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Tired Tuesdailies! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  Today I'm planning on running somewhere between 4-6 miles.  It'll be mid 70s and not too humid, so that should be nice.


    NRR:  I was up for a few hours in the middle of the night, but I'm happy I was able to fall back asleep.  I'm a bit tired, but hopefully my coffee will kick in soon.  Today is just work, a run, some paper grading, then hanging out with DF.  Nothing too exciting.

    FR:  Coffee please.



    Foco:  I'd say all that yardwork you did counts as a workout!  The Great Gatsby is pretty long, I wouldn't invest the time in it again either.


    Seattle:  Nice job on the marathon!  It sounds like you had a lot of obstacles, but its great that you finished it!  We're having the ceremony at an arboretum and the reception at a nearby hotel.   It's a little less than six weeks away and I cannot wait!


    MIA:  I'm glad your talk went well with DBF?.  It seems like you two spend a lot of quality time together.


    SJP:  No luck with the house hunting, which is frustrating as we absolutely have to be out of our apartment at the end of August.  They won't do month to month with us, so it adds a layer of stress to the process.  I fell in love with one house, but DF didn't really like it, so we're looking for something else.  There's just not much for sale.  Nice job getting double digits done in the heat!  That must be a relief to get your mileage back up.


    Java:  I'm sorry you missed your mom's studio opening.  Did you ever get your surprise?  We don't have too much left to do for the wedding.  So far it all seems to be coming together nicely.


    OU:  How are you adjusting to crossfit?  Is it getting any easier?

      rtr: got my cupof coffee here...ugh!!!!   I am really liking crossfit.  I haven't really gotten a chance to do heavier weights yet, seems like everyday is another new move that I need to learn.  Coming up to the end of the first month though, so I should be to the point where I've done everything soon!  Never realized I knew so little about lifting!  I still get sore, but it's not that terrible muscle aching of the first day you lift!


      java: I got the stuff to make egg casserole with sausage for breakfast (high protein), and then healthy stuff for lunches and dinner (pot roast, potatoes, salad). Just trying to make an effort not to eat out so much, the last two weeks have been such a mess and I've eaten out constantly!


      mia: troubles in paradise with the man? I'll have to go back and check out last weeks posts.  Any word on jobs yet?


      sjp: nephew is so awesome.  He is 5 months now and really developing a personality and laughs and smiles at stuff.  Love him to bits!


      rr: crossfit last night.  we did a lot of squats - and I really have no hip flexibility so he had me doing really light weight just to work on movement and flexibility.  Also did pull ups - which i suck out.  Can't wait till I can do a pull up on my own!!!  Tonight should be a tough workout, lots of runs and a 1000m row, cardio!!!! I can do that!


      nrr: stayed up way tooooo late watching college world series of softball.  Seattle - sorry our sooners beat your huskies the other night!  Definitely nursing the coffee today.  Was also so unproductive yesterday.  One of our big clients got hit by the tornadoes last Friday and it destroyed most of their school.  Spent a lot of time talking about it and looking at pictures...must be more productive today!


      fr: made egg and sausage casserole sunday night for breakfasts this week.  Yum!!!  I am surprised how filling it is (might be that piece of toast I have with it as well though...)


        Good morning!


        RR: Wonder if I'll ever get to run again! DId some nice flow yoga very early this morning with Winston sticking his nose in my face. Usually when I get up and around that early it is for us to go run, so I think he was pretty bummed he was staying in. Thunderstorms today, tomorrow morning, and probably Thursday morning, which means I won't be getting up to run for the next two days at least. Will probably try to get in a run after work if DH gets the boys and there are no storms around. Still have a touch of the sinus infection, but I can tell I'm much better.


        NRR: Lots of thunder and lightning this morning. I'm so sick of storms!  Good news is I think we've busted our drought!


        FR: Per Big B's request - spaghetti night tonight. Haven't been posting my dailies much because it's always the same. Soothie for breakfast, quinoa bite for snack, salad for lunch, etc. But I am doing well eating healthy!



        rtr - I did get my surprise! It was one of their tanks that says "Help your OM" on the front (proceeds go to tornado victims) and a Hidden Dragon pendant.  The name of the studio is Hidden Dragon, so they each have one as well. I also was promised free yoga for life!! Your weather sounds amazing! I want to trade!


        ou - I really need to work on getting more protein in my diet. What is in your casserole?


