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    let's get moving! (which is something I didn't do this morning, reset alarm and went back to bed)

    rr: as said above no run this morning.  Just couldn't get out of bed for another cold morning.  so moving 4 to tomorrow, doubt I will be home early enough tonight to do it.


    nrr: another new class last night, went really well.  TEacher doesn't believe in lecturing, just doing a variety of different activities, makes the 2.5 hours go so much faster! was antsy the whole time though cause I had tickets to a basketball game and just wanted to get out of there (I'm turning back into a college student here!)  really dragging today, just couldn't get out of bed - wish I had time to pick up coffee this morning!


    fr: major fail yesterday.  someone brought in pizza - and I succeed in eating only 1 piece and a salad - fail came with eating 5 fried mushrooms and the massive chocolate chip cookie...but I knew that sweets would be my achilles heel, so I will continue to battle!


    ummm yea I read everyones posts from yesterday a minute ago and now I don't remember much so sorry if I miss you...

    snow: yea it's flat here no hills to speak of.  Most of them last maybe an 1/8 of a mile and aren't that steep, not enough to train for a 2 mile incline! I make it a point not to talk on the phone to anyone until after 9am, I'm not awake enough for what I might potentially have to deal with!


    jkr: way to ease into school with a 4 day weekend, that is really nice.  glad this semester is more chill after last.  Maybe the fall was just teh final weed out of students to make sure the people in the program wanted to be there!


    sjp: I hate stupid drivers in snow/ ice - they annoy me.  I'm seriously considering the TM if this super cold weather keeps up, I just hate it so...atleast I could wear shorts...


      MC-yes they do a college pass for really cheap for college kids to the area mountains also. some of my friends in college went to sugarloaf every weekend.

      jkr-i think the TM helps me hold a consistent pace when i run outside. it isn't as hard with regards to hills but i haven't found it to hurt me come spring time. i still run outside on weekends. and its still running, right?!

      ou-nice, lecture is the worst. i'd be antsy too if i had basketball tickets! did you win?

      RR: 10 miles on the treadmill this morning. nothing exciting. going to turn frigid today/tonight so not looking forward to a rough outdoor run this weekend.

      NRR: nothing exciting. work is boring this week--which is fine sometimes but makes the days go by so slow. otherwise, big bang theory tonight! and thursday, which is always good.

      FR: on a serious animal cracker kick lately....


        Happy Thursday.

        Just one thing to say today, starting a new job is hard.  I'll try to post more later but lets just say running hasn't been happening and I'm running the half in AZ this weekend . . . should be interesting.  Sad  At least I'll get some warmth out of the deal.



          Good morning!


          RR:  This will happen today!  I have running plans with a friend, so anywhere from 4-6 miles.


          NRR:  I got to work early this morning to work on an online class I've started.  It's self paced, so I don't have any deadlines, which means I need to set time aside so I've decided to come in early everyday to get 45 minutes to an hour of course work done.  Right now I have my masters, but if I get 30 additional credits, I will get paid more, so that's a pretty big incentive to get it done.  Today I just have work, then I might do some more course work, then a run and a relaxing night in.


          FR:  Not sure.  I'm contemplating sweet potato fries and eggs for dinner, or black beans with mixed veggies.


          OU:  I remember the days of 2.5 hour classes.  That makes for one long day after work.  I'm glad this professor spices things up.


          SJP:  Hurray for Thursday!  I plan on watching Grey's Anatomy tonight.


          MIA:  Good luck with the half marathon!  Arizona sounds like it would be nice right about now!


          Have a great day!


            Morning!  It sure is cold out again... brr.


            RR - Had a good 5 miler and a good legs lifting session at the gym last night.  Today is a rest day, and I'm glad... I'm tired!


            NRR - Enjoyed a relaxing night with DBF watching the Husky basketball game after the gym... seems like they may be decent this year after all, we shall see.  Hoping to get lots of reading and hw done today - there is more hw in the online class so I am hoping to get ahead whenever I can!


            FR - Going to make the skinnytaste baked chicken nuggets again tonight, w/homemade fries and some sort of veggie.  They are just too delicious to resist!


            Back for shouts in a bit!


              Still foggy here!


              RR- Yesterday I woke DBF up and had him drive me to the end of town(we have two main roads in town) and leave me there. I was dropped off at the end of the longer road and I ran back. It was an awesome run! My longest yet. It was 8.7 miles and I was really pleased to find out that I ran at just under 7mph. My goal this month is to get one 10 miler in. There is a trail that I can take for about 5 miles of this run instead of all roads that will make it longer. So today I think I'll get a short, easy run in to loosen up a bit and give the dog a good walk before I go to work.


              FR- Eating healthier food, but still too much. I had brownies and ice cream last night, but it was at the fire department so its not in my house.


              NRR- meh, back to work today.


              ou- I'm sure after you get back into a routine with work/school/life running will fall back into place too. That's a lot to do all at once.


              sjp- animal crackers! I haven't had those in forever! I'm on an applesauce kick, its my "dessert".


              Mia- Good luck on your half! Starting a new job is stressful, but it will come together eventually.


              rtr- Glad you're getting out there! Enjoy your run!


              seattle- Have a nice, relaxing rest day. Those are so great when you need them. I had a lazy day the two days ago where I took a nap and feel asleep early.


                Hi all,


                RR: Fail for today, too much going on. Traveling this weekend to memorial service for DH's cousin in St. Louis, so will just strive to fit runs in.


                FR: DH got back after more days in meetings in Utah, so there were margaritas. They were wonderful.


                NRR: Getting ready for aforementioned travel to St.Louis. Bunch of work stuff piled up in advance. Blergh.


                OU: glad class went well .. Yay for basketball!


                SJP: I still eat animal crackers like I did when I was a kid ... Feet first.


                Mia: The job situation will get better, I bet! Have a great run in AZ!


                RTR: Cool that you're doing the online course! Your dinner plans sound great.


                Seattle: Sounds like a great run and lifting yesterday ... And delicious chicken recipe tonight!


                Snow: Great job on your run -- length and pace!!