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    Congrats again rtr!!  How exciting!


    RR – Running 3x1600 over lunch today (haven’t done mile repeats in a long time!), then lifting and climbing at the gym w/DBF.


    NRR – Got a good chunk of homework and projects done last night so I am pleased with that!  Finally feeling more caught up with things after being without power most of the weekend.  Managed to keep busy at work yesterday, hoping to find some things to do today as well… we shall see.  Daylight savings time is nice in the morning but I wanted to go to sleep when I got home from work last night, haha…  wow I am boring at the moment.  Can’t wait til winter break when I can be not doing several hours of homework after work half the nights out of the week.


    FR – Cooking dinner with DBF, probably some sort of meat and veggies!




      RR:  I don't think I'll be able to fit anything in today, but tomorrow I will go run after work.  Maybe tonight I'll go for a walk around the neighborhood, but it will probably be dark by the time I get home.


      NRR:  Meetings at work today, not entirely exciting, but pretty low stress without the kids here.  Today's just work, then I'm meeting up with a friend for cards and tonight DH and I are just going to take it easy and relax at home.


      FR:  I had left over gnocchi from the restaurant last night, so I heated it up for lunch.  Unfortunately I didn't know you can't microwave Styrofoam, so I only ate a few bites before I realized the container was cracked and maybe that wasn't such a great idea.  Google tells me it definitely wasn't smart, so I threw the rest of it out.  Not my smartest moment.  Lesson learned for sure.


      SJP:  Thanks!  I'd saying I'm doing the opposite of going crazy with the running!  Nice job on the half this weekend!  Are you doing a marathon this fall?


      Seattle:  Thanks!  I agree about daylight savings.  Yesterday I thought it was so late, then it turned out it was 5:30.


      Have a great day!


        Hello--super busy at work!

        seattle-haha i totally agree with you about it being dark at night. i was ready for bed last night at 8 pm, could barely keep my eyes open.

        rtr-eeek, just so so excited for you! no marathon this fall, but going to do a full in the spring i think with dbf. he really wants to do one, so we'll train together for that.

        RR: 8 easy miles today then some bike and stretching. dbf and i did ab ripper last night. trying to keep at it!

        NRR: super busy at work, running around like a chicken with my head cut off basically.

        FR: need groceries, have nothing in the house right now.


          had a nice speedy run over lunch today, it felt good to go fast!


          rtr - hope the meetings at work are not too long, I'm sure it's much quieter without the kids there though which is probably a nice break.  bummer about the gnocchi...  that is one of my favorite foods, and it's always disappointing when leftovers don't turn out to be edible!  Hmm, may have to go out for italian soon now that I am thinking about it...


          sjp - nice work on all your workouts!  someday I'd love to be able to fit all those things in but at the moment it seems stretching and core often go out the window since I don't have time (or don't make time, I guess)!  Hope work isn't too stressful, at least being busy makes the time go by more quickly!