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    Good morning!


    RR:  I made it out for 3.1 miles yesterday.  I got home later than I had planned due to traffic and I was going to skip the run, but after awhile I decided to go for it and it felt good.  Today I have plans to meet up with a girl from running club, so I'll probably run 5-6 miles.  Also, I have my ten mile race on Sunday, which I'm excited for.


    NRR:  Today is a half day with conferences in the afternoon, so it should be pretty laid back.  I don't get too many parents as most are at work and our grades are pretty transparent here (they can check them online anytime), so hopefully I can get some grading done.  After work, I'll run, then hang out with DF.  I also need to pick up my engagement ring.  I finally had it sized.  I've been wearing it, but it was too big.


    FR:  I think I messed up my coffee this morning.  It tastes weird.  I didn't notice anything when I started it, but when I went to turn it off, the clean button was flashing.  Oops.



    Foco:  Is your half this weekend hilly?  I suppose most races in Colorado are fairly hilly.  I hope your back holds out so you run your race.


    Seattle:  I think you have a great attitude about your marathon.  You definitely can’t control the weather, so just take it as it comes.  It’ll probably cooler when you finish than the high of 80 since it will still be early.


    Java:  I’m sorry to hear you were sick.  Babies spread disease, I am sure.  A couple of years ago at my niece’s first birthday party, her mom had the flu, but it was her kids first birthday party, so of course she went.  Everyone held the baby, had a good old time, then I think 12 of the 14 people (myself included) came down with a terrible case of the stomach flu.  Still worth it to see her and go to her birthday party though.  Mexico sounds like a great vacation!  Where are you going?


    Snowden:  I like your goals, except I’m with Seattle.  Your mention of ice cream made me want some.  I’d say your running has been very consistent lately!

      Happy May Day all.  I don't know about the rest of your but they are predicting snow tomorrow - ummm May really Mother Nature!


      rr: got in 3 miles last night.  It's so short I barely get warmed up, but for some reason it felt really long anyways - i'm just anxious I think.  Muscles have been so tight this week, even after stretching.  Hopefully they are all relaxed by Sunday!


      nrr: My house is such a mess - I cannot wait till I can clean next week.  I think each night I am going to attack a different area of the house and do what I can.  2 more nights of class - I'm so ready for a break!!!


      fr: made chocolate chip cookies last night, oh so good.  Good thing I packaged up 90% to take to class!


      wr: still at 149...no can win!


      rtr: I hate when traffic ruins my running plans, glad you got some in anyways! Hope you get some grading done!


      seattle: I feel ya on the weather thing!  I hope it is not actually that hot for you, but smart to get out and run in it.  I've been doing the same thing to try and prep my body a bit.  However the weather for mine is going in the opposite direction, colder and rain!  I can deal with that as long as it isn't pouring.  How are you feeling? What is your goal for the race?


      snow: great may goals!!! definitely things i should do also!!!  how did you end up in Alaska from CO?  both great places, but definitely far from home!


      java: bummer on being sick - there is definitely something going around right now.  I'm wishing the Thunder had the night off - could have sealed the deal on Monday, I need sleep!


      mia: I plan on taking the summer off and just focusing on me.  I need a break! good job on getting your stuff done, that always takes the stress off.  I can't believe that their software is working on a mac - that is just weird. You would think people have had macs before!


        Good morning!


        RR: Had my alarm set for 4 this morning to run, but it didn't go off (it's on the floor on the other side of the room so I HAVE to get up to turn it off, so I know it didn't go off).  It's 15 years old, so I guess it is time for a new alarm anyway. Will head out for a few miles at lunch. Nice today, but tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-40s so I want to get it done today. Isn't it May??


        NRR: For those that asked, we are going to the Mayan Riviera. Only 10 weeks to get beach ready! Tonight is karate and cleaning - exciting right??


