Weight Loss Dailies


The Fridailies!!!!!! (Read 14 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I ran 4.4 miles yesterday and it felt pretty good.  I was dragging when I started, but I picked up the pace and ran my route two minutes faster than I normally do, so I was pretty happy about that.  Today I'll go for a swim at the gym, probably 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Friday!  As usual, I am excited for the weekend.  We don't have any major plans, except maybe do our wedding registry.  Other than that, I plan on relaxing, running and hanging out with DF.


    FR:  The usual.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    Snowden:  How far did you run yesterday?  When I trained for my marathons, I created my own plan, but I looked at other plans to make sure I was building mileage properly.  It helps to know how fast you should be building the long runs.  When’s your marathon?  I think you said, but I forget.


    Foco:  You’re so close with your thesis!  Good luck getting it done!


    MIA:  Nice job on the speedwork!  That’s a long way to run fast!


    Seattle:  Have fun at the climbing gym!  That sounds like so much fun!


    SJP:  Do you have any races scheduled anytime soon?



      seattle-love when you can find a good hole in the wall restaurant! and even better if its mexican!

      mia-i think you and TLC are being very smart about your relationship, you deserve to be happy, can't tell you how glad I am to hear you found a good one!

      MC-so close! are you going to celebrate when you turn in your thesis!?

      snowed-i am 2 hours away from my parents. I am very close with them and love to see them, my whole family is close and we don't really ever fight, so its a party when we go home!

      rtr-where are you registering? i have a half coming up in april. the one i wanted to do in march got canceled...so have to wait another month...boo!

      RR: 8 miles this morning. not sure how long i'll run tomorrow, its cutback but if its above freezing, i may tack on a couple extra.

      NRR: going home! so excited to see my niece and nephew. ready to play with some toys!

      FR: eh, nothing exciting today


        Thank goodness it's Friday, I'm sleepy!


        RR - Up early for a 7 mi run before work, then I am going to head to the climbing gym after work and try to do some bouldering... we shall see how it goes! I think DBF and I will do that for a week or two and then do the belay test so we can do roped in climbing. Long run tomorrow, 17 miles... I think it will really sink in that I'm marathon training then! Also going to hit 40 miles this week which is definitely a weekly mileage PR!

        NRR - It's been so gray and gloomy here this week and I've just been feeling kind of restless... luckily it's translated into being productive at work, but I am tired of winter! I have a doctor's appointment before my run tomorrow, and then after I need to get an oil change, haircut, turn in my passport application, and then hanging out with DBF and one of his old college buddies that we haven't seen in a while. Should be a busy but fun weekend!

        FR - I think spaghetti and french bread is pretty much going to become my standard Friday night meal... works for me as pre long run fuel!




          RR- i got in 16 miles on the trails yesterday. I need to start taking my backpack with me on long runs. There was a trail I wanted to go on but I had no food or bear spray and it was desolate so I would have been screwed if I got hurt. I'd like to get a recovery run in tonight if possible.


          nrr- up earlier than usual for a web seminar for work. All day I front of a projector. Boring. I'm multi tasking right now and writing this on my itouch.


          fr- did good yesterday. Left over stir fry.


          march goals:

          Staywithin my calories on the days I workout.

          Cook one meal a week. Hopefully dbf will cook once a week too.

          4 strength training Workouts.

          4 speed workouts.


          rtr- my marathon is aug 3rd.


          Seattle- enjoy your busy weekend and long run and climbing.


            Had a lovely 7 miler this morning, it was raining/misty but warm (in the 50s already) so it was nice. I am starting to like this morning running thing!


            rtr - I love those negative split runs, nice work!  It's always a good feeling to finish runs feeling strong.  Your weekend sounds lovely!  I like the run/hike and then relax combo.


            sjp - safe travels and enjoy your time at home!


            snowden - way to go on your run yesterday, 16 miles already!  You are building up quick  Smile  your March goals look great!  I think planning ahead and cooking for myself has helped me tons (bookmark skinnytaste - I made chicken cordon bleu from there last night and it was super tasty!).  It's funny how cooking can become so routine once you get used to it and figure out some quick/easy meals to make.  I never ever used to cook but these days it's not "should I cook something for dinner?" but "what am I cooking for dinner tonight?"  Love it!


              Happy Friday!

              RTR:  Where are you and DF planning to register? We didn't actually run fast the whole 6.5 miles but probably did for at least 4.5 of them.

              SJP: Thanks, I'm happy also but I have to admit also a little nervous.  Am I jumping into something too fast?  We've actually been dating for 5 months now and it's still going well.  Have a great time at home this weekend.  I can't believe your niece is already a year old!

              Seattle: Great job on your mileage PR!  Sounds like a good weekend ahead for you.  I am also tired of winter but the days getting longer and seeing buds on the trees and some of the bulbs popping up is making me feel hopeful.

              Snowden: Wow 16 mile trail run . . . nice!!  Do you go by yourself?  Do you always make sure someone knows what path you took?  Is your webinar at your workplace or at home?


              RR: 5 miles yesterday with TPs, we took it much easier than the day before.  Today I ran the old neighborhood with one of my TP's which is 7.25 miles.  It was pretty warm and humid out.

              NRR: TLC came here last night and we had fun hanging out, went for pizza and just watched food channel for awhile. We slept in this morning and then went out to breakfast and for coffee.  He took off to go do some work on his car, fix his computer and then he's going for a bike ride.  Up in the air whether we are seeing each other this evening.  He's planning a longer ride tomorrow morning so If not tonight I'll head to his place tomorrow afternoon.

              Monday I am going to start helping out a friend and watch her kids until she can hire another nanny.  Her daughters are 7 and 5.

              FR: Had some pizza last night, then fro yo - not the best but I didn't overdo on either.  This morning we went out for b'fast and i had a veggie scramble.  I had a half order and it was still huge so I brought 1/2 home and ate it after my run today.