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Wonderful, wonderful weekend dailes!! (Read 10 times)


    Sorry I have been such a bad forumite lately.  I am just so exhausted when I get home that I just read and don't post.  I also havent been running much lately which stinks.  Can't wait until the daylight lasts longer.

    RR: I did get in 6 miles yesterday when I got home from work.  Getting done at noon on Fridays is wonderful!  That was my first run since the half marathon on Sunday.

    NRR:  Work is getting better slowly.  I really like what I'm doing but a couple of my co-irkers and just waiting for me to mess up so they can pounce on it.  Makes for a mentally stressful and exhausting day.  It's hard not to make mistakes when I am so nervous about making mistakes if that makes sense.  I was more relaxed on THursday and Friday and did so much better.

    Things are going great with TLC, very comfortable.  I just feel good when I'm with him.

    EX finally got his car and stuff out of my garage and is on his way to the east coast now. I can breathe again.

    Took my car in to get the oil changed and just a general "check-up" yesterday.  Car salesguy (the one I went out with once) was all over me, kept coming into the waiting room to talk.  I was more or less kindly ignoring him.  What a jerk.

    Heading down to Portland with TLC today to visit older DD.  We are taking her and her boyfriend out to dinner (I think Moroccan) and spending the night.  Coming back tomorrow.

    FR: When I'm home I can't stop eating.  I need to get it under control.  It's healthy stuff but too much.  I made Posole yesterday and it turned out great.  Now I have that around for the week to eat when I get home from work.  Hopefully that helps.


    Who's going to motivate me to run again???? Seattle, how do you do it with this weather?



      Good morning!


      RR - I had a fantastic 11 mi hilly trail run this morning.  My quads are *still* a bit sore from doing squats on Weds (crazy), but everything else felt great!  I somehow wound up in the midst of a 50K that was being run on the trail, so that was fun - even saw someone I met before the Seattle Marathon a few years ago (Mia, if you remember DaninAuburn?).  Tomorrow will probably be a swim and maybe some yoga/stretching.


      NRR - I am glad it's the weekend!  Making a big plate of french toast and coffee, then doing some cleaning and laundry, then heading up to DBF's for the evening.  We don't really have any plans yet except maybe watching a movie - not sure which but it sounds like there are some good ones out right now! Tomorrow, Mom, Grandma and I are going to get mani/pedis, so that should be fun - then it will be trying to get ahead on hw before we leave for Palm Springs in a week and a half!


      FR  - Had some amazing food at happy hour w/DBF last night - pepper bacon mac n cheese and sweet potato fries w/jalapeno aioli, yum.  Looking forward to something healthy tonight - maybe rosemary chicken w/veggies and roasted potatoes?


        Mia - the weather actually hasn't been *too* awful lately (knock on wood) - I just bring lots of layers so that I can bundle up if I need to!  I think I just got in the mindset at the start of winter that the only thing weather impacts is what I wear on my run, not whether I run or not.  I don't like running on the TM, so even in the nastiest storms we had at the start of this winter I was outside running - which makes most everything else seem pretty pleasant!  Also, running is what helps keep me sane during the lack of daylight...  if I miss a run it just seems to throw the whole day off!  Marathon training and having a schedule to stick to helps as well Smile  Glad that you are starting to settle into the new job - those first few months are always the hardest, but I think employers know and expect that!  Hooray for TLC, he sounds lovely!


          Good afternoon.


          RR: I got my 5 miles in on the treadmill today.  We got 4 inches of snow with some ice in there and was not going to chance it.  I am hoping that next weekend I can get on the trail for my long run.  I also signed up for a 5K on Feb 9th....my daughter and Step Daughter are both going to run it too!  They had a nice family rate for this and no way we were passing it up.  Meanwhile, DS is mad I wouldn't sign him up for it.  *sigh*


          FR: DH and I are going to a fundraiser tonight for the HS hockey team.  There will be alot of fattening goodies there, but since one of my friends is helping with that, she said no problem on my bringing a veggie tray for our table.  Nice!


          NRR: not much.....the hubby leaves tomorrow for California for 3 weeks or so, which will be nice. LMAO  He has been home too much this winter as far as the checking account is concerned and just up my butt all this time!!!!  Get on the road dude!!!


          OK....gotta get my veggie done and then we are going out to dinner beforehand.

          Goals for 2013:

          Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

          Run HM



          2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

          3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

          5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

          7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

          8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

          9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K





            RR- I took a rest day yesterday. I was only home for 30 minutes all day. Today I'm tempted to not run because I woke up late, the coffee is smelling really good, there is snow on the ground outside. Basically excuses. Maybe after work tonight? I know I should since Monday is going to be really busy for me also. I need to make myself get up earlier.


            FR- I didn't track food yesterday and that was a mistake! I ate a LOT.


            NRR- First day of EMT class yesterday and I got CPR certified.