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    MC-busy but fun weekend! sorry your back hurt after running, but it sounds like swimming/yoga etc will help eventually. also 100 days straight is an awesome goal, it isn't hard to do just 15 min of abs or pushups or something--i know i always 'think' i have no time but by the time i waste checking internet/reading junk mail/etc i could have been done.

    mia-whew, long days last week, but i guess worth it when the paycheck comes and you know those hours aren't forever. sounds like things with dbf are still going well. happy to hear.

    seattle-congrats on your trail run, that sounds tough but fun.

    RR: 10 easy miles this morning, i'm a little less tired than yesterday. we did ab ripper last night, its getting easier but that still means HARD! haha.

    NRR: long day today, i have a town meeting/presentation with my boss tonight at 5. and its an hour away so i won't be home until 8 probably.

    FR: got oatmeal squares, that cereal is YUM!


      Good morning!


      RR – Enjoyed a super slow 4 mi run yesterday… my legs are more sore from that crazy trail 10K than they have been in a while!  Today will be another easy 4 mi over lunch, and then lifting at the gym w/DBF.


      NRR – Had a nice extra day off yesterday– ran, got mani/pedi and lunch with Mom and Grandma, baked an apple cobbler for DBF, and got a good chunk of homework done.  Things should hopefully start to pick back up at work this week too, so that will be nice.  I only have 4 more weeks of class left, pretty happy about that!  Probably just relaxing and watching TV with DBF after the gym tonight.


      FR – Not sure on dinner, but definitely having a salad for lunch today… didn’t eat nearly enough green veggies over the weekend!


        Hi all,


        RR: Yoga tonight ... looking forward to it! Back is feeling quite a bit better today. Maybe the swimming helped.


        NRR: Lots to do at work this week, so trying to keep my head down and just plow through so I don't have to take a bunch of work home. DH and I had fun watching Walking Dead last night. Can't believe how close it's getting to Thanksgiving.


        SJP: Yes, I think just breaking the goal into doing something every day -- even it's a little bit -- will get me out of this slump mode. 3 days of success and counting so far!


        Mia: Wow, you do sound really swamped, but sounds like there's light at the end of the tunnel and you can get some balance back with running/exercise soon.


        Seattle: Funny, I made an apple crisp on Sunday as well -- I forgot how simple and good that is. We needed some ice cream to go with it, but next time I'll remember. It's great that you only have a few more weeks of school this semester: How many more semesters of school do you have?