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    RR - 4 mi lunch break run + climbing with DBF after work. I had a nice 6 mi run yesterday and not much else over the weekend.

    NRR - Nice and relaxing weekend, although it went by too quickly. I made brunch for DBF on Saturday and we spent most of the day laying on a blanket at the park near my house. I did some reading when he left for his friend's place, and got a lot of laundry/cleaning/organizing done yesterday. Class starts today, it's the first time I've taken two classes at a time while working full time so we'll see how that goes!

    FR - DBF and I are both making an effort to plan better/cook at home more so that we can eat healthy and save money at the same time. So far so good. Tonight will probably be flank steak with baked potatoes and veggies.


      RR: Ran 5 miles on  Saturday and 10 yesterday.  I signed up for a trail marathon in Bend, Or the 2nd weekend of August so working on getting more trails in and upping the mileage.  This weekend we'll do 15, and probably 10 of those will be on trails.  My ankles are a little sore from the trails yesterday.  today is going to be a rest day except for a walk if the weather clears.  I also have registered for a crossfit orientation on June 30th.  Then I'll be doing a 4 week body fit challenge,

      NRR: DBF went across the state to a bike ride this weekend.  He left Friday afternoon and didn't get back until later Saturday evening.  Friday I went to Korean BBQ with my friends, which was a load of fun.  Saturday I ran, did yard work and then vegged some.  Sunday I ran, and then headed up to DBF's.  He invited some friends for dinner so we cooked dinner together which was fun.  Stayed there last night and came home this morning.  It was actually a very nice weekend.  I haven't done social stuff with my friends in awhile since I'm always at DBF's.

      FR: Did really well this weekend.  I am not determined to get my extra pounds off since I have some events that I'm training for.


      Seattle: Your weekend sounds very nice.  My bet is you'll do fantastic with 2 courses.  I can't remember, are you doing any of the local races coming up?  Torchlight?




        seattle-good luck with the classes, i'm sure you'll do well. i like to cook at home, bc its healthier and its cheaper, but meal planning is NOT my strong suit. i just eat the same stuff, all the time. oops.

        Mia-sounds like a great weekend. woohoo for races. august is coming quick! though trail races are such a different mind set. i'm sure you'll kill it.

        RR: 13 saturday and i felt so much better than last weekend. sunday i ran 4, then biked 30 miles with dbf. today was daily 10 and its humid, though i sort of liked it this morning...

        NRR: had an awesome weekend. played golf saturday after i ran, which was fun. yesterday we went to the outlets after biking and i got new running shoes, some cute shirts at the gap. we really liked having a weekend not spent in the car Smile

        FR: made pulled bbq sandwiches with pasta salad for saturday night, and ate it last night too.

        back later with more shouts!


          Good morning!


          RR: a few miles with Winston early this morning. Wish we'd had time for more.


          NRR: Weekend was busy. Yoga, haircut, and a few drinks out with a girlfriend Saturday and then water park Sunday. Hoping for an uneventful week.


          FR: DH made me grilled jumbo prawns last night - YUM!



          Seattle - good luck with your classes! My cousin was telling me over the weekend that she's really gotten into climbing and she offered to take me! I thought of you.


          Mia - Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you got to spend some time with your friends.


          sjp - glad you had a nice weekend! And yay for new running shoes! What did you get? I need some.


            Hi all,


            RR: Ran 6 on Saturday, which was amazing because I actually got up at 7 a.m. and did it before it got too hot. Did a 7-mile hike yesterday with DH and DD.


            NRR: Great weekend -- movie with DD Friday night (This is the End, pretty funny), played a gig at our favorite local place Saturday night and hand a really great, dancing crowd, cleaned the house, did some yardwork Sunday, and did a long hike with DD and DH. Only downside was DD's new dog (an older dog that she and her DBF adopted from his parents) was on the hike with us and completely disappeared at the top of the trail. Her dog and our two were doing side trips into the woods frequently, so we didn't think much of it until we realized it had been a while since we saw him. We spent a long time looking for him, then I finally decided I would go back to the trailhead and see whether he went back to the truck while DH and DD continued to look and call for him in the place we last saw him. Good news: He was waiting for me at the truck! Whew!


            Seattle: Wow, that does sound like a great weekend! I am really trying to recommit to cooking more at home, too. It's been hard because with DD here we're kind of in continual party mode and enjoying all the restaurants we used to like to go to. But it needs to stop--both for calorie and money reasons.


            Mia: You have some awesome goals coming up! Can't wait to hear how you like CrossFit. Getting together with your friends sounds terrific. Sounds like a really productive weekend all in all.


            SJP: Do you and DBF bike often? I'm still working up to riding my bike to work occasionally. It's a lot of logistics but we have a city-wide Bike to Work thing happening Wednesday so planning to get my act together by then.


              Already Monday


              RR- 10 on Saturday and a rest day yesterday.


              NRR- Went out on the boat yesterday and fished for the first time. It as a blast! DBF and I were catching rock fish like crazy. Salmon were jumping all over the place too but we didn't snag on. My boss went out yesterday and set his crab pots and I think on Thursday DBF and I are going to go out and collect.


              FR- Okay the past two days. Working on avoiding the sweets and alcohol.


              Seattle- Hope you enjoy your classes. You could be a bit busy!


              Mia- Trail marathon sounds like tons of fun! Have you done a trail race before?


              sjp- Nice job on the running! That dinner sounds really good!


              Java- ... I love prawns!


