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    Hey everyone, just wanted to hope on and say that I am safe her in OKC.  I work in the city and live in another town and the tornado went between the two so travel is difficult, but thankfully all my family is safe!


    rr: had to go out for 6 miles last night to clear my mind and think.  Stress of the storm then media afterwards was too overwhelming...


    nrr: kind of still in shock.  Luckily my family that lives in the town hit were not affected and thankfully my SIL does not work at the school that was leveled.  My mom and dad were planning on going to the movies and the movie theater that was hit- but luckily they were called into babysit my nephew instead.


      Hey OU - glad you are ok.


      RR: One more day off. Back is still sore and I just didn't sleep well last night.


      NRR: I finally got in touch with all of our firends and family at about 11:00 last night. We had some really tense moments when we couldn't get ahold of some friends we weren't sure which elementary school their kids were in, but we knew it was in the area. They finally called DH around 10:00 last night and said they were all fine but couldn't get through on their phones. DH called their parents for them (they had just been trying to call anyone they could get through too) and I went to bed.


      FR: The usual.


      Hope we have a calm day today.




        ou and java-SO SO SO glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe. i cannot even imagine.


        seattle-a picnic is such an awesome idea, i love that.


        mc-that is great DS is going to be a guide, do you go rafting a lot?


        mia-enjoy your quiet house! i bet that will be nice to relax after the chaos of the weekend.


        RR: 3 painfree miles again this morning! i was thinking the cold medicine was false hope (pain killer or something) but didn't take any today and my heel/calf didn't hurt after the run or on the 60 min elliptical. progress.


        NRR: errands with dbf after work, he needs a spin rod for this weekend, all the boys are goign fishing when we go to my parents. my dad has a permit to move/stock his pond so dbf, my sisters fiance, my brother, dad and nephew are all going. they are super excited, its pretty hilarious.


        FR: still feeling good here, can taste food even with the slight cold, so that is nice.


          Good morning!  ou, I had no idea you and your family were so close to the tornadoes...  so glad you are all ok!


          RR- 5 mi run after work this evening.  It looks pretty rainy and gloomy out.  DBF and I went to an outdoor wall to climb yesterday and I was getting kind of stressed out b/c we don't really know what we're doing safety-wise with the ropes and belaying and everything and he kept going higher than I was comfortable with.  Think I'm going to take a class on how to do it and make him practice with me in the gym before we go outside again...!


          NRR- Still super busy at work this week.  Being productive and getting lots done so that's good, I want to have a stress free memorial day weekend!  I don't really have anything concrete planned, but DBF and I are thinking of maybe going camping over in eastern WA where it is usually warmer and drier.  Hoping to get some reading in and go to bed early tonight, I've been staying up too late I think!


          FR- Stir fry chicken & veggies w/rice tonight, lots of coffee this morning!


          I will try to keep better track of time today so I can make it back for shouts Smile


            Hi all,


            First  off -- Java and OU, I can't imagine the stress of the last 24 hours for you. I was horrified to see the photos of devastation last night. I grew up in Kansas, and spent many hours huddled in the basement with the sirens blaring. But I've never even been close to one that bad. So glad you and your folks are safe.


            RR: I ran about 2 miles this morning, and actually my back felt better after that. In fact, the only time it doesn't really hurt is when I'm walking or running. So I think I'm going to change my recovery approach. Also, I got my shipment of heel lifts yesterday (that sounds so dreadfully dull) and I've been diligently putting lifts in all my shoes so I can rule that out as a contributor to the back pain. And finally, I ordered a desk shelf thing that converts my computer setup at work to a standing desk. As long as I'm walking/standing/jogging everything feels better than when I'm sitting. Now that I've typed that, it looks pretty obvious, but I guess you have to learn some lessons several times.


            NRR: DH is over on the western slope for meetings, so I did a little grocery shopping yesterday, threw the ball for the dogs, and watched some episodes of Parenthood. I just stumbled on that series on Netflix, and it's kinda sucked me in.


