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Wintery Wedesdailies (Read 116 times)


    Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and made lots of fantastic memories with your loved ones.

    RR: Went for a run with older DD on Monday which was nice.  Yesterday took the day off and today I am running 10 with my TP who I haven't seen in a couple of weeks.

    NRR: Had a wonderful Christmas Eve with TLC and his brother's family.  He came here and spent Christmas day with me and my children.  It was very laid back, with lots of laughter.  He gave me a new iPod with bluetooth so I could listen to it in my car and also a CD of music he likes that he's introduced me to (that's what I asked for).  Very sweet. Tonight older DD and I are meeting one of her friends and her friend's mom for dinner and drinks.

    FR: Well yesterday was a bust, way too much sugar.  I did make a yummy dinner ~ a boneless ribroast, roasted baby potatoes, steamed veggies and a yummy salad (went shopping at Whole Foods).


    Enjoy the rest of your holidays.


      morning all.  came into work late - our 5 salt trucks try their hardest to clear the 40 square miles of city, major fail!  Highways are clear but city roads are hit and miss.  I wanted to come in when it wasn't as busy and the roads had been used awhile.  Quiet here today.


      rr: did 8 on sunday, haven't run since.  Might not run till tomorrow night.  It's super cold today and will be tonight so will just do group run tomorrow instead.


      nrr: had a nice christmas. Was a little boring and didn't do much.  Sunday went to see new nephew, he is such a cutey - he made out like a bandit, for only being a week old, he got more then anyone else!


      fr: not horrible but not great.  between the egg nog and the cookies I baked, I might have had too many sweets!


      mia: sounds like a wonderful christmas for you!  glad TLC and you could spend together and had a great time!!!


        Morning!  I am a sleepyhead at work after all the Christmas festivities.  There is only one other person here in my office of 20 people... haha.


        RR -5 mi lunch break run today.


        NRR -Had a great but busy Christmas break - spent the weekend with DBF and his family, going bowling, watching the Hobbit, watching the Seahawks game, and eating yummy food.  Spent Christmas Eve with my mom and my brother, drinking Black Velvet and Tab and watching movies, and went with DBF to my extended famiy's Christmas party yesterday evening.  I got some great stuff, but my favorite is DBF's present to me - a 5 day trip to Palm Springs in February!!  So excited to go hopefully get some warm sunshine in the middle of gloomy winter.  Hoping today goes by quickly at work, then I am going to spend the evening doing laundry and cleaning and getting re-organized after the busy weekend.


        FR -Ate and drank a ton over the weekend, so I am looking forward to getting back to clean/healthy eating.



        Mia - Glad your Christmas holiday was lovely!  That dinner sounds fantastic, and I'm sure we all probably went a little bit overboard on all the yummy holiday treats.  Enjoy your 10 miler today!


        ou - sometimes "boring" holidays are the most relaxing!  Glad you got to spend time with the nephew, he is adorable!  Stay safe in all the snow!


          RR- My foot pain has only been getting worse even though I haven't ran in what seems like forever. I've stuck to the stationary bike and strength training at the gym(and nothing the past 3 days). But everyday it seems like I turn around earlier and earlier on my walks with my dog. I'm going to hit the gym today through so I at least do something.


          NRR- I had yesterday and today off work- my normal days off work. Although I did only work partial days Sat-Mon.


          FR- I feel so large! Today is a great day to start eating better. I think I'm going to set some food goals that are realistic so that I have an easier time saying no to things I should't have.


          Mia- Sounds like you had a great Christmas with TLC and your family. Have fun with your new ipod and CD. It's great that he fits in so well with your family.


          OU-  5 salt trucks is not a lot! My town is very hit and miss too, especially if it snows on a weekend.


          Seattle- Wow! What an awesome gift going to Palm Springs!



            I hope everyone had a great holiday with family and friends!

            mia-that is great you are running with DDs. I bet it is really great to have this time off between jobs when your kids are home! enjoy!

            ou-yikes, i hate when the roads aren't clear. aw, so easy to spoil little ones! hard not to OD on sweets at christmas.

            seattle-i am sleepy today too, spent so much time giggling/catching up and playing that i didn't sleep that much while at home. it was worth it though. a trip?! that is fantastic Smile

            snowed-sorry about the foot pain. have you had trouble with your foot before?

            RR: got in some good running, 15 on saturday in really calm 35* which was great, 8 sunday, 10 monday and 11 on christmas. my parents have a treadmill/gym in the basement so i ran at 630 before christmas festivities started.

            NRR: was SO SO SO great to see my family and have DBF there. it was so much fun, i'm bummed its over. my nephew is super cute and i got to spend a lot of time with him/niece.

            FR: ate a lot but was actually at a low number on monday when i weighed. i feel a little puffy today but i am supposed to be ttom so i imagine that is some of it also...