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    Good morning!  Sorry for the lame title.  My creativity fails me this early in the morning.


    RR:  I think I'm going for a swim after work today.  Probably 1200 to 1600 yards.  I mean, if I remember how to and all, it's been forever!  I'm sure I'll be fine though.  I have decided that in January I need to start going to the pool more and if I don't, I'm going to cancel my membership.  It's too expensive and I haven't been going.


    NRR:  Work, swim, then I have the work holiday party.  It should be a fun party, so I'm looking forward to it.  Other than that, 2 Days of work left until break!  I leave on Saturday to fly home and I am super excited!


    FR:  Um, this hasn't been good and lets face it, I'm going home soon and it won't be good there either.  Oops.  I'm with OU (I think you said it), and am just going to enjoy the holidays, then step up my efforts after the holidays.


    Have a great day!

      morning!  it is cold and windy here this morning - so wish I was curled up in bed right now!


      rr: 3 mile run tonight with running group, haven't gotten to run with them since August so excited about that!  really need to do arm weights...


      nrr: the Hobbit was really good, but oh so long.  didn't leave theater till 11:30!  surprisingly I am fairly awake this morning -but just to be sure I stopped by for a grande gingerbread latte - Tis the Season!!!  Got our Christmas bonus at work today and it was more then expected!  I will definitely be able to pay for marathon and travel out of it which is awesome cause flying to Cinncinati is expensive from here!  Also thinking I might go through and purge some work clothes from my closet and buy a few new sweaters and such.  I've got some old cheap ones in there.


      fr: I agree rtr that I'm enjoying the holidays - trying to be healthy as many meals as possible, but not hating myself if I slip!!!



      rtr: getting to swim was so tough for me because your wet and smell like chlorine afterwards so it limits activity - not to mention there is something about getting in the water when it's freezing out!


      snow: smart not to run until you get the foot cleared up.  You might use old shoes for main miles and new shoes for warm up/ cool down or walks for a few weeks to get your feet more use to them.




        simon-haha, i love that you and DH raced!

        seattle-way to go on your classes, that is awesome!

        rtr-i know, serioulsy ridiculous to need a passport. i can also show my birth certificate to renew my license but its all just a huge pain in the butt. and i don't want to get a passport they are expensive and i'm not going out of the country any time soon! how is the weather for flying? i know  huge storm in teh mid-west--i think you go to N.D? enjoy your holiday party.

        ou-congrats on the bonus at work! that is great! after christmas is a great time to buy sweaters, everything goes on super clearance sale as they make room for spring clothes...

        snow-yes foam rollers are awesome! they really help in stretching out muscles and avoiding injuries.

        RR: 10 miles this morning on the treadmill, the first few went super slow, just wanted it to be friday i think!

        NRR: work and packing for home! i can't wait to leave tomorrow after work. should be a fun long weekend with the family!

        FR: my meet my friend for a drink tonight-to catch up with her before christmas


          Just wanted to pop in for my last post until 2013! I doubt I'll have time to get here again until after our trip, so I wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday and a healthy new year! Talk to you soon!


            Late post today...



            RR - Rest day, which is good since I have a bad headache this morning for some reason and the weather outside is nasty...


            NRR - Had fun going to get pho and looking at the townhouse last night with DBF - it's in a great location, really big, and really nice.  We both liked it, so we put in an application last night and are thinking/talking it over more.  We shall see!  Planning on doing some laundry and cleaning tonight if my headache is better, otherwise I might just go to bed early.  Found out that my office is closed Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years day, so it will be awesome to have two four day weekends in a row (especially if we end up moving soon...)


            FR - I really want something healthy tonight.  Thinking grilled chicken with veggies and roasted red potatoes.



            back in a bit for shouts!


              Early post for me. : )


              RR- I was driving home from the gym yesterday and saw a runner outside in the cold, totally focused. I felt like I should be out there! Soon enough. Later, and healthy is better than never. But the gym had been good for me. I got on the bike yesterday and then did some push ups and abs. Then last night I foam rolled my ass off. 


              NRR- Back to work today. Gym soon after my coffee, walk the dog, and work. Its always interesting going back to work after 2 days off. I never know what I'm walking into. 


              FR- Snacked a lot last night, but I stayed away from the sweets. 


              rtr- I always think about swimming, but its a hard thing to get started and keep going. 


              ou- enjoy running with the running group. It'll be interesting to see how everyone's improved.


              sjp- enjoy the time with your family!


              Java- Happy holidays and see you in the new year.


              seattle- Hope your headache goes away soon. Sometimes a headache can be just as hard to kick as a cold or flu. Glad you really liked the town home- hope it works out!


                Forgot to mention that someone rear-ended me while I was driving to look at the house last night...  my car is fine and I'm fine, but my neck is a little sore, so that's probably why I had a headache this morning!  It is feeling a little better now though luckily.


                rtr - I haven't swam in a while either, I am thinking going tomorrow morning before work (if the world doesn't end and all).  it's just so relaxing but sometimes it's hard for me to want to do it when it is so cold and rainy outside, I am busy, etc.  Have fun at your holiday work party!  My FR has been the same and I am with you and ou, just enjoy the next few weeks and then join everyone else on the new years bandwagon.


                ou - gingerbread latte sounds amazing... I have been drinking peppermint mochas a lot lately!  Glad you had fun at the Hobbit last night, I am looking forward to seeing that with DBF sometime soon.  Did you see it in IMAX/3D or just regular?  Yay for a Christmas bonus!


                sjp - have fun with your friend tonight and have fun going home this weekend!  I am with you on putting off a passport... it's expensive, and i've never had one before so I'd have to go to the post office to turn it in/sign it whatever, and I am just not doing that until after Christmas!


                Java -happy holidays, have a safe and wonderful trip!


                snowden - nice work on continuing to stay away from the sweets!  I definitely can't say that, but oh well.  I admire your dedication keeping your fitness up even if you aren't running right now!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Still just yoga, but  DD went with me today, so that was fun. We used to go together a lot when she was in high school. Still on the aggressive chiro adjustment schedule -- 3 times this week. It feels like it's working miracles, but I haven't answered the question of running: when to start again, how far to go, how frequently, etc. I'm going to not worry about it until we get back from holiday travel after Jan. 1.


                  FR: DD and I went to Noodles today ... first time I've had Japanese pan noodles in about six months. So good.


                  NRR: Gearing up for various gift exchanges with the family over the next couple of days, so scrambling around doing last-minute shopping. 


                  RTR: I'm struggling with what to do about gym stuff, too, in the New Year. I was thinking about joining one that has a pool just to try swimming. But I'm not sure I'd stick with it. So it's down to a yoga place that has some Nautilus weight equipment and cardio machines ... or a CorePower yoga place--I like their yoga the best of all, especially the Yoga Sculpt classes. It's all expensive, so I need to pick ONE place that I'll be committed to.


                  OU: Group run sounds great. Yay for your bonus! Those are always fun, especially when unexpected!


                  SJP: Have fun with your familiy! So enjoying having DS and DD here. They're just goofy fun. 


                  Java: Happy holidays to you, too! 


                  Seattle: Bummer about your car bender -- hope your headache clears up soon. The apartment sounds terrific! That's a nice way to start the new year.


                  Snow: People who run in the snow are so inspiring ... but I have been grateful for the treadmill this fall. Your gym work sounds great.