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Wet Wednesdailies! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I had a great 4.4 mile run yesterday.  It was kind of sluggish, but it was nice to be back out there.  Today will either be a rest day or a short three mile run.  It depends on if its storming or not.


    NRR:  I had a busy, but fun day yesterday.  I ran with a friend, then went to dinner with another friend.  It was great to catch up with both of them.  Today is just work, some grading, maybe a run, then a relaxing evening in.


    FR:  I'm thinking a portobello mushroom and sweet potato fries.  It's been about a week since I've had any sweet potato fries.  I think its about time.



    OU:  Did you get any good storms yesterday?  We’re supposed to get some here today.  It’s crazy that it was freezing just a couple of days ago and now its going to be 60 with storms.


    Seattle:  Have fun on your vacation!  That sounds like such a nice getaway.


    Java:  Wow, it sounds like you had a busy day yesterday.  I hope you’ll get some time for yourself soon!


    SJP:  Yay for a race!  Do you have a goal?


    Foco:  Have fun in Seattle!  That’s awesome that you can workout at work.


    Snowden:  I do the same thing with MFP.  If I end up having a really bad day food wise, I just decide not to track it.  Probably not the best idea now that I think about it!

      rtr: even better that it was 35* this morning, didn't even take a day!  That's OK weather for you.  Did get some good storms yesterday - always love listening to thunder!  good job on getting out to run, I really enjoy it when I've taken some time off and I remember how much I love it.


      rr: well tried to sleep in this monring and skip the gym, but my mind told me to get out of bed, so to the gym I went.  2 miles hill on the mill.  Can run 9 minutes of it now.  I was huffing and puffing at the 5 minute mark of the run, but I figure I won't run the actual hill at a 10:20 pace on race day, and I know there will be breaks in it to help recover my legs.  Really hoping this trick works!... and I need to sign up for the race, prices go up tomorrow...


      nrr: spent an 1-1/2 at the CVS clinic last night.  I have some type of weird rash on my right arm.  She said it looks like it is an allergic reaction.  Not sure what to since everything my right arm does, my left arm does as well!  I cleaned my area with wipes this morning and am taking my mouse pad thing home to wash, but can't figure out what is going on.


      fr: not a great day yesterday - had pizza for dinner and went back for a 3rd slice, was so good and I was still hungry.


      wr: 150 this morning, but that was after work out and shower so probably not accurate.


        Good morning!


        RR: probably rest today.


        NRR: DH leaves for his annual fly-fishing tournament tomorrow, so we will be getting him ready to go tonight. Nothing else going on - thank goodness. Going to be a crazy weekend with just me and the boys. I worked a lot with the training instructor at obedience school and she showed me a lot of what I'm doing wrong. It was great to get some one-on-one attention with Winston. It still comes down to me just being to timid with him. I'm used to treating dogs as equals in our house, but Winston needs a dominant pack leader. I really feel like he's making huge strides every week though.


        FR: My mom sent cinnamon rolls home with the boys last night - I may have had one for breakfast.



        B: cinnamon roll, coffee w/ ff creamer

        S: fiber one bar, coffee

        L: probably leftover chicken & rice again

        D: I'm thinking BLTs and chicken noodle soup - it's cool today



        Snowden - I use a training collar on Winston, so it really helps when he wants to sniff around. I avoided using it for the first 6 weeks and he was all over the place, so our runs weren't really enjoyable for either of us. Now he's right next to me the entire run.


        OU - crazy OK weather! I swear someone in my family will get sick from all this up and down. Great job getting to the gym this morning!


        rtr - I guess it's warmed up a bit? Glad you got to get out yesterday - and running with a friend sounds like the perfect way to start back up!


          Good morning!


          RR - Had a great 6 mi run after work yesterday - it was muddy but the rain held off, so that was nice! Today is 3 mi lunch break run and lifting legs/back/abs at the gym.

