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    snowed-definitely good to keep learning new things, and if the classes are free, that is great!

    mia-wedding is at the church we grew up going to and the reception is on my parents land, there is a big pond/barn etc. I am taking friday off bc of the rehearsal and setting up and such. going to be a whirlwind weekend. glad that the party was fun with DBF, i know its nervewracking to meet tons of new people, especially old friend but I'm not surprised they loved you!

    RR: 10 miles this morning, was a little bit muggy, but still cool. temps are back into the 80's this week. i think p90x tonight.

    NRR: finished a memory book/photo album for my sister's wedding present. it took forever to scan all the old photos but it came out really nice. Found a groupon for the book too, so got a good deal. did 2 day shipping, it was only $2 extra and hopefully is here in time for the wedding, I shipped it to my parents house.

    FR: had veggie burger on spinach salad last night, was craving it!


      do you ever feel you are in the movie Groundhog Day?

      RR: Ran 5 yesterday and it actually felt good.  Probably run 5 again today.

      NRR: Older DD is off to Seattle with one of her friends who lives there.  Younger DD is on her adventure - yesterday was taking the bus around Southern California to get to an old friend's house to stay the night.  It took her about 5 hours to get from Anaheim to where we used to live by bus - by car it would take maybe 45 minutes.  LOL  She is getting an education.  Today she is hopping on a train and heading to Albuquerque to visit my mom and sister. HOuse was very quiet again.

      I'm also working on my schoolwork for the week.

      FR: Ugh!  DD's got some cereal when they were home.  I like it for a night time snack and went overboard yesterday.  Felt it when I was sleeping and when I woke up.


      SJP: Weddings are so much work but it seems like you have everything under control.  What if it rains for the wedding?  Is there a Plan B?

      Snowden: Do you have another state you where might want to move and become a fire fighter?  Hope your knees start to feel better soon.