Weight Loss Dailies


Wednesdailies already! (Read 9 times)



    mia-sounds like a nice weekend with dbf per usual! i feel like the fall is a good time to get back on track, not as many summer food commitments and its not the holidays yet.

    java-that is great you got some time to yourself this weekend. you've been busy, everyone needs to crash once in a while! have any races coming up? how's your mom's yoga studio going (is that right?!) it opened recently if i remember correctly?

    RR: 7 easy miles this morning, drove to the gym, the showers weren't working so i drove back home, ran then got ready. it was more annoying than anything, luckily its cutback so i wasn't late or anything.

    NRR: got a new phone last night finally. mine hasn't received calls in a while haha. i can see that someone called, but it wouldn't ring. oops. otherwise, busy day at work yesterday.

    FR: had a bad day at work, had a little bit of ice cream, didn't overdo it though.


      Good morning!!


      RR: A few very nice miles with Winston this morning. More temps in the 60s please!


      NRR: Crazy busy at work. Tonight we will head to karate, then DH and I have a lot of cleaning/packing up to do because we are getting new carpet tomorrow (YAY!!! I've only been waiting two years!) Can't wait for the weekend - nothing planned, just hanging out.


      FR: Same as always.



      sjp - Sorry about the gym showers. I bet that was frustrating! Hope you have a better day at work. I don't really do many races. My mileage has been pretty low lately - just not enough hours in a day, and since I'm not really into theme runs (like color runs, zombie runs, etc.) I just don't race right now. Was hoping to do the RNR half in Denver next year, but we will see. My mom has decided to quit her yoga studio - can you believe it??!!! She and her partner were not getting along at all and since my mom is 60 years old she decided she just wasn't going to waste time on something that made her unhappy. I think she's going to focus on teaching more therapeutic classes. She is a former nurse (my stepdad is an orthopedic surgeon and she was his nurse for many many years) and she really believes in the restorative and healing aspects of yoga, so I think it will be a good fit for her.


        Wow! Hump Day all ready.

        RR: Ran 7.5 yesterday with my friend from my old neighborhood. She is back from her summer in Bend, OR.  We are heading to Crystal Mtn. today for a hike. (one of the perks of no job yet)

        NRR: Didn't do much other than run and schoolwork yesterday.  Got a summons from the person who was in a car accident with my younger DD 2 years ago!  My DD had all ready been cleared of a ticket because the intersection is really bad and there are lots of accidents there.  THere should be a light.  Actually the summons was for my ex and my DD, so I had to contact him to get him all the info.  Hate stuff like that, hoping it ends up being nothing.

        FR: Still not bad, lots of veggies and fruits yesterday.  I did breakdown and have some cheerios in the evening.


        SJP: Do you drive to your running location?  I figured you had a loop that left from your home.  Sorry about the showers.


        Java: New carpet sounds fun!  I have a single level home and the whole house has fake hardwoods.  I kind of like that, but I'd like some area rugs around.  I have one in my family room but would really like something in my bedroom.  Wow for all the time your mom invested (Hopefully not too much $ also) it stinks the studio didn't work out.



          Hello!  Sorry I have been MIA lately, it's been a whirlwind of finishing school, helping DBF move, being on vacation, and having been sick with the flu for the past week and a half, yuck!  I can't wait to get caught up on what everyone has been up to!


          RR- Going to try my first run in over a week, 3 mi lunch break run today.


          NRR- DBF and I had a lovely weekend away at my family's beach house on the Washington coast, we had some great weather and a Husky football victory so it was awesome.  Spent yesterday getting organized and now am back at work.  DBF is all moved into the new house, hooray!  It is pretty much finished now and looks great, can't wait to spend some more time with him there.  Not sure what the plan is tonight but hopefully something relaxing!


          FR- On day 24 of Whole30... it's been tough and I think I am going to add back in a lot and go to mostly Paleo after this, but it's been an interesting experiment for sure!