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    Morning all!

    mia: if you like mint chocolate chip ice cream, grasshopper shakes are for you - creme de menthe and creme de cacao w/ ice cream.  Yum!!!!  Do you just have a one day orientation for crossfit?  You should know a lot of the moves since you lifted with a trainer for a long time.  Hope you like it!


    mc: I only do crossfit on Friday mornings, the rest of the week I do a late evening class.  My body doesn't work as well that early - especially when heavy weights are concerned!


    seattle: started reading unbroken yesterday...so far so good - I like reading the history or Louie and the events of the time!


    rr: class tonight includes 400m runs, going to try my best to really run those hard and work on my speed.  Did some speed sprints on sunday after my run as well.  Definitely looking to get faster when I get back to running!


    nrr: had a great birthday weekend.  dinner and drinks on Friday, saturday I just relaxed at home and enjoyed the day, then Sunday went to the movie with my family.


    fr: was terrible this weekend, so back on the wagon again!!!!  yesterday I was almost back to normal (excepts for that baskin robbins cake at work), today will be better I know it!




      ou-glad you had a good birthday weekend!

      RR: 10 humid miles this morning and it was already high 70's, but i like that. yeah its not ideal weather, but its not hot here for very long, so i enjoy wearing a tank top and shorts at 6 am while i can Smile

      NRR: my sisters engagement photos came back, i love them. they look great which is good since its the same photographer for the wedding. they were taken on my parents land that has a big pond so the backdrops were pretty. sorta tired today, stayed up to watch some of the bruins game, and they blew it.

      FR: hoping to pick strawberries after work, if the weather cooperates.


        Good morning!


        RR:  I ran 4.2 miles this morning, first thing.  I didn't set an alarm, but got up when DF got up for work.  I walked part way with him to work, which was nice, then took off on my run.  It was hot and humid, so I'm glad I got it done when I did because its only getting hotter today!


        NRR:  First day of summer break!  I'm pretty psyched about it!  I'm going to go to "work" shortly.  That just means I'm going to Barnes and Noble to enjoy a fancy coffee and read my book.  I started calling it that because my grandpa, who's been retired for decades, used to go to "work" at McDonalds with his friends for coffee.  Later I have a dentist appointment, which I am not looking forward to, because I need a crown, but my insurance won't cover it since I had the original crown put in less than five years ago.  I'm going to talk to him about waiting to have it done until next February, once insurance will cover it.  That's probably a bad idea so I might just get it done and pay for it.  Boo.  Tonight DF and I are going out to the burbs to have dinner with his parents and to go buy a few things for the wedding (cake topper, guest book, etc).


        FR:  I had a greek yogurt with a banana for breakfast.  I haven't had that in ages, but it was delicious!


        OU:  It'll be interesting to see how Cross fit helps with your speed.  Have fun at class!


        SJP:  I hear you on the heat and humidity!  It's gross out.


        Have a great day!


          Good morning!  Got soaking wet just walking out to my car this morning, hope the rain settles down soon.


          RR- 3 mi tempo run over lunch today.  Was going to go swim tonight but I think I need to get organized with classes first.


          NRR- Still super busy at work... probably another day or two of crazy busy before things start to settle down here.  I am so looking forward to a long weekend for fourth of July.  We don't even have plans yet but a short work week will be nice.  DBF and I cooked up some yummy food last night and then watched some Scrubs and went to bed early.  I know it is not a "new" show but it's so great.  Tonight will probably be laundry, reading for class, and trying to get ahead on homework for this week.


          FR- Thinking english muffin pizzas tonight.  They are pretty good at satisfying my pizza craving and built in portion control!


          Will try to make it back in a bit for some shouts Smile


            RR: Argggh, I did  not get up and out this morning to run and just kicking myself because it's getting hotter, I have a jam-packed day at work, and I have to do a work dinner tonight with a client. I even went to bed fairly early last night. Need to figure out some way to get through those first few minutes of getting running clothes on before I start to think.


            NRR: Nice, mellow evening last night, nothing special.


            OU: Mint chocolate chip is my favorite! The sprint work in CrossFit sounds challenging. So what's your eventual plan for combining CrossFit and running? Are you focusing on CF through the summer and then adding more running back in?


            SJP: It's interesting it's actually hotter there at 6 a.m. than it is here. Not as humid here, of course. Homegrown strawberries sound amazing!


            RTR: I need some inspiration from you on getting up and out for the morning runs! Any tips for me? Bummer on the crown ... I hate dealing with insurance. After years of being on  my company's insurance, we're now switching to DH's because it's cheaper, and it's just such a headache getting through the transition.