              MC- Sounds like you had a great weekend! It's always scary losing a pet. But that's great that he was waiting at the truck for you!


                SJP: You had a very active weekend!  Good for you.  I seem to need to have things in my sights to make sure I train.  I can do a road half no problem with not much training so that doesn't motivate me anymore.  So now I have the local half the first weekend of August, the trail marathon the following weekend and then a month later the Rim to Rim.  That should keep me moving.

                Java: Sounds like a great weekend.  Is your sinus infection finally gone?  Nice that DH cooks, does he do that often.  I find I am really enjoying a man that cooks.

                MC: So glad you found your daughter's dog! That had to be scary.  Smart dog to go back to the truck though.  I forget, what kind of music does your group play and what instrument do you play?  Do you sing?

                Snowden: Looks like, as long as everything goes as planned, DBF and I are going salmon and bottom fishing over the 4th.  That fresh salmon is the best so I hope one of us catches one (or two).





                  RR:  I got out of work around noon today, so I went for a 3.1 mile run in the 92 degree weather.  I'm not going to lie, I took my handheld water bottle with me.  It was a short run, but I was sweating like crazy!  After that I did my arm weights.  I also had some good running over the weekend.  4.2 Miles on Friday and about 4 on Saturday.


                  NRR:  School's out for summer!  Today was the last day of work until September, so I am quite excited!  No major plans for tonight, just cook dinner for myself and DF, then hang out.


                  FR:  I had a mango with my lunch and it was delicious.



                  Seattle:  Good luck with your classes!  You're very motivated and organized, so I'm sure you'll be great at it.  I started my master's degree during my first year of teaching and I took two classes.  It was a lot, but doable.


                  MIA:  That trail marathon sounds fantastic!  Have you run a trail marathon before?

                  SJP:  Nice job on the running and the biking.  I bet it feels fantastic to be back doing daily 10 milers.


                  Java:  Sounds like a nice weekend!  How far can Winston run?


                  Foco:  Yikes, that's scary about the dog!  I'm glad she was waiting for you!


                  Snowden:  Boating sounds fun!  Do you see a lot of whales up near you?  For some reason I think I remember they're found up there.


                  Have a great day!


                    java-i got nike pegasus. i used to run in the moto's but can't find them as easily, also found the pegasus to be very supportive, i have high arches.

                    mc-great weekend! sounds like an awesome hike minus losing the dog for a little bit. we ride a fair amount, we'd like to ride more but don't have enough time to squeeze in all of our summer activities Smile

                    snowed-yay for success fishing. nice run too!

                    mia-yeah, i get the race for motivation, dbf is like that, especially in winter. are your running buddies doing the trail race too?


                    rtr-woohoo vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh, its 90* here today too, that is beach weather not running weather!


                      Whoa, this thread exploded since I last saw it Smile  just got back from a warm muggy lunch break run.  the trail was unusually empty, I wonder if everyone else is recovering from the rock n roll marathon last weekend.


                      Mia- sounds like you had a great weekend - so nice to have a good mix of DBF time, relax time, and productive time!  Trail marathon sounds like tons of fun, you'll have to keep us posted how the training and everything goes!  I haven't signed up for any races yet (except Seattle 1/2 on Dec 1) but I'd love to find a trail race or something to do.  It's tough for DBF and I to plan stuff ahead in the summer since if it's nice out we always want to go backpacking/hiking!  Maybe I can convince him to do Torchlight with me this year, I haven't gotten to do it in a few years.


                      sjp - way to go on your workouts over the weekend!  I really wish that I could get into biking more but it just doesn't appeal to me for some reason (maybe because I suck at it?  haha).  I hear you on meal planning, I usually wind up with the same few things that I just sort of rotate between.  As long as they are tasty and healthy I usually don't mind too much!


                      Java - so, are you going climbing with your cousin??  You totally should!  Smile  I even convinced my mom to come try it out with me... we are going to go some weekend in July.  She is 5'2 and 190 lbs and she is giving it a try, I think anyone can do it!  Your weekend sounds like a great time!  Hope the week is quiet and mellow for you.


                      MC - wow, busy weekend for you guys - sounds like you crammed tons of fun stuff in, and a run and a hike too!  So glad DD's dog was at the truck, that must have been scary for a while!  DBF's parents' new house is in a new neighborhood and DBF and I are having to resist temptation to try out all the awesome-looking restaurants!


                      snowden - nice work on your 10 over the weekend!  That fishing trip sounds great, it's always nice when you come home with lots of food!  I've never had crab, that is definitely on my to-do list this summer...  I know, right?  Grown up in Seattle and never had crab, so weird.


                      rtr - happy summer!  so awesome, and it sounds like it will be a great one - you have so much to look forward to!  92 degrees is super hot, I would definitely be bringing some water with me on that one!  Hope it cools off to some nicer running weather soon.  enjoy celebrating tonight!  I'm glad to hear that you were able to juggle two classes and work at the same time, makes me feel a little less crazy Smile




                        Snow: Your fishing expedition sounds really fun -- I have been contemplating getting into fly fishing since everyone else in my family does it. But your kind of fishing sounds much more productive! :-)


                        Mia: We have a retro country band -- some originals and lots of Johnny Cash/Loretta Lynn type stuff. I play rhythm guitar and sing. DH plays fiddle. It's really fun when the logistics aren't difficult (getting gigs booked, marketing, getting band members' schedules straight, etc.) We really just do it for fun.


                        RTR: Hope you get a break in the weather soon!


                        Java: Grilled prawns - amazing! Great that your DH cooks.