Weight Loss Dailies


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    rtr-do you have a ton of stuff to move? anyone helping you?

    ou-sorry you are so busy lately. any signs of slowing down? think you'll like your classes this semester?

    mia-just think how satisfying it'll be to have organized/clean garage?! its a big boring job though. haha.

    snowed-how are your legs feeling?

    RR: 10 slow and easy miles this morning. i'm ready for cutback week next week.

    NRR: nothing going on, dbf and i caught up on tv last night and relaxed. its supposed to rain this afternoon so probably more of that.

    FR: eh, nothing exciting.


      RR:  Had a text from my running partner to meet at 8 and run but lazy me slept until 7:50.  It's pouring here and I think the rain made for some good sleeping.  DD and I are planning to go to the running group run tonight though.

      NRR: got my school work done yesterday, ended up going grocery shopping and working on getting some insurance until my job starts.  Today maybe some garage cleaning and I have to go get a recall fixed on my car.

      FR: A little better yesterday although not great.  When we shopped I made sure NOT to get anything like ice cream or cookies.  We still have cereal though but I controlled that yesterday.


      SJP: You're right it would be satisfying to have the clean/organized garage.  And usually once I start something like that it isn't as bad as I was anticipating.





        RR: Yoga this afternoon. The instructor for today's class is really new so I'm not looking forward to it too much. She seems to get nervous and rushes us through the poses so quickly that I never really get set in a pose before she's already two poses ahead. I'm hoping she'll improve over time.


        NRR: DH is picking up a bunch of food at the grocery store today so he and I can get started preparing food for a cookout we are having Saturday for his crew (they've been working super hard lately so he wanted to show his appreciation).  Don't think I'll actually make anything tonight, but at least I'll have the stuff so I can get started as soon as I get off work Friday. Other than that, same, old stuff.


        FR: Doing ok. Just ate a Panera chocolate chip cookie because someone gave me one they had leftover - I never should have looked up the calories in that thing.


        sjp - keeping up with your usual 10 huh? I will never understand how you stay so consistent!


        Mia - sounds like you are still really enjoying your time with DD! Enjoy your evening together!




          RR- Planning on a run later this afternoon.


          NRR- My days off are once again really busy. I just asked DBF "wait, where did Wednesday go?"


          sjp- legs are feeling okay. Knees are still a bit sore after a 5 mile run, but other than that they are much better.


          Mia- That's my plan to, to just stay away form all the sweets until I can actually say no when they are right under my nose.


          Java- Panara is the WORST when it comes to calories! I had no idea, then one day I looked it up and was shocked