            FR: Frozen blueberries with sliced bananas and Kashi Go-Lean Crunch. YUM!


            OU: Wow, that sounds like a close call for your folks. So scary. It's good to have running to clear the mind in times like these.


            Java: I'm so sorry you had a sleepless night--it's no wonder. Is cell service back to normal yet? Sorry your back is still sore. It affects everything when your back hurts.


            SJP: We try to do at least 2-3 multi-day trips a year and get out on our local river as much as we can. It's a great get-away -- no electronic devices! So glad you had a good, pain-free run again -- that's terrific!


            Seattle: Yeah, I would want to know all about those ropes, too. Good luck getting all the work done so you can coast through the Memorial weekend. Sounds like a great plan!


            Mia: Sounds like you got through the weekend with the outlaws as best you could. You must be so proud of DD! Good luck on the job interview today.


              Morning Everyone


              RR- I ran yesterday. At the moment I'm forgetting how far.


              NRR- Didn't sleep to great last night. EMT class just as I laid down in bed. After I got back my mind wouldn't shut off. I'll need to get used to more sporadic sleeping hours. I've only had 15 or so middle of the night fire calls, EMT calls happen much more often.


              FR- UGH...got to get it under control.



              OU- Good to hear you and your family are okay. Mass media things like this are very stressful. I'm glad you have running!


              Java- How scary waiting to hear if family and friends are okay. Glad all yours are.


              sjp- You are very patient with your healing process. And obviously it's working! Hope you keep healing consistently.


              Seattle- Good plan about taking another class. Do you use crash mats outside too?


              MC- I've heard really good things about people having a standing desk. Maybe you just need to sprint everywhere all the time? Smile


                Popping in before I lose track of time again!


                ou - again, so glad that you and your family are all safe, so scary and sad!  glad you were able to get a run in, that really always helps me process things like that.  I had a rest day the day that the Boston bombing happened and all I wanted to do was run!  Hopefully they will find lots of survivors and the clean up process will go quickly!


                Java - yeesh, sounds like a scary evening for you guys...  I can't imagine not knowing whether the people you care for are safe or not.  That's really what worries me most about natural disasters, is not having any cell phone service or any way of knowing whether people are ok or not or where they are or if they need help :/


                sjp - woohoo for heel feeling better finally, that is great news.  Do you have any plans for the weekend while everyone else is fishing (or did I read that wrong and you are going too?)  I haven't gone fishing in forever, I remember it being super fun and relaxing but not sure what I'd think of it now. Probably better with a case of beer along Smile






                  Argh, runningahead ate half my post!  Sad


                    OU and Java: so glad both of you and your family are all safe.  Tornadoes are so scary.


                    SJP: Glad your heel is starting to feel better and I"m sure you are also.  What kind of fish are going to be in the pond.  How old is your nephew now?


                    MC: those standing desks are so cool.  Someone where my daughter works has a treadmill desk.


                    Seattle: Climbing outside sounds a little bit scary.  Smart to take a class to make sure everything is hooked up correctly.


                    Snow: Did you feel comfortable on the call?  I think it's great you are volunteering your time and doing that on top of your regular job.  Is that getting any better with your boss?


                    RR: Ended up getting in two 5 mile runs yesterday, one alone and one with my TP.  IT was such a nice day I couldn't resist.

                    NRR: Had interview this morning, I think it went well.  It sounds like exactly what I want to be doing.  It is working with billing and insurance issues in a large radiology and oncology practice.  I would be in the business office.  They said I"d hear early next week.  Fingers crossed.

                    Went to DBF's last night and he did miss me. Big grin  He made me dinner and then we just talked, watched TV and cuddled a lot.  Today I need to hit the books.  Going to neighborhood bunco tonight.

                    FR: Really really really trying to be good.  Lots of fruits and veggies to get my system back in shape.