          NRR - Hopefully I will have enough to keep me busy at work today! Need to do some more homework on my lunch break as well. I feel like all I have been doing lately is accounting... good thing I like it haha! I am looking forward to seeing DBF tonight - probably just going to cook dinner and snuggle up with a TV show or something. His parents are still waiting to hear back from the bank on the house - they are supposed to hear back on their offer sometime this week so hopefully the bank doesn't drag their feet. I really like the house, I think it could be really awesome with a little TLC, so I hope they get it!

          FR - Made mini twice baked potatoes + steak last night, delicious. I am going to make the skinnytaste baked chicken nuggets (& possibly some sort of sweet potato fries) for DBF for dinner tonight - he is skeptical (as was I) but I think he will be a convert!


          I didn't make it back for shouts yesterday due to computer issues but I will today!


            Java - I was thinking of making grilled cheese and tomato soup tomorrow...  this cold weather is perfect for soup and sandwiches I think!  Glad you got some good tips on training W and that he is making progress, that is great!  Hope the weekend isn't too overwhelming with just you and the kiddo.  Do you get an equivalent girls' weekend soon?


            ou - yikes on the allergic reaction, that doesn't sound like a fun way to spend the evening!  Hopefully it's nothing too serious.  Nice work on your TM run this morning, you are going to rock that hill!


            rtr - Yay for getting back out running yesterday!  Hope the storms hold off so you can get out today as well.  I am jonesing for some sweet potato fries too... they are just so good and go well with everything!


              Wet Wednesday is right!


              RR- Hoping for a long run today. Not sure what long means yet. Its cold, wet, and half melted snow out there. But I want to get a good run in.


              WR- Last night at the end of my shift I weighed myself then changed into other clothes and weighed my work clothes and things I always have one me. Came to right around 7lbs. So, last night I weighed 126! I'm back to the weight I had lost a few months ago and then put back on. Obviously, I want to keep this trend going. And it know its going to just get harder. Really the one thing I know I need to fix is my late night snacking.


              FR- EH... okay. Not sure why after being happy about my weight I came home and has a slice of bread with butter and honey and a beer. AND then did it AGAIN. Like I said snacking at night is my weak point. DBF and I get off work around the same time. I eat dinner at work but he does not and when he starts eating it makes me want to have a snack, which turns into lots of snacks.


              NRR- Long run today. Fire Drill tonight. Dog walk somewhere in between. And maybe I'll hit the grocery store. Typical first day of the weekend for me is getting things done.


              RTR- Nice job on getting out for a run yesterday!


              OU- I think your hill training will really pay off. You're keeping up with it well. Hope your arm rash goes away. Does it itch or anything?


              Java- Glad you got that one on one help from the trainer. I bet W will pick up on it even quicker now. I may look into a training color. I would love to have my dog run with me some since I'm upping my mileage, It would be really nice to not have to go on a 3 mile walk after I have already ran a lot.


              Seattle- What are your favorite recipes from skinny taste. I go on that website and never make a decision because so many look good.


                snowden - ooh, good question!  We've made a lot but off the top of my head, the ones that I've thought were really good are baked chicken nuggets, twice baked potatoes, zucchini lasagna (although that doesn't reheat the greatest), baked mac n cheese (I usually add chicken to give it a little more protein), spinach & sausage pasta, insanely good blueberry oatmeal muffins (they really are!), easy garlic cheddar biscuits, chicken pot pie soup, and chicken & broccoli noodle casserole.  there are a bunch of others I haven't tried yet but want to, but that should give you a good start!  I have the same issue with the night snacking... need to start brushing my teeth right after I finish dinner!


                  snowden - just wanted to jump in and say that I have made a ton of recipes from Skinnytaste too and I have been really pleased. I make the edemame fried rice at least once a month. I've almost always been pleased with every recipe we've tried and DH and the kids usually don't have any complaints either!


                    Java - I've never had edemame but that fried rice sounds really good!  May have to add that to my list of recipes to try!