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    mia-yay! glad you got the official job offer, hopefully the temp thing works out too. that would be perfect.

    seattle-perfect weekend, race + football! glad you enjoyed the race and dbf is getting bit by the racing bug!

    rtr-how is your schoolyear going?

    ou, mc, java, simon, snowed--come out come out wherever you are!

    RR: 6 easy miles this morning and then some elliptical. not sure if we will lift tonight or not, usually a gametime decision.

    NRR: feeling a little less congested today. went to bed super early last night. not too much going on tonight, whic i'm fine with!

    FR: can still taste food, so that is good at least


      Good morning!


      RR – 4 mi run after work yesterday was windy but dry, saw a double rainbow over the Space Needle at the end so that was sweet.  Today will be a 3 mi fartlek run over lunch and then climbing and/or lifting at the gym w/DBF after work.


      NRR – Back to being slow again at work.  Trying to stay productive and use the time to get super organized!  Got some good homework/reading done last night so I feel pretty caught up in that area as well.  Looking forward to hanging out w/DBF tonight – we might go out to dinner after the gym or just stay in and snuggle!


      FR – Not sure tonight, had broccoli cheddar soup w/baguette last night and it was delicious.


      Back in a bit for some shouts!


        Good morning!

        RR: Finally went for a run yesterday.  My legs were so tight at the beginning of it but did seem to loosen up after about a mile or 2.

        NRR: Really buckled down yesterday and got quite a bit of this weeks school work done.  I seem to get panicked if I don't start it on Monday, last week I started on Wednesday after my trip and was convinced I wouldn't finish but I did.  Still not sure what's going on with DBF(?).  I guess I'll find out this weekend.  Today I have the testing for the temp job at 1 PM.  It's just basic stuff so I'm not too worried.

        FR: Still doing okay, I guess it helps not having lots of stuff in the house.


        SJP: Glad you are starting to feel better, but it doesn't seem the cold slowed you down too much.

        Seattle:  Wow we sure got shoved into winter weather pretty fast, eh?  We had a tornado near here yesterday - the wind has been crazy as well as the pouring rain.  I got lucky and caught a break in the rain with my run yesterday - did you?



          Hi all,


          RR: Continuing my lunch run strategy today. It is so beautiful here! I really have to protect my run time at work ... it's so easy to let meetings get in the way. I stupidly ran last week without socks because I had forgotten them and I was determined to run, and I have the most stubborn blister. I guess I should stop running on it, but I'm on a roll now. Thinking about a video kettlebell workout. Have any of you worked with kettlebells? Probably it would throw my back out ... but maybe not.


          NRR: Nice, productive week at work so far. I love weeks when I don't have to travel at all. Also, DH and I finally finished the very last bits of the workshop painting, and I got our back door entrance repainted as well. Yahoo!


          SJP: Thanks for confirming what we were thinking about Presque Isle .. it looks beautiful but we might be better staying around Baxter for the hiking. Good idea on the close-to-NH hiking, that sounds like an option we should explore. Also, I don't think DS has spent any time in Portland, so we might do a day around the town there. Portland has some amazing restaurants. Great that you're feeling less congested. Food is so much more fun when you can taste it!


          Seattle: I don't envy your slow days at work: It sounds great, but time just creeps when you're not able to be as productive. Organizing is good! I like your 3-mile fartlek plan: I should keep that in mind on work days when I don't have much time.


          Mia: Great news on the job front! I bet the run did help your legs loosen up. You are so conscientious about getting the schoolwork done: I can't remember whether you're in a degree program or certification of some sort? It's great that you're getting that done. Hope all goes the way it's supposed to with DBF. You seem so compatible: Maybe something unrelated to you is bugging him and he just needs time.


            sjp - yep, running + football is pretty much my favorite fall weekend!  glad you are starting to feel a little better and have an easy day ahead!


            Mia - I did get lucky with my weather window last night and didn't get rained on... we shall see if my luck holds for today's lunch break run!  I saw that about the tornado yesterday, crazy!  glad you have been productive so far this week and are back to running again - it always makes me feel better to just buckle down and get stuff done when I am stressed out!


            MC - yeah, I can usually manage to find things to do but it still goes by much more slowly!  Especially when I know that I have homework and stuff to do at home and whatnot.  But, I try to be thankful that I have a great job!  Smile  I hope your blister heals up soon - have you tried the gel blister Bandaids?  I love those, they have saved me many a time!  I've never used kettlebells but it seems like a great wrokout - I'm sure if you just go slowly and make sure you learn proper form they will be fine.


              MC: I have a friend that teaches Kettlebell classes and I've done some workouts with her in her garage.  Proper form is imperative or you can REALLY SCREW UP YOUR BACK!!  Be careful!  It might be worth it to have someone who is trained/certified teach you the proper form.



                Mia: Good point on the kettleballs. I should probably stick with yoga/sculpt. Our local paper just ran an article on kettlebells and it made me feeling like I wasn't doing enough. But bad form is what led me to be a CrossFit dropout, so I should probably leave kettlebells alone for now.