)...I guess I'm just such a private person...I always dream of having that awesome relationship with a daughter one day!


    rr: did my 2 mile hill on the mill this morning.  Not so motivated to do it.  Did 4 yesterday - both of these runs were terrible.  My legs have felt really heavy and my mind has just been not in the loop.  I guess after really great runs last week I'm due a bad week - and next week I want to have a good week cause I have an 8K on SAturday - so, I'll take a few bad miles.  Just hoping I can pull myself out of bed tomorrow to do 4.


    nrr: yesterday was crazy - left at 7:30 for an all day meeting, then my super long class.  I'm taking an online statistics class as well that is already kicking me - I just don't have the mind for that type of stuff!  I am really tired and this weekend is going to be brutal - Friday I have observation at a school from 7:30-10:30, work until 4:30, class until 10, then saturday 9-5 class.  Jeez tired just thinking about it!!!  I'm considering blowing off homework at lunch and taking a nap in my car...


    fr: I've officially gone over 3 weeks without a coke.  I don't plan on giving them up forever, but I wanted to clean myself of that need to have one daily.  After a month I figure I will allow myself one a week.


    wr: was up to 151 yesterday, but I hadn't run in 2 days and had eaten bad so I'm not surprised.


      Morning, a whopping -5* this morning

      jkr-wow, i have never run that far on a treadmill. i have done in the 15-16 range and it isn't that bad. sometimes is nice to watch tv! I might do  long run on the t-mill, but prob just do 12ish so not really long. where do you run? a 24 hr gym, or a 'gym' in your apt complex? are they nice, i've broken a few of those cheap hotel/apt treadmills...

      ou-wow that is a busy day/weekend. you'll get through it, maybe have to use that 1 coke a week on the weekend! haha. i'm sure being tired doesn't help with the feeling on the runs, you'll get back.

      MC-whew, stragety meeting sounds rough. i am not into the all day meeting thing. how was the food?

      jen-welcome!!! great job on the runs, and following a plan--that is important when building mileage. too much too soon is an easy way to get injured! so nice of you to send a gift basket.

      mc-congrats on 10 miles! that is so great! do you foam roll?

      seattle-hope you warmed up. ugh, i hate when food messes my stomach up. and i know if i wasn't a runner, it wouldn't matter--the stomachache is usually brought on during the run!

      RR: 10 miles this morning. it felt good. my feet are a little stiff, not sure why. been fighting a little bit of PF pain, so that my be it.

      NRR: its frigid. i have a site visit at work this afternoon, that will not be fun. i hope i don't freeze. i do get to get out of the office though...

      FR: nothing exciting. warm food!


        Good morning!


        RR:  Some sort of exercise will happen today, but I'm not sure what.  I'm thinking of breaking out the thirty day shred followed by a bit of jump roping.  It is freezing here so I'm giving my self a pass on the running until the weekend, when it should warm up.  Yesterday I had a really nice swim, 1600 yards.


        NRR:  Speaking of freezing, the boiler went out this morning at work, so it was freezing when I got here.  Luckily they fixed it and its starting to warm up, but I didn't get much work on my class done this morning.  Today I have work, then I'll probably stay here a while to get some more stuff done.  After that I'll fit in a workout, then have a relaxing evening with DF.


        FR:  For those of you who asked about the sweet potato fries, I make my own.  I preheat the oven to 450, peel the sweet potatoes, cut them into 1/2 to 3/4 inch slices, toss them with a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and old bay seasoning, then I bake them for 15 minutes, flip them over and let them cook for another 10 minutes.  I also like to dip them in the yogurt ranch dressing.


        OU:  Nice job giving up the Coke for awhile!  That's awesome.  I don't drink soda anymore, but I used to be an addict.  It's hard to stop.


        SJP:  I'm guessing you were on the treadmill this morning!  I hope it warms up for your site visit.


        Have a great day!




          RR- Had a nice run and a good lifting session (squats) with DBF yesterday.  Today is a rest day, which is nice.  I bought a Groupon for hot yoga classes so I may try some of those out next week.


          NRR- Will be a busy day at work, hoping to get lots done!  Having dinner w/Mom and Grandma after work, so that will be nice.  Then I need to start doing homework.  I need to be good about time management and scheduling time for the online class so I don't get behind!  It's just tiring when work is so busy and then going home and working on more of the same.  But it will be worth it in the long run!


