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    mia-the job i was super busy with calmed down a little as we are in the bidding phase and questions period has ended. we open bids tomorrow and then will be a little busy with meetings/organizing/deciding after that but otherwise that project rush is over. funny about ex living with all that family--must be quite the dynamic.

    seattle-it is tough to keep a routine for lifting and not do the same things/end early. good that you and dbf lift together though--that makes it much better. i find lifting along very boring.

    rtr-how'd the conferences go? do you have more today?

    RR: 8 easy then elliptical. will probably do ab ripper tonight. i slept weird on my back and it feels off so don't want to lift shoulders and hurt myself.

    NRR: glad its thursday and ready for the weekend. got dbf's family all done for xmas. just have a couple small things to get for mine and we are done. need to find boxes and start wrapping them up! maybe tonight...have i said that everyday? haha

    FR: thinking sweet potato chili soon.


      Good morning!


      RR:  I made it to the Y for a swim yesterday.  It felt really good!  I swam 1200 yards.  Today I'm planning on running at the track by my school after work.  I'll probably run for 30 minutes.


      NRR:  Today was really long, I didn't get home until after 8:00 (after leaving home at 6:30) because of conferences, but today is nice because we have a half day with the students, then afternoon conferences, which are done at 3:00.  After that I'll run, then hang out at home.


      FR:  Not sure, might make a quinoa and potato dish tonight.


      SJP:  Sweet potato chilli is the best!  Do you make yours in a crockpot?  Conferences went well yesterday.  It was a lot of parents whose children did really well, which is always a nice conversation to have.  Only a couple of conversations about failing grades.


      MIA:  Good luck starting the job next week!  I’m the opposite.  I’d sleep in every single day until my first day of work.  My brother lives in Boston, so its about six hours away.  Not far, but far enough so we don’t get together very often.


      Seattle:  That must be nice to have the semester wrap up soon.  How many semesters do you have left?

        Today is a run day for me.  Yesterday was a rest day, because the day before was a soccer game, so I usually pick the day after as my 1 rest day a week..


        2 eggs, a glass of milk, and 1/4 glass of grape juice for breakfast.  Same as every day.


        Already ate my chicken and spinach sandwich at work, which is usual to do between 10 and noon. Still have my 4 homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, which I usually wait until after noon to eat.  My wife forgot to put nuts in this batch, so not sure if I should bring some in a baggie, or just go without.  I might tough it out until this batch is all gone.  Might eat a few fewer calories that way.  But don't want to end up eating salted almonds at home instead to make up for it.  Salted nuts are a bad idea for me, as they are addictive.  Got 3 water bottles to get me through the workday.


        Will be running after dark, after dinner.  Probably 3 miles. Have a new headlamp to try out, brighter than my old one.   Not sure what the weather is supposed to be.  It is above freezing now, so I hope it stays dry and doesn't rain.


        187.6 lbs on my most recent weekly Sunday weigh in.  Was thinking this morning how nice it will be to get into the 170's.  This coming Sunday maybe I can get to 185, but probably will be 186.  Got to run more, but don't want my shins to hurt, so it is a tricky balance of gradually increasing, and just staying steady with the diet and trying to lose weight each week.  165 is my goal, and 145 is my ideal fit weight, based on sports participation many years ago.  Was 225 in June, when I decided to quit all soda, including diet soda.


        I type too much.


        Less than 2.5 weeks till my first 5k!


          Good morning!


          RR – Today will be a rest day from running, and DBF and I are going to try out a new lifting routine at the gym tonight.  Should be good!


          NRR – It is my Friday as I am taking my bonus day off work tomorrow to study for my finals.  So glad about that… yesterday was slow slow slow here at work.  Going to get a night of relaxing in with DBF after the gym and then study all day tomorrow and Saturday morning, take my finals Saturday afternoon and be done!  I feel like I am kind of a one track mind right now, it will be so nice to be able to do other fun things than school!


          FR – DBF and I have made it a goal to be beach ready by this next summer, so I am back on MyFitnessPal.  I don’t particularly like it but it seems to be what works the best, so I’ll go with it!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Good Morning!

            RR: Went for a long walk yesterday.  It was very sunny but COLD!  Today it  is even colder out.  I might run or go for a walk again . . . we'll see.

            NRR: Finished up my school work for the week yesterday.  Only 7 more weeks to go and then I'm done.  The next 7 weeks will be challenging though with working full-time and school.

            Picked up older DD from the airport last night at 11ish.  Wow, it was crowded there!  I was getting kicked out of the "load" lane and would have had to make another lap but thankfully DD came out JUST IN TIME.  The policeman who kicked me out got a big smile on his face.

            I think DD and I may start doing some Christmas decorating today.  I might get more in the spirit with her home.

            FR: Hanging in there.


            SJP: Glad you got some calm at work.  Yeah, both DD's were telling me some interesting stories about the family dynamics in that house.  I was just so happy I wasn't' involved in it anymore.  I guess older DD was being questioned by her GM as to why her father and I got divorced.  "We were all so surprised!"  Not happy she put DD in that position, but it's very typical.

            RTR: Glad you are surviving conferences.  Isn't it funny how usually the parents of the kids who do well are the ones that show up.  Very telling, I'm sure.

            OFS: Welcome!  You seem to be very regimented.  I"m not sure how "old" you are, but sometimes you just have to give in to a higher weight when you get a little older.  Good luck on your first 5K.

            Seattle: Good idea taking tomorrow off.  Are you allowed to take the final whenever you want or is there a scheduled time?  How do they know if you take it open book or not?  Stay warm!!


              MIA:  Thanks for the welcome.  I'm 48, 5.9, and male.  Not sure if I can get down to my old 145 fit and trim weight, but maybe.  My 165 goal allows 20 pounds for memory and judgement errors Smile  Don't know if we have to add anything for aging, itself.


                sjp - yeah, I enjoy climbing and running alone (although it's also fun to have people along for those) but I just don't really like lifting that much so I kinda need DBF there to push me.  I can't believe how productive you've been with Christmas stuff, that is awesome!  I need to start ASAP, like this weekend.  oy!  probably a wise decision to rest your shoulders, I've heard that they are a really tough thing to heal if they get injured and that'd be no good!


                rtr - glad you got a nice swim in yesterday!  I think it's great that you are able to keep up with the exercise so much.  enjoy having a shorter day today, I bet that is nice especially since you had such a long one yesterday!  I have way too many semesters left, haha...  well really only 7 or so but that seems like too many to me Smile


                ofs - welcome!  hopefully before too long you will have to change your name to not old, not fat, and not slow!  Smile


                Mia - Christmas decorating with DD sounds super fun!  It's been so gorgeous out but yes, so cold!  I am running a 10K on Saturday and I think the high is 30... brr!  Good luck with the work and school!  It can be tough but as long as you plan and stay organized I think it's doable.  Then again I'm only taking one class next quarter so... take that with a grain of salt haha.  I have one take home final that's due on Sunday (but I want to get it out of the way earlier) and one final that's actually on campus (kinda weird since it's an online class) on Saturday from 3-5 pm.  :/

                  Seattle, thanks for the welcome, too! Old fat slow is what I became. My son is in 3rd grade and suddenly began to show how good he is in soccer this Summer, so I had to change. Either become old like my dad, or young like my son Smile


                  Had spaghetti squash and sauce for dinner. Now time to run. The trail will be muddy because it rained.


                  As for Christmas, got my wife a garmin. She started running a year before me and has done a couple 5k's already. Talked her into getting the gadget when we were in the LRS, and she loves it! No sense in waiting till a few feet of snow before using it. Plus she had to pick the color!