        FR: Going to be pretty strict on myself for the next few months to get ready for vacation. The best thing about our skiing vacation in December was that I didn't have to worry about my imperfections since ski clothes cover all that stuff. Worst thing is that since I didn't focus on that I picked up a bad habit of eating whatever was left on the kids' plates.



        B: smoothie w/ Greek yogurt, OJ, kale, strawberries, 1/2 banana, pineapple, oats, chai seeds, and a bit of honey; coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

        S: 2 quinoa energy bites, tea

        L: Amy's southwest veggie soup

        D: ??? Probably go out with my dad after karate since DH is working late



        rtr - hope you don't have too many parents and can get some work done!  Yes, kids do bring viruses. I've been sick more since little b was born than I think I have in my whole life! I never used to get sick when Big B was in daycare, but for some reason I get everything little b does.


        OU - I couldn't stay up Monday for the game and was pretty disappointed when I got up Tuesday. But they should be able to get it tied up tonight and on to the next round! Then you can rest up for your race!


          Good morning!


          RR - Decided that I am going to not look at the weather forecast until Saturday... not much point in worrying about it. Just going to run at the hottest times of the day to try and get acclimated, and drink as much water as possible! Planning on a 4 mi tempo run this afternoon.

          NRR - Finally got all my month end stuff done yesterday, it was more of a mess than usual this month so I'm glad it's over with. Going to spend today sort of catching up and getting organized for the new month... I can't believe it's May already! Hanging out with DBF after work today - not sure what we are going to do, maybe go to the beach and grab dinner or something? Will be nice to have a relaxing evening with him!

          FR - Carbs and hydration... nom!


          Back for shouts in a bit!


            Morning!  It's trip day!  Eeeeek!

            RR: Not sure if I'll get anything in today, maybe walk at the airport.

            NRR: I'm getting butterflies in my tummy.  I got all my schoolwork done yesterday except the keyboarding. They are supposed to send me the software today so I can download and install it and be able to run programs.  I guess they don't do it until the second week, in case people who are taking the class drop out.  I think quite a few quit after the first week because it is so intensive.  I also finished packing yesterday, ran some errands, mowed my lawn, and met DBF for a quick lunch at Panera.  I think I'm going to miss him while I'm away.  Today is just some last minute things and my friend is picking me up at 11 to go to the airport.  Flight leaves at 1:40.

            FR: Not too bad but not awesome either.


            RTR: Your school sure has a lot of conferences.  I don't remember my kids' High schools having so many  I can't believe it's only 10 weeks until you get married!!!

            OU: See above about the MAC thing.  I think the virtual desktop is pretty expensive and they supply everything with the tuition, it includes books and all software, which is nice.  Smart to take the summer off.  ARe you planning any trips this summer?

            Java: Ugh sorry that you and little B got sick.  I'm glad DH took care of you.  I don't think I would've gotten up at 4 even if my alarm did go off.  ICK!

            Seattle: Hopefully there will be some cloud coverage when you start the race and it won't warm up until later.

            sjp: Hope the move went quickly and without a hitch.

            SNOW: Have you fished yet?  What are people catching in Alaska now?  I caught 10 rockfish and 2 Ling cod when I went on Friday.  DBF wants to take me Salmon fishing later this summer.  He was excited I enjoyed it because he always went fishing alone.



              Hi all,


              RR: I ran 6 miles yesterday evening and it felt GREAT! So excited ... I feel like giving my chiropractor a big old hug. That was the first good run I've had in a while. It was a cloudy, cool 50 degrees when I started. When I returned, it was pouring rain ... which turned into snow. Woke up this morning to about 8 inches of snow, schools canceled. Really, May 1? But now I'm more excited about my half marathon coming up this Sunday and there's a good chance it will be Sunday but still cool. I'm sure all the snow will have melted by then so that probably won't be an issue. On the other hand, it's still dumping snow outside ...


