Weight Loss Dailies


Time for Thursdailies! (Read 155 times)

    good morning everyone!


    a few shouts from yesterday...

    snow: My goal weight is 139 - just want to get into the 130s...i was really close about 18 months ago at 141, but then ballooned back into the 150s.  Good idea to have a quick grab bag, we make those for tornadoes...


    jkr: hope you had a safe journey home and getting back into the school and single living mood!!!!  enjoy your last few days of break.  that's cool that you will get first pick this summer - did you get bumped because you were TAing, or you got the TA job because you didn't get a good rotation?


    rr: had a nice detox yoga class last night.  did a lot of chest stuff and upper body so my arms are sore!!!


    nrr: had a marathon style meeting yesterday - 4 hours...uggg, ended at like 6pm. luckily I made it home for yoga because I would have been really upset otherwise!!! It's Thursday so just have to make it through the day and then it is practically weekend!  I'm excited to get back to school next week.  I like having a less rigid work schedule, leaving early a few days and such just helps me focus more.


    fr: had red beans and rice from cooking light last night - love!!!! so good.  have leftovers for lunch now.  Also went out to eat for the first time since new year at lunch.  Ordered from the low cal menu - and got wheat pasta with veggies on it, didn't even eat all the pasta!!!


      Fly by today.  Been a hell of a week.


      rr.  Monday I did 4 @ marathon pace, Tuesday was 3 easy, and yesterday was 4 easy.  Tonight is 45 minute Nike Training Club.


      nrr.  Work has sucked me up.  Great.


      fr.  Love having mom cooking and cleaning up for us.  So nice!


      Hope to make it back for some personals.  Have a great day!


        Good morning!


        RR:  I'm planning a run with a friend after work, hopefully six miles.  It should be a nice day so I'm looking forward to it.


        NRR:  Not too much going on today.  Work, with more standardized testing, which I have to proctor, an afternoon full of classes, then the run.  Tonight I plan on sitting around and being lazy.  I'll probably watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.  Tomorrow right after work we're leaving to go to the Poconos for a ski trip.  It should be fun, but I haven't skied in ages.


        FR:  We went for Ethiopian last night, which was delicious and healthy too.  Tonight I think I'm making this skillet thing I picked up on sale at Whole Foods.


        OU:  Wow, that sounds like a miserable meeting.  Nice job making a good food choice when you went out to lunch.

        Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later for more shouts.


          Simon:  Cross post!  Going back to work is always hard.  How long is your mom visiting for?


            Good morning!


            RR -SRD today, not sure about weekend long run juggling but I will figure something out!


            NRR -Had fun at dinner last night w/mom and DBF, we cooked up some yummy steak, little "steak fries" made out of red potatoes, salad, french bread, and wine.  It was delicious!  DBF and I fell asleep super early so that was pretty nice.  I need to drop my car off at the shop tomorrow and hope that fixing the brakes isn't too expensive...  I think the brake pads are just worn out.  Planning on doing some laundry and packing tonight - DBF and I are going to stay at Orcas Hotel (in the San Juan Islands) on Saturday so that should be a fun weekend getaway.  Hoping to find a nice place to have brunch and watch the Seahawks playoff game on Sunday morning too!


            FR - Going to try baked chicken nuggets from skinnytaste tonight, with homemade sweet potato fries, yay!


              Hi all,


              RR: I will either do 6 at lunch today or skip because of too many work things piling up, which means I'll need to run tomorrow and Saturday, and it's only getting colder.


              FR: Went out with my mom last night for dinner, then went to see Les Mis (loved it). I had 2 glasses of wine at dinner, pretty much breaking my no-alcohol-during-week rule, and I am regretting it this morning. Really feel foggy. My reduced consumption must be weakening my tolerance, which is fine. Just makes me want to curtail it more.


              NRR: Nothing exciting at all ... work, trying to get the holiday cards out tonight, gearing up for various things coming for the weekend, including a violin concert that my sister has tickets to.


              OU: Glad you made it to yoga ... I always feel so much better after I go. Red beans and rice sounds yummy.


              Simon: Sounds like your running is going really well, and you're right on track.


              RTR: Have fun skiing ... I love to go, even though I don't get out often. I've started to drift more toward cross-country skiing because DH prefers it and my main skiing buddy (DS) is now in college.


              Snow: You have such a cool job! Glad you like Alaska. Regarding ice cream -- I never keep it in the house, either. I just can't be responsible with it.


              JKR: I did discover in December -- because I went to a chiropractor for the first time -- that my right leg is longer, so I have a heel lift but I tend to not move it from shoe to shoe, so I need to get better about that. I might look into something more specific for my running shoes.


                Good Morning All


                RR- Nothing today. I've been sleeping in so late lately and I just don't have time today. I got 5.5 in yesterday and it felt good. My foot is a bit sore today but nothing uncommon. I think for now I'm needing to keep running every other day til my foot is really better. That'll give me an opportunity for the gym.


                FR- Did okay yesterday. Today is my Monday at work. Getting back into a routine will be helpful.


                NRR- There should be 4 mechanics to fully staff where I work. The past few months there have been 3 and its the closest we've come. Today is one mechanics last day. He's the one who I've worked with since I've started. So on Friday its back to 2 mechanics. On top of that the company recently bought another airplane. I'm just waiting for the shit to hit the fan.


                ou- 4 hour meeting is insane! I can't sit for more than 45 min to and hour anymore without being a zombie. How they expect people to stay engaged and actually take in information is beyond me. Also, nice job on ordering low cal!


                Simon- You must be busy, the week is almost over!


                RTR- I hate hate HATE standardized testing. In my opinion; such a waste of time!


                Seattle- Have an awesome weekend! Getaways are always so nice.


                MC- It's so hard to stop at one glass of wine. I haven't drank alcohol since a few days before chirstmas. Now I'm to the point I just don't really think about it. We've had lots of beer just sitting in the fridge.


                  RR: Just popped back in say I ended up running 6 over lunch with a work friend who runs. Yay! It definitely flew by faster with her along, and she's going to try to join me every Thursday.


                  Snow: Yes, I'm getting to the point where I don't automatically think about alcohol at home at all. Still need to work on my strategy for social occasions--not that anyone else cares what I drink but it's just more tempting because there are more possibilities.


                    Hi everyone! Made it safely back home, unpacked the car, and now I'm just sitting on the couch. Trying to work up the motivation to go out to the grocery store... or to at least go find something for dinner. Feeling quite lonely and bummed. Turns out I got used to not living alone for an entire month. Sigh. I'll get used to again in a few weeks... just kind of rough right now. Be back later with a real post. Hope y'all have had a great day!