              Good morning!

              OU: Glad you had a nice birthday.  I think the group orientation is just one day but then I'll meet with an instructor a couple of times as well.

              SJP: Is your sister's wedding coming up soon?

              RTR: I bet it feels good to start your summer break.  Does DF walk to work everyday?  Any luck with the house search?


              RR: Didn't run yesterday because my ankle was hurting from running on the trails the day before.  I noticed some bruising on them this morning but they feel better.  Might go for a hill run today.


              NRR: Got lots of school work done yesterday so going to try to finish it today.  Also have to clean my bathrooms, fold some laundry, send out some job apps, if it stops raining get out and do some weeding.


              FR: Was really craving sweets yesterday, realized why this morning.  Got my visitor about a week early.  UGH ready to be done with that.   Good thing was I didn't have any sweets in the house so I just ate fruit, etc.  Feel like I did pretty well in my eating yesterday.  Lots of fruit and veggies.  Made a quinoa salad for dinner which I have leftovers for today.




                Seattle: You could go for a run/swim at lunch with all this rain.


                MC: Have you thought about wearing your running clothes to bed?  Or put them on the floor so you step on them when you get up?  I think once you do it for awhile it will just become habit.  Easy for me to say though since I don't just get up and run.  I used to but haven't for awhile.



                  Mia: I haven't been very good about getting my gear together the night before -- that's a great idea to sleep in my running clothes. Also, if I had just a few sips of coffee that I could down before I go out, that would be a big help. Maybe I'll get some of those Starbuck's VIA things that I can use with hot water so I don't have to make a whole pot's worth.




                    RR- 5 hard miles in the hot(for me, 70s) yesterday. Then came home and realized I was missing a fire call. Stuffed myself, nasty running clothes and all into my gear and stood around in the sun for 45 minutes.


                    FR- meh. Trying to avoid sweets(ice cream mainly) and alcohol. But I totally over did it on snacking last night. I haven't done that in a while and I felt terrible.


                    NRR- Slept in today again. I've been doing that a lot lately it seems. I either need the sleep, or I need to force myself out of bed.


                    OU- Happy late birthday! It's okay to splurge on your birthday weekend!


                    sjp- strawberry picking sounds like so much fun! I LOVE strawberries.


                    rtr- Happy summer vacation to you! I love your "work" that sounds so great!


                    seattle- Good food idea! I've never thought about english muffin pizza before. I like it!


                    MC- I'm kicking myself for not getting up and running too. Whenever I sleep in I tell myself I'll run after work. I think that's happened twice.


                    Mia- Nice job eating well with stupid female cravings!


                      Back from my lunch break tempo run, which was fast (one of the fastest times I think I've run that route!) and oddly enough, warm and sunny.  crazy weather!


                      ou - glad you had a nice birthday weekend - that's totally a good excuse to let loose for a little bit.  weekends are always tough for me eating wise (and drinking wise!) and birthdays even tougher!  You'll have to let me know what you think of Unbroken when you finish it, I had a hard time putting it down.  glad I read it in between quarters!


                      sjp - strawberry picking sounds fun!  I got some fresh strawberries at the farmer's market on Sunday and they were so good!  I am with you on liking the warm weather...  it's tougher to run in but it's so not warm for most of the year that I love to enjoy it while it's here!


                      rtr - way to go getting your run in before the heat.  Happy summer break!  Wish I could be reading a book at Starbucks with some fancy coffee!  Smile  Yuck on the dentist appointment... hopefully they can figure out a way for you to put it off until later!


                      MC - the only way I can usually run in the morning is if I have my running clothes laid out and I just roll out of bed, into the clothes, grab a quick snack, and out the door!  Even then it's tough.  If this summer is as warm as this spring has been I may need to start doing that more often as well!


                      Mia - too crazy that it is now sunny and blue skies (up here anyways).  and warm!  And yet, I wouldn't be surprised if it rains again before the day is over... haha.  This spring has been so nice compared to most years recently here though!  You are always so productive and motivated, it is inspiring!


                      snowden - hope you are enjoying the sunshine up there!  probably nice to get some warm weather for a change even though we aren't super used to running in it.  I am with you on the sweets and alcohol thing...  I am fine during the week but it's so much harder on weekends!


                        Took a break and went for a noon run and walk, it was sunny when I started but downpouring by the end.  My ankle is hurting since I ran on the trails on Sunday so I had to walk some.  UGH!


                        MC: Maybe invest in a Keurig!  They  make a cup of coffee at a time.

                        Seattle: rain and thunder/lightening down this way.  It's heading north.

                        Snowden: I so hate those female cravings.  It's just not fair!