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    Good morning!


    RR:  I went for a nice hike on Sunday, then a four mile run on Sunday.  Both felt great.  Today I'm thinking about going to the Y for a swim after work.  Maybe 1200 yards.


    NRR:  Nice, but busy weekend.  We had to get a lot done on the house, including ripping up the old floors (which DH did, I just picked up the moisture pad underneath and swept up) because we are getting new hardwood floors tomorrow on the first floor.  Today it's just work, a swim, then hang out with DH and work on the house a bit.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting around here.  I did discover Dunkin Donuts Mint hot chocolate, which is incredibly delicious, though probably not very good for me.


    Have a great day!



      rtr-new floors will be great. i love mint and choc, but haven't had it from DD yet.

      mia-hope your hike went well! i'm sure it was gorgeous. can't wait to hear about it!

      seattle-did dbf like his gift? hope camping/hiking was fun this weekend.

      RR: 10 miles thursday then 1 hr elliptical bc our buidling had a fire (see nrr), 16 super hilly miles friday at fishing, saturday 11 miles in the morning, 5 mi walk in the afternoon, 7 miles sunday and 10 this morning. its good to be back.

      NRR: our office had a fire, our space is okay but had some smoke damage/smell/no power for a couple days. fishing was okay, dbf's mom was in a mood per usual so wasn't as fun as it could have been. no big fights though things got pretty tense when we wouldn't commit to a holiday schedule. so happy to be home. we crashed yesterday and watched football.

      FR: didn't go too overboard at fishing, we just ate late so my stomach was a bit off...


        Good morning!


        RR – Ran a lovely 3 miles in the crisp fall weather yesterday and felt great.  Today is an 800M swim before work this morning, and then trying out a yoga DVD in the evening.


        NRR – Had a great long weekend with DBF for his birthday.  Friday we went and camped at a lake on the east edge of the mountains, which was gorgeous and mostly sunny (Mia, Lake Wenatchee – was great!).  Saturday we found a small bar on the mountain highway that was showing the Husky game, which we won by a ton (fun since we were pretty terrible most of the years since I started watching and we seem to be pretty good so far this year!).  Then drove back over the pass to Seattle, got some delicious Cambodian food and beer, and watched the Great Gatsby.  Yesterday I didn’t do too much, just tried to relax and watch some football and enjoy my last day before school starts!  Tonight will be dinner with my mom and my brother and then doing some reading for class.  Also super busy at work this week!


        FR – Making chicken enchiladas tonight… so good!


        Will be back for shouts over lunch!


          rtr - glad you've been getting some good workouts in, it's always nice to get in a routine!  mint hot chocolate sounds awesome.  I have been putting peppermint schnapps in my hot cocoa... yum!  Are you guys having fun working on the house or will you be glad when it's over and done?  (although it seems with houses there is always something to be done!)


          sjp - DBF did like his gift, I think he was surprised at how large it was (I think I wound up with 80 recipes in there).  he is excited to start doing some more cooking!  yikes on the office fire... glad nothing was too badly damaged!  You are a rockstar with the running mileage!  glad the fishing trip went ok, or at least as well as can be expected with DBF's mom.  she seriously sounds so annoying!