          FR- Thinking pizza and beer tonight, sounds good to me!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Good morning running friends!


            RR: Hot yoga this afternoon - I'm looking forward to it very much.


            NRR: Still crazy busy, but that's just how it will be for a bit. Unfortunately it is my workouts that suffer when this happens since I can't really leave early two days a week to workout like I usually do. That's why I'm so excited about yoga today - haven't been able to make this class since before Christmas! In more crazy/busy work news - DH just got a contract to build his very first house! I'm so nervous for him - he usually does add-ons or remodels, so this is totally new. I'm sure he'll do a great job though!


            FR: Let's not talk about this - I will never understand why being busy makes me think it's ok to put junk in my body.



            B: smoothie w/ ff greek yogurt, frozen berries, banana, spinach, oats, and 1 tbs of honey, coffee w/ ff creamer

            S: kind bar, tea

            L: salad w/ lettuce, carrots, and roasted chicken

            D: TBD (out with my dad after Big B's karate class)



            OU - you're one busy lady too! Sorry you're having a bad running week - seems like that always happens after a really good run


            sjp - Winston is doing better - he's still the problem child in obedience class, but we'll get there. Thanks for asking. I hope you don't freeze toady too! Stay warm and wear layers (sorry - it's the mom in me).


            rtr - stay warm! I think a pass on running in freezing temps is totally acceptable.


            seattle - try the hot yoga!! I love it and I really feel better both physically and emotionally when I'm finished.


              Hello All-


              RR- Wanting to get in an easy 5?? miles today. I never really know what I'm going to do.


              FR- I logged my food yesterday and did pretty good. I didn't stuff myself at dinner which is a huge thing. Its nice going to bed and my stomach not still digesting everything. For a long time my biggest meal has been dinner, I'd like to make it lunch, so I've got energy for work.


              NRR- Back to work today. I'm not thrilled about that. I love my work/career, but my supervisor is making me hate my job. He is under qualified and arrogant. I give myself a pep talk every day on my short drive so I don't do something stupid like quit, because that's not actually what I want to do. It doesn't help that we're half staffed right now either. This company is not new, but its growing a lot this year and last and that's new. I've put up with so much crap since I've started and I'm getting really really tired of it.


              ou- Nice going on dropping the soda. I did that in high school- just something that kind of happened. After not having one for a while you will really notice all the chemicals in a soda! The first few sips are nasty. But for some reason I finish the whole thing. They are incredibly sweet! Now, they just don't appeal to me anymore. If I really want something iced tea usually does the trick, or on occasion a ginger ale.


              sjp- Stay warm! I got the shivers just reading -5!


              rtr- thanks for the sweet potato fry recipe! I'll have to try at that higher temp.


              Seattle- Do you have somewhere separate from work and home that you can do your online class? If there is a library or something close by it might help to get in the habit of going there for "class" on a scheduled time.


              Java- I feel ya on the busy/food phenomena. It makes no since but I do it too. And I never feel good about it. Something about letting myself slack because I'm so busy elsewhere??


                snowden and java, I am joining you guys on the busy = eating junk train... ugh.  It's so much more logical to fuel ourselves especially healthy when we're busy, but somehow I wind up thinking "ahh I'm so busy, I deserve a treat," etc.


                I'll try to be back for more shouts later, but yeah... busy!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: 6 miles at lunch today in bizarrely warm and sunny temps again. Made it to yoga sculpt last night, which was definitely needed but I was dismayed at how crowded that evening class is. They're doing a boot camp the next 2 weeks in the morning, so the class I like is only offered in the evening. Signed up for my first half marathon for the spring, which is the Horsetooth Half on April 21. I will do this mainly as my last long run before the Colorado Half on May 6. Horsetooth is very hilly, about 1000 feet elevation gain, so I won't be looking to set any speed records.


                  NRR: I am really hell-bent on getting my master's thesis done this semester, and I've mapped out a schedule for that this spring, so that's going to be a side-by-side goal with getting ready for the spring half marathons. I'm getting a technical communication master's, and I don't really need it for my current job so after I was finished with classes, I just started to poke along on the thesis. It's time to get it done. It's a qualitative study of whether children's time outdoors affects their ability to understand and critique science information in the media. My proposal is defended, I have  my interviews done, and now I need to get those transcribed and write that thing. So ... just some background about what my NRR will be in the coming weeks! My application for graduation is due Feb. 15 and my thesis submission deadline is April 5. So here we go.


