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    seattle-i do watch tv on the treadmill. our gym has individual tv's so i plug in headphones and can channel surf and control volume etc...

    RR: 15 miles on saturday, I was pretty tired. Yesterday i ran 7 and then did p90x. this morning i ran 10, it was cool and my hips didn't feel nearly as tight.

    NRR: had a very relaxed weekend. dbf's grandfather has to have surgery tuesday and he is pretty worried about it. the doctor is confident he will not have to have chemo or anything but there is always a chance that the 'normal' scan isn't really. so saturday we hung out and made dinner, watched a movie.

    FR: nothing too exciting. figuring out what to take for the fishing trip fri-sun.



      RR: haven't done too much due to time.

      NRR: Stressful day Friday, just a bunch of stuff all at once - feeling overwhelmed. Saturday I worked on getting the stuff together I need for my trip to Grand Canyon this weekend. I'm nervous about that trip.  I also had to work on my HW for the week since I am babysitting today and Wednesday and Tuesday I'm taking younger DD back to school which is about 4 hours roundtrip but older DD wants to make a side trip that would add an extra 2 hours on - not sure that's gonna happen yet.  Saturday evening went to DBF's and we just hung out and talked since I was stressed.  Sunday we got up early and headed to Bellingham - about 2 hours north of him.  He went to college there so just decided it would be fun to go on a whim.  We ate at one of the places he used to love having b'fast, he showed me some of his old favorite spots.  It was a fun trip.  Got home about 4 PM and did more HW.

      FR: Pretty good this weekend, hoping I can keep it up.


      SJP: Sorry about DBF's grandfather -hope all goes well with his surgery and they can get it all.  Where are you going fishing?



        Good morning!


        RR- Had a good 8 mi run on Saturday - my legs started to drag towards the end but I was expecting that since I haven't run that far in a while.  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run.  I jammed/sprained my pinky playing football with DBF on Saturday, I hope it heals up quickly so I can climb/lift again soon!  It is all puffy and hurts to type!


        NRR- Busy but good weekend!  Good for football - Huskies won on the road and Seahawks won a huge game last night.  Took Grandma for coffee and mani/pedi after my run on Saturday, and road tripped down to visit other set of great grandparents yesterday.  I have some errands to do tonight but other than that hoping to relax for a bit.  Things are picking back up for end of the month at work and class starts again next week!  Plus DBF's 25th b-day is on Saturday and I need to figure out a gift!


        FR- Going to make philly cheesesteaks tonight.


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Hi all,


          NRR: Sorry I disappeared again -- had a horrible 2-week episode with my back, going to a different chiro, trying various things. Painful, painful work trip to Cleveland involving probably overdoses of Tylenol #3 (and finally a Percoset that I got from a friend :-( ) Finally went to my primary and she ordered an MRI, which revealed fairly routine degeneration in the lower back. No surgery indicated, nothing horribly wrong, but definitely an intermittent pinched nerve problem. She prescribed "aggressive" core conditioning.  We agreed that I had gotten into a cycle in which whenever my back had a twinge, I would immediately back off on yoga/weights and running in fear that I would make the problem worse. I need to keep moving through the pain!


          RR: Today is the day I'm planning to get out for a 3-miler. It is wet and soggy here as we're in the epicenter of the Colorado flooding, but Fort Collins itself has pretty good drainage and roads are good. Our house is fine, just a little moisture in our workshop. I've also been to yoga sculpt about every other day for the past several days, and that is feeling really good. I am supposed to run a half marathon this weekend, had already decided to downgrade to the 5-miler, but I think it might get canceled anyway because the run is in one of the canyons that had flooding and mudslides.


          Seattle: So sorry you were sick and out of commission for a while ... sounds like you're getting right back to the running. And sorry about your pinkie – those kinds of injuries are always so painful, and seem to take a long time to heal up all those little capillaries!


          SJP: Hope everything goes well with your DBF’s grandfather. That does sound worrisome.


          Mia: I tried to get caught up on what I missed with everyone, but missed the purpose of your Grand Canyon trip – will that be a hike? The Bellingham trip with DBF sounded great!