Weight Loss Dailies


Happy Fridailies! (Read 8 times)




    RR:  I met up with a friend this morning and ran 4.4 miles.  I had contemplated cancelling on her because I wasn't in the mood this morning, but it ended up being an alright run.


    NRR:  DH and I are officially homeowners!  We closed yesterday and it went really smoothly.  We had all our ducks in the row and the whole process took about an hour.  We're painting this weekend, so hopefully we can have new floors installed next week before we move in.  Also, now I can start the name change process too.  I just figured it be easiest to change my name and my address at the same time.


    FR:  DH and I are going on a date to my favorite Italian restaurant tonight, so I'm looking forward to that.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    MIA:  Congratulations on the job!  What will you be doing?


    Snowden:  That’s awesome that there was some random guy playing music out on the trails!  How are you liking your hazmat class?


    Foco:  Your right, it’s hard to find that consistency.  I’ve only been making myself run every other day, but the runs are harder than they usually are.  Were you painting something inside or outside?  We’re painting our house this weekend and it seems kind of daunting!


      RR- No run yesterday, possibly something short today. My knees are still pretty sore making it hard to run much.


      NRR- I'm not back to the same crazy busy schedule like I had during my EMT class. This time its hazmat/firefighter 1 class. I'm not sure I'll ever be "not busy".


      FR- Meh...


      RTR- So glad closing went well! When do you think you'll be able to move in? Hazmat class is going well. So far its all been review for me, but starting Saturday it should be new information.


        It seems weird that I get excited for Fridays when I'm not working, but I do.

        RR: Going for my first short run after the marathon on Sunday.  I have a feeling it will be slow but hopefully not too painful.

        NRR: I was pretty lazy yesterday.  I sent out a few apps - I know I have a job but to get unemployment I still need to be looking.  I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, ran some errands with older DD.  Today I am going up to DBF's and then we're heading across the state.

        FR: DD and I went for sushi last night.  It's a new place that opened nearby, okay not fabulous - but I may have just ordered wrong.  I never know what to order when I go out for sushi unless someone who knows more goes with me.


        RTR:  CONGRATS!!!  Lots of changes for you recently.  Do you have colors picked out?  Are you painting the whole house or just a few rooms?  I started with my bedroom, then the kitchen and the family room. Get some good tools, like the edgers for painting near the ceiling and tape, tape, tape.  The taping is the time consuming part, but makes it go faster after.  I think it took me a day to paint each room but I let it dry in between since I did one room at a time.  If you do more than one room you could probably paint the first coat and then go back and do the second coat in the room you started.  If you go to my FB page you can see pictures of my painting.  Wink  Most of all HAVE FUN!!  DBF and I did his living/dining room together and had a great time, which sounds weird.