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    seattle-the menu was small last night, but was a cool spot. eat local is huge here and all the restaurants pretty much get ingredients from the local farms/breweries. they had a good variety of beer too. hope you have fun celebrating tonight--and that you got enough hw done to enjoy it!

    mia-it seems kids do a lot of growing up that first bit of college, well most of the time! wow, dbf's car is a project! has he done this type of thing before? seems like something you'd have to really know something about...not just pick it up on the weekend.

    RR: 10 foggy miles this morning. it was pretty nice out though, mid 60's. i think we'll lift tonight...or if dbf has to work late, we will tomorrow.

    NRR: nothing exciting today. have to do some laundry tonight. i'm making a photo album for my sister/fiance, so taking lots of time to scan old photos. trying to do a few a night so i don't end up doing it all at the last minute.

    FR: ran into some ice cream last night, felt like a brick in my stomach this morning




      RR: Was a bit grateful for the thunder and lightning this morning. Just wasn't up to getting up that early today. Probably will try to squeeze in some pilates mat work before karate tonight.


      NRR: Mexico was great, but I'm happy to be home. The boys had a wonderful time, but it was definitely a different trip from when DH and I used to go on our own. Very busy! I ate a lot and didn't workout at all, but amazingly didn't gain weight. I'm guessing it was all of the walking and swimming we did. I'm ready to get back to running and yoga now! Tonight is karate and then going out for a few drinks with my sister and cousin to celebrate my sister getting engaged while we were in Mexico!


      FR: Getting back into the swing of things. I ate and drank whatever I wanted on vacation, but now it's time to get back on track.



      sjp - The photo album sounds like a lovely gift. I'm sure your sister will love it! Ice cream is my weakness - just can't say no.


        Good Morning!

        RR: Ran yesterday about 1 P.M. It was pretty hot out and we ended up going on the trail for awhile.  The trail was cool and had tree coverage which was nice.  I guess I'm done with crossfit for now.  I have too much going on this week that I don't have time to make any classes.

        NRR: Golf is a long game and my friend's son only played 9 holes yesterday.  He is 10 but on the WA (and OR) Jr circuit.  Yesterday he made it to the State tournament for WA.  We were there from 8:30 until about 12:30, then went for a run, came home and did my class work until time for bed.  Today I'm heading to Portland - need to get more of older DDs stuff to bring home and possibly DD as well.  She is having a bit of a rough time right now - I think life has hit her over the head.

        FR: Lost another pound this week, which I'm happy about.  Definitely going to stick with my eating even though I may not be going to crossfit.


        SJP: DBF is very good with fixing cars, bikes, anything.  He is very mechanical.  He was planning to be a car mechanic but then went to college in his late 20's.  He has actually had 2 Datsun roadsters that he's fixed up and sold.  One he sold to get money for college, the other was more recently.


        Java: Glad  you had such a good vacation in Mexico!!!  I hope that it isn't too hard for you to get back into the swing of things.  Congrats to your sister.  How many siblings do you have and are they all younger?  yup, vacationing with children is definitely much different that vacationing with just adults.



          Good morning!


          RR- 4 mi lunch break run today and possibly climbing with DBF later (although if we have more than a beer or two I doubt it, haha).  Going to be another hot and sunny run!  I want to find another race to sign up for so I have something to aim for, but it's tough when DBF and I love to go backpacking on any nice weekend we can.  Although we haven't gotten to go much this summer due to other busy-ness :/


          NRR- Got one of my midterms/exams done last night and got a good grade on it, so I'm happy with that.  I was going to do more homework after but my brain was a little fried so I just read a chick book and sat in the sunshine for a while.  Oh well.  I am a few days ahead right now so it's ok!  I'm hoping fall quarter will seem a little easier since it's spread out over more weeks.  Finishing up month end stuff at work, I have been super busy and productive here this week as well.  Looking forward to some relax time with DBF tonight for sure!  My brother comes home from grad school this week so it will be fun to see him again and hang out with him this summer (in all my free time... haha!).


          FR- Made pasta w/chicken and veggies last night.  thinking either italian tonight or the sweet happy hour place near my work that does the pepper bacon mac n cheese and the sweet potato fries w/jalapeno aioli... nom nom!


          Back in a bit for shouts!