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    Morning! anyone at work today? i have to work, but dbf has it off. boo

    mia-yep, sister and her husband were there too this weekend. yes dbf and i both work in town, he works about 3 blocks from me, if that. we really could commute in together but i go the gym and dbf runs at lunch, so he gets to work a little earlier than me. mmm, chili sounds awesome.

    seattle-crazy how some muscles can be so strong while others are so weak, even when you lift/workout consistently. we did legs workout yesterday and i can barely walk today.

    RR: just ran 10 for a long run saturday, i am trying to be careful with my groin/hip/whatever is hurting, its not a sharp pain but i know it definitely is a little sore after the harder effort in the race. 7 yesterday and then dbf and i did legs/back workout. holy moly, i am so sore. WAY more sore than after running a race. this morning was 8 miles and elliptical.

    NRR: had a great weekend at home. my nephew/niece were so cute and it was a lot of fun to play with them. my niece knows all the animals so we were constantly asking her what sound a duck/dog/cat/cow/horse/monkey/snake makes. was fun to catch up with my parents too, my dad was happy to have us there to watch the sox/pats games too.

    FR: lots of good food at home, and made banana bread last night when we got back.


      Good morning!  I am at work...  but oh well, I'm taking Thurs and Fri off for a big backpacking trip with DBF!!


      RR- Had a fantastic 10 mi trail run on Saturday.  Ran with a friend from hs and wound up running the loop a good 10-15 min faster than I was running it last year, and felt really strong so I was happy with that.  Having someone to talk to makes the miles and hills go by quickly for sure.  Today will be a 3 mi lunch break run, it's a cutback week due to backpacking this weekend!


      NRR - Pretty much a perfect fall weekend!  Run, coffee, football.  Huskies lost which wasn't altogether unexpected, but my mom and bro came to DBF's and we made teryaki chicken burgers and watched the game with them, so that was fun.  I got some good homework done on Sunday morning and got to watch the sunset from the beach near my house both nights, which was gorgeous!  Tonight will be errands and more hw - need to get it all done so I don't have to worry about it over the weekend!


      FR- Thinking chicken w/veggies and rice tonight, need something healthy to start the week off right!



        RR: Lazy weekend. I'll take a walk as a break later today.  I'm having trouble motivating to run lately.

        NRR: Weekend with DBF.  Wasn't sure we were spending the weekend together because he wasn't feeling too good but then he felt better.  I brought him dinner on Friday, Saturday we went for a nice drive and had b'fast out, he cooked for me Sat, night - made a buffalo stew.  Sunday he did some work around the house, when he needed my help (moving some big stuff) I helped out, I made dinner on Sunday, cod with olives and tomatoes, and then we went to see Gravity and had to wind down afterwards with a drink. What an intense movie.

        FR: I guess I put that up above.  We usually go out for b'fast, either skip or have a light lunch and then cook dinner.  Works out well.


        Seattle: Ended up being a really nice weekend here.  Will work be busier this weekend?

        SJP: Glad you had a good weekend. I think most of the places around here work today.  Schools had off last week for a couple of days but they had school today.  Kind of weird.