                  Jen: Yes, I am lucky that I can run during the workday. Half of our office is training for some sort of run, so people tend to show up for meetings in running clothes sometimes. That helps! I work in publishing, so we rarely meet with clients on site. We also have a tiny little gym setup in our office with a treadmill and elliptical.


                  Snow: Congrats on your 10 miles, and you were so speedy! That is fantastic! I don't use MFP, I typically use SparkPeople just to do random checks on calories. I loaded a lot of the stuff I eat into that so I hate to replicate all that data.


                  Seattle: Good for you to stick through the cold, wet run yesterday.


                  JKR: Yeah, I'm not sure why I was thinking I couldn't run and do yoga the same day. It's actually a good combo. That's interesting that you don't do much speedwork, either. Because I haven't really run  much before taking it up 4 years ago, I'm more focused on just building base miles than doing speedwork, and for the most part it's working, I guess. I'm running each half somewhat faster than the previous one, but I suspect I'll level off sometime soon. I agree that running on the TM sometimes is good to change things up for the legs. Love eggs!


                  OU: Great work on the hill run, especially when you didn't feel like it. Sometimes those runs feel like much more of an accomplishment because you have to will yourself to do them. Sorry the week's going to be so hard. Good job on the Coke abstention, too.


                  SJP: Ugh, that is some brutal weather. My DS has not said a word about temps in Waterville. He swore he wasn't going to complain about the weather there, and he's keeping his word! But I don't think he's running outside, either. The strategy meeting food was pizza ... I held it to one slide with a big salad, so not too much damage.


                  RTR: I love 30-Day Shred! Great that you got your swim in yesterday.


                  Seattle: I bet you'll love the hot yoga! I hear you on the motivation for classes after a full day of work. It's hard. Enjoy the beer and pizza, that sounds wonderful.


                  Java: Great news about DH's first house job -- that's terrific! Enjoy the yoga class ... I just love yoga and am so glad that there's a studio near my work that has lots of time slots available. Helps with scheduling.


                  Snow: I am completely with you on the food timing ... I think if I could not eat much after supper, I would drop the pounds I need to drop. Last night I had one little bowl of frozen blueberries after supper ... didn't feel like it put me over the line too  much, but I guess we'll see. I agree with you on soda ... I even stopped diet soda completely last spring, which I hadn't drunk much anyway. Now it really tastes like poison to me. My older sister drinks so much Diet Coke I'm honestly concerned that she's going to get sick from it.


                    Hello everyone! Hard to believe it's Thursday already. This week has been weird.


                    RR: I SO did not feel like running this morning... seriously it was nearly impossible to peel myself out of my warm bed. Going outside into below freezing temps in the dark did not sound like a fun idea. At all. I kept thinking "why do I do this to myself?!" over and over again. Hah. Even while I was drinking my coffee. And that feeling only doubled when I looked out the window and saw about an inch of SNOW. Ugh. I hate the snow and was so not expecting that cold white stuff to be out there. Despite all this... somehow I managed to layer layer layer up (seriously I had SO many layers on) and forced myself out the door. And, obviously, I am ridiculously glad that I went this morning. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful runs I have had in a loooong time. I was out in the neighborhoods around here before dawn, in freshly fallen snow that was completely undisturbed... no cars, no footprints, nothing. It was so incredibly quiet. Just an indescribable feeling to be out there in the dark, in the snow, before the entire world had woken up. I need to try to remember that feeling when I'm laying in bed and so reluctant to get up in the winter...


                    NRR: Like I said above, weird week. We had Monday off for MLK day, then half day yesterday... a couple of our professors are out of town this week for a conference in San Diego, so classes have been cancelled. Tomorrow is a clinic day, but I have a CPR class instead of clinic. We're supposed to get MORE snow tomorrow afternoon. Bummer. I was hoping to drive out to DBF's once I finished the CPR class, but I'll have to see what the weather is doing. Have I mentioned I hate winter?


                    FR: I bought some Yoplait strawberry banana froyo at Kroger's today. Total impulse buy. It looks good. I have high hopes.


                    Shoutouts later... need to get organized/packed up for tomorrow.