          Good morning!


          RR- Another rest day today, although I might go for a walk at some point because it's so nice out.  It's supposed to be sunny and mid-high 70s all week!


          NRR- Just hoping that the work week goes by quickly... it's the slow time of the month again!  I start grad school on the 17th, so I suppose I should be happy to have a week or two to relax and get everything organized and such!  Need to spend some time tonight cleaning, doing laundry from the weekend away, etc and then probably just relax in the sunshine with a good book!


          FR- Trying to figure out something quick and healthy for dinner so that I don't have to spend lots of time inside cooking... hmm.  Maybe a chicken/veggie stir fry or something!


          Back in a bit for some shouts.


            Hi all,


            RR: I was committed to running this morning before it got hot, but either my alarm went off and I went back to sleep, or it didn't go off. I was really tired last night and needed that good sleep. At any rate, I've been looking at my running log, and I really need to step it up. I am trying to re-commit to running at least 25 miles a week at least through June and July, plus 3 yoga sessions a week. It's not that hot today, so I should be able to get out to run midday.


            NRR: Realizing how much there is to do before we leave on our beach trip on Friday. Tried on swimsuits yesterday, which prompted the realization that I need to run more! I don't think my weight has changed much, but since the half marathon I've just gotten more squishy as I've been working through the back problem.


            RTR: Glad you were able to fall back asleep, but you must be tired. Have a good run today!


            OU: Cool that you are loving Crossfit! there is a lot to remember about form, and it's good that they're always checking on that for you. You're making me want to try it again.


            Java: Your area has to be getting relief soon on the thunderstorms ... it's been a rough spring for you. Free yoga for life is an amazing surprise -- that is just phenomenal. And the shirt sounds cool, too! Good job on the eating. I think it's easier to just figure out a healthy menu and stick to it rather than coming up with something new every day.


            Seattle: How are your legs feeling? Enjoy your walk today. Wow, grad school is starting quickly. How long of a program is it? How many classes will you take to start?


              Good Morning!

              RR: ran the hill by my house yesterday morning, today going to my friend's house to run the old neighborhood loop which is a little over 7 miles.

              NRR: Beautiful day here!!  I need to do some school work, and then I'm meeting an old friend for dinner tonight - looking forward to that.

              FR: Been eating lots of fruit, which I love this time of year.


              RTR: is all your family coming out from SD for your wedding?  Have they been to visit you before?

              OU: no troubles really, he's just nervous I'm on a different "Page" than he is in the relationship.  He wants to go at a snails pace.  Really that's fine with me, I would just like to see him more often, but with summer schedules it's actually less often.  No job yet, but lots of resumes out there.

              Java: I hope your weather improves soon.  I know you must be getting frustrated.

              Seattle: Hope you get to enjoy this beautiful day!



                MC: I've felt squishy lately also and I hate it.  I'm turning 50 in less than 2 weeks and don't want to be a squishy 50 y/o.



                  Mia: Ha, I turn 49 next Sunday ... right there with you. Down with squishiness! :-)


                    Hi Everyone!

                    seattle-way to push through that race! sounds like you really pushed through and were tough. hope you are recovering well.

                    mia-glad you had a talk with DBF, even if going slow, communication is important. did you enjoy speaking to weight watchers?

                    rtr-i'm sure something will come up for house hunting, never know when a good one will pop on the market. i agree, stressing about the lease does not help.

                    ou-crossfit does sound addicting. i'm sure its nice to have direction and a plan when lifting/routine. bet you'll kick butt at cardio.

                    java-boo to storms. any treadmills nearby you can sneak onto?

                    mc-oooooh beach vacation. and there is nothing good about bathing suit shopping. it always feels bad, even though i'm sure you look good in them. hope you can get in some beach running on vacay.

                    RR: 9 miles this morning, it was cooler and not humid, which helped me a ton. i felt good. i should have gone 10 haha.

                    NRR: had a site visit this morning, and ran from home (normally i run from the gym) and my routine was totally thrown off. i was like 'hm, i'm early now, what should i do!' haha.

                    FR: didn't have coffee yet today. boo.