Weight Loss Dailies


Woohoo for the FRIDAILIES!!!!!!!!!! (Read 10 times)



    seattle-ugh, i hear you, that can happen here with commute. i drive 5 miles and it can take 30-40 minutes on the ride home, if there is a train, longer. the lights aren't timed. has it always been l ike this? go earlier or later to work? maybe you'll become a morning excerciser! whew, hope the weather changes for your race!

    Mia-haha we didn't end up making it, again, we went out for happy hour then ate something quick when we got home. i think we are making it tonight, its chicken, tomatoes, green beans, feta, olives and some herbs over rice. its all skillet and 20 minutes-ish. any updates on the job/anyone drop out so you can get in!?

    MC-yes, probably less crowds on monday, unless its that columbus day weekend when all the colleges/schools are on break. I'm sure you'll be able to hike it though, they let a lot of people on, you just can't start 'late' i don't think. Acadia is also beautiful this time of year, nad the hikes are easy, can do several in a day and something crazy about hiking a mountain and seeing the ocean when you hit the top!

    RR: 11 miles this morning, was 56*, felt hot, haha. i think we are hiking tomorrow so won't get in a true 'long run' this week, i'm okay with it, feeling a little beat up and ran a super hilly long run last week. i might squeeze in a few miles after work if i'm feeling it.

    NRR: friday! might do a quick run after work, supposed to be nice here this weekend, in the 70's! we are hiking tomorrow, its a 10 miler then no sure about sunday. we'll probably sleep in and try to golf or something else that will end soon bc of weather! throat is still bugging me, hoping i can fight it off before it gets to be worse.

    FR: we really are making med. chicken tonight, haha.



      RR: Not sure what's going to happen today.

      NRR: Feeling very overwhelmed with everything at the moment.  I feel very alone now that DDs are gone.  DBF seems to be keeping his distance - he just wants to have lunch this weekend, not sure what's up with that, since usually we spend the whole weekend together. School is pretty intense right now, it ramped up massively the past couple of weeks.  UGH!

      FR: Okay in this department for a change, just need to get food and exercise working simultaneously.


      SJP: Sounds like you have a great weekend planned.  Fall sure hit this week.  It's been in the 60's and chilly here.  Some days rain and if we're lucky the sun will shine. Don't think I'll get into the Sept 30th date, haven't heard from them.  I do need to call about getting the paperwork for Dec. 9th, since I still haven't heard from them.  Another thing that's bringing me down.



        Happy Friday!  I am happy because after taking an hour to get into work and an hour 15 to get home yesterday I finally had a normal ~20 min commute in this morning.


        RR- Didn't do much of anything yesterday.  Today will be a 3 mi lunch break run and then an 800M swim after work.  Tomorrow will be trail 10K which sounds like it will be super stormy!


        NRR - Finally finishing up with the tail end of crazy week at work.  It's been stressful at times but the week has flown by.  Had a nice night just relaxing and going to bed super early last night with DBF.  He was nice and had a bottle of wine cracked open by the time I got there after all that traffic Smile  Tonight will be getting stuff together for the race tomorrow, baking some cookies, and doing some homework/reading.  Tomorrow we have the trail race in the morning, hopefully will watch the Husky game in the afternoon, and then will go out to a nice dinner to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!  Sunday will probably be homework, football, and cooking ahead for the week.


        FR- Had penne pasta w/vodka sauce, baked rosemary chicken and roasted brussels sprouts last night, yum.  Teryaki swiss chicken burger and sweet potato fries tonight.


        Back in a bit for some shouts!


          Back from a nice lunch break run... the wind is already kicking up a bit but not too bad yet.


          sjp - yeah, there are so many things that can affect the commute!  And mine involves a) downtown Seattle and b) a bridge so it can vary a ton.  Sometimes it takes 25 min each way and sometimes an hour.  It's been nice all summer but I think with school starting and winter weather it might start to get a little worse.  May try running in the mornings sometime or hitting the gym!  I am impressed that you can get so much exercise in even when you aren't feeling 100%!  My throat has been a little ouchy this week but I've just been ignoring it and drinking lots of water and so far so good... hah!  I just was sick like 3 weeks ago so I'm telling my body no.  We'll see how that goes!


          Mia - oh man, it's hard when everything hits all at once like that.  Hopefully you can distract yourself by focusing on your schoolwork and being productive - getting lots checked off on my to-do list usually helps me feel a little more in control of things when everything is weird and crazy.  Have a great weekend!


            Hi all,


            RR: Just yoga today ... looking forward to it. It's gotten cold and rainy here, so I'm going to relish the heat!


            NRR: Really quiet weekend ahead -- good thing! We were going to (finally) finish up the last bits of workshop painting this weekend, but the rain will set us back. I need to finish housecleaning, and hoping to do not much else but read.


            SJP: We've been to Acadia a few times, so hoping to see some other things. I think we might just keep it loose. DH got a great deal on a place in Presque Isle ... might be fun to go so far north! Glad the weather will be better for you this weekend.


            Mia: It must really be quiet with the DDs. Hope your new job start gets nailed down soon: That sounds stressful. But you're doing great in forging ahead with the schoolwork, so it is good to keep moving forward like that. Hope your weekend is relaxing.


            Seattle: Very nice that DBF had the wine ready for you last night! Have fun at the trail race--do you have a time goal? 3-year anniversary celebration sounds terrific!


              MC - cold and rainy definitely makes me appreciate being inside where it's warm and dry!  I don't have a time goal for the race at all really - I'm sure there's some elevation gain in there being a trail run, plus 20-30 mph wind...  I am just looking to have fun and get muddy Smile  Enjoy your quiet weekend and some time to read, that is always fantastic especially when the weather is crappy!