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    java-hope you had a great birthday!!!

    mia-the half is right in the town i live in, it was new 2 years ago but i couldn't run bc I got anemic right before and then last year we had a wedding. I'm super excited--dbf isn't running because he knew it might be hot and he doesn't do well in heat. I made a wine basket for my sister, each wine has a tag with a poem that is for the 'firsts' for the first year of marriage, so first dinner party, first night, first christmas eve etc etc. i found it online and think it'll be cute.

    seattle-whew well hopefully you can have the house not sell for a couple of weeks.

    ou-it is hard to find stuff for interns to do--depends on what year they are. we had some shadow interns from high school--they don't know anything so its like, 'uh want to file old projects?!'

    snowed-sometimes you need a break from high volume during marathon training. you've done some big runs so i'm sure you'll be fine.

    RR: 6 easy breezy miles this morning. it wasn't raining so that was awesome. weather looks warm on sunday but cool in the morning. race is at 730 so shouldn't be too blazing. i don't even care, i'm so excited!!!!!! getting my packet tonight.

    NRR: tomorrow dbf and i are playing golf with a couple of friends and relaxing. i'm hoping to sleep in a little bit. then sunday race and is going to be warm so not sure if we'll do something in the afternoon or not.

    FR: made chicken sausage with green pepper, mushroom and diced tomatoes last night. was good and i have leftovers for tonight and prob tomorrow.


      Good morning!


      RR: Hmmm. Hoping I'll squeeze something in this afternoon. We will see.


      NRR: So ready to be on vacation, but I have a TON to do!I haven't really even started packing! Luckily I think it will go pretty quick since I already know what we are bringing, I just need to get it in the bags. DH surprised me last night by having my ILs keep the boys for an extra few hours so we could go to dinner. It was very nice.


      FR: I think I'm done worrying about that too much until after the trip. I don't plan to go overboard and I still need to get my fruits and veggies, but I really just want to enjoy what is offered without the guilt.



      sjp - enjoy the race!!


        Good Morning! It's Friday woohooo!  I know I'm not working so it shouldn't matter but I love it when Friday gets here just the same.

        RR: Ran yesterday morning but just felt grumpy, sore, tired and hungry the whole day so I skipped the crossfit class.  I slept pretty well last night and feel so much better today. I was going to take a rest day but feel guilty for skipping crossfit so I may go for a run today.

        NRR: I had a couple of job leads, from friends, I applied for yesterday.  I heard from one of them an hour after I emailed my resume/application and now will be taking a pre-employment test.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I had that interview about 3 weeks ago and didn't hear squat from the company after I specifically asked them to let me know either way.  They said I'd either get a call (for job) or email (no job) and I got neither.  Very annoying.  I requested ex get the dogs today so I could spend the weekend with DBF (didn't say that, just asked him to get the dogs).  Need to do some cleaning today.

        FR: Like I said I was really hungry again yesterday.  I ate eggs with veggies, greek yogurt, almonds, some PB and just couldn't get full.  So annoying.  It's like I'm starving after my run for a couple of hours no matter what I eat and then I'll be good after a while again.  Not even craving anything in particular just really unsatisfied in general.


        SJP: Woohooo! on the half.  Looking forward to hearing how awesome you are.  Will DBF go with you? I have a local half in a couple of weeks.  Last year(or was it the year before) I signed up and missed it because it's on Saturday instead of Sunday.  I had so much going on that I just spaced.  The gift sounds fantastic.  What a great idea!


        Java: That was thoughtful of your DH!  Hope you had a great dinner.  You are going to have such a great vacation.  Have loads of fun and create lots of great memories!!


        Seattle: Why can't "LuvPre" run anymore?  Do you know?



          Good morning!


          RR- 4 mi lunch break run, and then climbing at the gym after work.  Probably running 6-7 mi tomorrow and then next week starting to build back up the mileage a bit more.  I need to pick a race to sign up for sooner than December!


          NRR- It's been kind of a stressful week so I am hoping for a relaxing day at work (if such a thing is possible, haha) and then an easy night after climbing.  I got all my laundry caught up and everything clean and organized after the long weekend yesterday, so that's a relief.  Need to do a bit more homework this weekend but it's mostly just trying to stay ahead so I don't get too stressed out!  Not sure on weekend plans, but my mom is going to come try climbing with me on Sunday so I'm excited for that!


          FR- Thinking an Amy's cheese pizza tonight.  It's a way for me to splurge after a stressful week that is portion controlled and fairly decent and "natural" as far as frozen pizza goes!


          Back in a bit for shouts Smile


            Just had to check in with you guys about the George Zimmerman trial. According to the defense, most people in decent shape can run a 4-minute-mile. Guess I'm really out of shape then since my average pace more than doubles that!! Regardless of whether you agree with the prosecution or defense, some people really should not talk about things they are clearly clueless about.




              RR- 10.5 yesterday. Not sure today.


              FR- Could be better. A lot better.


              NRR- Someone stole a car from my parents house. Not expensive, actually worth almost nothing. But it worked, and got my brother around places. Too bad, people suck. That car showed me CO.


              sjp- What race are you running? Have fun with it! Your last race was the 10 miler with your sister right? That dinner sounds awesome. I may just have to do that!


              Java- How sweet about your dinner! That little extra goes a long ways!


              Mia- Fingers crossed for your job lead! Sometimes its best to skip a work out and sleep. I don't usually feel guilty about that because I most likely need it.


              Seattle- Hope work is laid back today!


                Back from a nice lunch break run!


                sjp - your dinner last night sounds delicious!  I love getting good food ideas from everyone.  Good luck at the race this weekend - I hope it's not too hot!  I love the wine basket idea that you mentioned to Mia, so cute!


                Java - so sweet of DH to surprise you with dinner last night!  I think it's definitely a good approach to not go crazy with food while on vacation, but also not to limit yourself or stress about it.  it's time to relax after all!  Hope you have a great one!  Too funny about the 4 minute mile thing...  I guess I am 2-3x slower than a decently fit person, haha.


                Mia - bummer on the being so hungry and tired!  I was like that on Monday after our backpacking trip, just kept eating and eating and was still hungry!  I have no idea about LuvPre, I hadn't even heard that he can't run - like, he can't run ever again or can't run for a while?  That's a bummer, I'll have to ask him about it!


                snowden - nice work on your run yesterday!  That sucks about the car being stolen - I'm glad it wasn't super valuable or anything but it's still such a crappy thing to have happen.  it feels very violating and it's sad to realize there are people out there who just don't care at all about the damage they are doing.