              NRR: Went out with some co-workers for seafood last night after my run and brought DH back some fish tacos and excellent mushroom scallop chowder. He is down with probably a sinus infection but he doesn't respond to my suggestion that he might want to go see a doctor. If it drags on much longer I'll have to insist. He's been sick for several days now.


              RTR: Good for getting out for a few miles yesterday. Hope you can get some grading done during the conferences. This HM coming up is pretty much downhill -- it starts up in a canyon and comes down through town. So should be fairly easy unless the downhill pounding starts to bug my back.


              OU: Yep, snow here too. We got walloped. Do you ever do massage therapy for tight muscles? I swear by it now.


              Java: I have had serious trouble with my alarm, too, but bought a new one and it hasn't worked, either. I have a bad effect on alarm clocks, I guess. I've been relying on DH's and just naturally getting up earlier because it's lighter. Hope the viruses stay at bay for a while for your family.


              Seattle: Wish I could send some of our cold weather your way to even things out! Extra hydration in the days before will help a lot, I'm sure.


              Mia: Have a great trip!


                rtr - ooh, 10 mile race this weekend sounds exciting!  I really enjoy that distance but I've never done a race at it... may have to try sometime!  I forget, does your DBF run as well?  Enjoy your relaxing day and having your engagement ring back!


                ou - sounds like our weather forecasts are opposites right now... how weird!  I hope your marathon isn't a soggy mess and that mine isn't overly hot... we need to find some middle ground!  I think I will have to be super productive next week too, don't plan on doing too much this week!  I am feeling pretty good aside from hoping that it won't be too hot!  I feel like I had a really great training cycle.  I'd love to get under 5 hours or at least a PR (<5:12) but we shall see how it goes!


                Java - enjoy your lunch break run today!  Maybe I can send some of our warm weather your way...  that's the great thing about a beach vacation, just some extra motivation to hit the gym and exercise more and pay more attention to what you're eating!


                Mia - happy travel day!  Glad you got lots of schoolwork done so you don't have to worry about it too much Smile


                MC - yay for an awesome run!  I love it when you have those especially if you have been feeling not so good for a while.  I hope DH feels better soon!  Can't believe it's snowing there... sounds like this is sort of an extreme spring all around!




                  The weather is terrible here! Lots of wind and tons of rain. I'm sick of it.


                  RR- Got in a few nice easy miles yesterday. I hardly even wanted to go outside to let the dog out, so maybe today will be my strength training day. Although I wanted to start the month off with some running. We'll see.


                  FR- Less ice cream, more vegetables.


                  NRR- Colorado trip is coming up!


                  rtr- whoops on your coffee! ..Maybe you just need to hit a starbucksSmile Do you like running with other people more than by yourself? Think it pushes you more, or just adds more talking? I'd like to find some people to run with on the trails to ease my mind about bears a bit, but I just want to run, talking could come later with a beer or something.


                  ou- I bet your body is doing all sorts of weird and crazy things at the end of your marathon cycle. It's probably really really tough to lose during training.


                  Java- It's definitely not May here, at least not according to Mother Nature.


                  Seattle- Enjoy your evening off, hope it's relaxing! How about we switch weather?


                  Mia- We haven't fished yet Sad Looking at the forecast and the time when DBF and I can go I don't think we'll even get out on the boat before our Colorado trip next week. I'm super anxious to fish though. I LOVE halibut. It's a great chicken substitute. Have an awesome trip!


                  MC- Woo hoo! Glad your back feels better! I've never had a bad back, just knee issues so I can't imagine. But that run must of felt great! Glad you got it in before the snow.


                    Remember now why I get up so early to run! Not used to 80 degrees yet. How can I be when it's 80 today and 40 tomorrow?!


                    MIA - where are you going?? (How did I miss that?)


                    MC - so glad you had a good run! A good chiropractor is hard to find, but when you do they can work wonders.


                    Snowden - sorry about the weather. What part of CO are you going to?