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    This has been an incredibly slow week!  Weird since I have been out of the office the entire week.  Will have to catch up on shouts later today


    rr: I've run more this week then I have since the marathon.  The humidity here has been 100% this week, plus 95* so it has been miserable and I've had to walk alot, and been really slow.  I have discovered that my feet are not use to running anymore, or my body! So sore...


    nrr: meetings meetings everywhere!  I have seriously been in the office like 20 minutes since Monday!  I am so ready for the weekend and sleeping in!


    fr: doing really well so far this week.  I've drastically cut my carbs and sweets out.  Haven't felt too much different beside just not like I'm eating so much crap. Hopefully when TTOM has left me, I will start feeling my body not be so fluffy!



      mia-that will be fun to have your DD's home for a little bit. do you have anything special planned? or just hanging out?

      java-wow, can't believe little b is going to be 2, that is so fast! I'm sure you'll find somewhere to get a cake, our local grocery stores actually decorate and make really good cakes.

      rtr-congrats!!!! sounds like an amazing wedding and honeymoon. so happy for you.

      ou-busy week back from vacation. at least the days will go by quickly! do you have any races coming up? i know you are keeping base miles since you are doing cross fit.

      snowed-woohoo marathon week! how does the weather look?


      seattle-is DBF taking any vacation time this summer? you too?

      RR: 8 easy miles this morning. then some stationary bike and foam rolling. did p90x last night, chest/shoulders/tris is the hardest workout. i am definitely feeling it today.

      NRR: nothing too exciting happening. maybe playing golf after work today with a coworker. not sure though. this weekend we have a wedding so figuring out what dress to wear to that also.

      FR: had grilled veggie burger on salad last night, was really good.


        Good morning!


        RR: didn't get up with my alarm this morning. Probably squeeze in a few miles at lunch.


        NRR: Just cleaning up and doing laundry tonight to get ready to go to the lake tomorrow. Probably our last trip to the lake house for a while since school will be starting soon so we are going to head out around noon tomorrow and probably stay later than usual Sunday.


        FR: Had a big cheese burger w/ cheese fries last night. It was good, but I'll have to make up for it today.



        OU - I think meetings are my least favorite way to spend the day. Hope they slow down for you. The humidity here has been horrible this week! It drains me to run in this type of weather.


        sjp - Hope you make it out for some golf today!


          Good Morning!

          RR: never got out and did anything yesterday.  Possibly a run today before my drive to Portland

          NRR: youngest got home yesterday.  She got a ride home from someone she found on Craig's List which kind of freaked me out, but I guess he was a nice man.  He drives a lot for work around the state so finds people to ride with him for company and a little extra $.  Ex stopped by yesterday to drop some of older DD's things off.  I felt totally drained after he left, it was weird. Today driving to Portland and back to get older daughter, she thinks she may have mono.  She went to the DR. yesterday and is waiting on her results.

          FR: Well I broke down and ordered pizza last night.  Haven't had pizza in a long time. Oh well.


          OU: I did notice once I'd cut down on the carbs/sweets my PMS symptoms weren't as bad.  I have noticed that in the past also.  I so HATE running in the humidity.  I feel for you.  It has been overcast and in the 50's here again.

          SJP: No major plans with DD's.  Depending on how older DD is feeling I may drag her out for some hikes with me, younger DD also if she is still around.  Both have some travel planned in there.  Younger DD is heading out this weekend to visit a friend in another part of the state for her b'day, then she is talking about  trying to get some military flights to various areas in the country.  She can fly stand-by for pretty cheap but the flights are only listed a day or two in advance.  Older DD has been invited to road trip with a friend of hers from CA, where we used to live, up to her college in Montana.  The friend's parents are going to fly older DD down to CA which is super nice.  I am excited to have them home but kind of worried about the extra cost since I am really budgeted now and also the extra mess. Already younger DD has her clothes strewn in the living room.  That wears on me after awhile.

          Java: Happy birthday to little B!  How about cupcakes?  There are lots of places that seem to specialize in making cupcakes now and do cake trees.  Those might be fun for a 2 year old.





            RR:  I'm taking a rest day today.  Yesterday I ran 4.4 miles, then I went to an hour long yoga class last night, so I'm a bit sore today after three weeks of not working out.  The yoga class was a free class at the art museum, which was really fun.  I haven't done yoga in a few years, so it was hard for me!


            NRR:  Not much going on today, just relaxing, working on thank you notes, doing some reading.  I might meet up with a friend in a bit to play cards.  DH and I might go out to the burbs tonight to have dinner with his family, not sure yet what the plan is.


            FR:  Nothing too exciting here.  I think I'm going to try and find some new recipes to try out over the next couple of days.  I have two specialties, I think I need to add to my repertoire.



            Snowden:  Good luck on your marathon!  Do you have a goal, besides the obvious one of finishing?


            OU:  Wow, that weather sounds miserable!  I can see why running is difficult right now for you!


            SJP:  Your dinner last night sounds delicious!  Did you make the veggie burger from scratch or was it one from the store?


            Java:  Have fun at the lake!  When does school start for your kids?


            MIA:  Oh no, I hope your DD doesn't have mono, that sounds miserable!  Have a good trip to Portland!


              RR- Ran 6 or so yesterday. I just wasn't feeling it and walked quite a bit.

              NRR- Hopefully going out on the boat today!

              FR- Been eating out way to much.


              ou- Nice running in all the heat and humidity!


              sjp- Overcast, mid 60's, 50% chance of rain. Just what I'm used to! I'd rather have it rain than be sunny and 70. You've been killing it with the workouts!


              Java- Enjoy your trip to the lake!


              Mia- The random ride sounds like something I would do. Enjoy having your DD's home!


              rtr- I have no real goals other than finishing. I figured out pacing for time from 3:45 to 4:30. I have no idea how I'll do what so ever. It'll be an experiment that's for sure!