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    seattle-are you taking a lot of classes this semester? dbf's mom is just super needy, there are moments where its fine but she just needs constant attention and whines/acts out to get it. so I just find it exhausting. glad dbf liked his bday gift!

    RR: 10 cold miles this morning. it was 40* outside. it was clear and the end was sunny but whew, its tough when its dark and cold. maybe p90x tonight. its technically recovery week between phases so maybe we'll do core syn, its not like we follow it that closely.

    NRR: just relaxed last night, dbf and i got groceries and then made dinner.  we like to have nothing Monday nights bc we are always wiped after the weekend.

    FR: been getting bread at the store and dipping it in olive oil w/rosemary, its so delicious.




      RR:  The swim didn't happen yesterday and nothing exercise wise is happening today either.  I think I'm coming down with something, I've had a scratchy throat and some congestion, so I skipped the swim yesterday hoping that would make it go away and today is DH's birthday so I don't have any time.


      NRR:  Today's a busy, good day.  Our hardwoods are getting installed, which I'm pumped about, but he might not finish until tomorrow.  Tonight we're going out to celebrate DH's birthday, so that's always a good time, and I'm excited to give him his gifts.


      FR:  I made a banana cake last night for DH's birthday, so hopefully it will be good.


      SJP:  Sorry to hear about the fire, do you know what caused it?


      Seattle:  It sounds like you had a great weekend!  How many semesters of school do you have left?  I will be super happy when the house is done and we don’t have to work on it!  My idea of a relaxing, fun weekend doesn’t include painting and ripping up floors!


        Good morning!


        RR- Today will be a 3 mi tempo run over lunch break and then lifting chest/tris/abs after work.


        NRR- Super busy busy day at work yesterday, probably more of the same today!  Had a good night last night though - made enchiladas and spanish rice with my brother, watched some Monday Night Football, and got started on some reading for class.  DBF is on a small business trip this week so I won't see him til Thurs - probably will just spend the next few days getting organized for the quarter.


        FR- Thinking teryaki chicken burger tonight.


        Back for shouts in a bit!


          sjp - just taking two classes, but one seems like a lot of reading (business law) and the other time consuming (excel for business).  getting up when it's cold and dark is so tough, glad you were rewarded with sunshine at the end though!  I really enjoy having low key Monday nights as well.  although now I feel like I'm getting old, most of my weeknights are pretty low key!  haha.


          rtr - oh no, I hope you feel better soon!  being sick is always a bummer.  have fun celebrating b-day with DH!  banana cake sounds super delicious.  I have about a year and a half left of school after this quarter (maybe a little less, if I can get some classes waived due to work experience), plus studying for the CPA.  It feels like a long process but I'm reminding myself that in the big picture 2-3 years will be totally worth it!  (I hope... haha.)