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    mia-congrats!!!! so proud of you for doing a trail marathon, you are my idol, seriously. my sil/bro/nephew/niece are at our place, we stayed at a hotel nearby for the bacelorette.

    rtr-woohoo paint colors. are you painting yourselves?! that is so great you found a place and closed before your lease ended. must be so excited.

    RR: 10 miles this morning and no t-storms, they are in the forecast for later though. did p90x last night, can bust out 20 real pushups for each exercise, felt like a rockstar! haha.

    NRR: not as tired today, we'll see around 2 pm. family did a day trip yesterday to santa's village, which is 2 hours away and got back late, so excited to hang out with them tonight.

    FR: making chicken tacos for dinner, chicken is in crockpot, have beans, rice, lettuce, cheese and salsa to go on them.

      I'll join this post!

      Rainy morning out, wish I was still in bed!

      rr: did a 1.25 mile run before crossfit last night, the crossfit class, then worked on mowing yard.  Finally got inside around 8:45 to shower, then dinner around 9... It was a long night!  tonight is crossfit and if I get there early another mile before hand.


      nrr: had a really nice weekend.  Bosses cabin is peaceful - up by a river with a great view.  We sat around and talked - played cards and pool and such, ate, laughed.  Good time.  Rest of the weekend was just catching up on house work.  Short week this week. Thursday and Friday I am at a conference in Texas - then spending the weekend there to see a baseball game and get away.


      fr: trying to be good, but not much food around.  Plus getting in late last night I didn't feel like cooking - and this morning I didn't feel like making an egg...


      sjp: there are 12 of us that work for the company, and I think all but 3 came with their spouses so it was a full house!  so cute on your nephew - i bet you sil is egging that one on! ;-).  I agree that you can't slack on the arm muscles with a wedding coming up, hello lots of pictures that will go down in history...


      mia: wow that sounds like some race!!!!  If the pics you posted were from the race though, it was beautiful!  rest up!


      rtr: do you pinterest? I like following lowes and home depot - they usually have some nice painting ideas, or just search on pinterest.  I love a fresh palette!



        RR: Maybe a walk today.  My lower legs are sore - feet, and ankles mainly.

        NRR: House is so much more crowded with 3 adults living here.  I know I just need to get used to it though.  I will need to get the girls to help with some cleaning because they don't seem to know about wiping down counters, etc.  Younger DD is supposedly heading down to California and then to New Mexico this week.  Taking the train.  Older daughter is feeling better and might possibly be going to CA to roadtrip to Montana with a friend.  The friend is worried about possibly catching mono so may decide she doesn't want older DD along.  I have tons of school work to do since I'm a day behind now.

        FR: I guess I was eaten out of house and home this past weekend, need to go grocery shopping.  It also costs alot more to feed 3 adults instead of just 1.


        SJP: How long is your family staying with you?  If I do a trail marathon again, I will definitely be training better for it.


        OU: The pictures are from the area where the marathon was held but not on the exact trails.  It is beautiful there, think of a mixture between pacific northwest and desert.  Bend, OR is a VERY outdoorsy place.  Number 1 place for trail running and mountain biking.  I would love to live there, maybe once I finish school I can find a job doing medical billing there.





          RR:  I'm taking a running rest day today.  Last night the run with the group was really fantastic.  We ran 4.4 hilly miles and it was my first run since I took my three week running break where I actually felt good, so I'm quite happy about it.  Today I might go for a walk.


          NRR:  Last night I went out for dinner with some girls from the running club, then met up with a friend at a wine bar.  It was a fun girl's night.  Tonight I'm cooking dinner for myself and DH, then a friend is coming over so we can watch the last episode of Downton Abbey.  Otherwise, not too much going on!


          FR:  I think I'm making black beans with mixed veggies and sweet potato fries.



          SJP:  Nice job on the pushups!  That's impressive!  Yeah, we're painting ourselves.  We want to get it done before we swap out the floors so we don't have to worry about messing up the new floors.  I think after we close on Thursday we're going to strip the wallpaper borders and prime the walls, so we can paint on Saturday.


          OU:  Are you feeling a lot stronger since starting crossfit?  The cabin sounds lovely.  I am all over pinterest trying to get ideas for the house.


          MIA:  It sounds like you have a lot on your hands with your DDs home!  Perhaps now is the time for them to learn about wiping down counters and what not.  How's the job search going?  Any leads?


          Have a great day!


            I haven't been running Undecided Work's been shitty. Life's been busy.


            sjp- 20 push-ups?! You are a rock star!


            ou- sounds like a really nice weekend! You're killing it with the running and xfit!


            Mia- That sounds like a trail race! Maybe I just need to get myself out of the trails to start running again.


            rtr- Girls night is always a great thing! Glad you had a good run!