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Tragedy for Tuesdailies (Read 15 times)

    Still can't believe what happened yesterday - just shocking and hard to understand why someone would do that.


    rr: ran 5 silent miles this morning - thinking about all those in Boston along the way.  such a tragedy...

    And I am just so glad that none of you were running Boston this year, the people I was waiting to hear from that they were safe was tough enough - adding more to the list just makes it tougher.  Does anyone know if LAR had run this year? I didn't think she was but since she is off Facebook now I wasn't sure.


    nrr: wearing a race shirt to work today - we have a race here called Spirit of Survival - seemed fitting.  Have it hidden under a button up for a meeting this morning, but will let it show a bit more this afternoon.  Was absolutely sickened yesterday - being from Oklahoma we have our own scared past which comes up on Friday, so it was very close to home to see this happen - brings back a lot of memories.  Was nice to see how runners banded together afterwards in Boston to give blood and such - and just the community we have on Facebook and such.  I love being a runner.


      Good morning old friends. Watching the events unfold yesterday reminded me of how much I love being a part of the running community and really made me miss you guys. Hope all of your loved ones are safe.


      RR: Either a quick run with Winston tonight or a long walk with the boys and Winston. Had a nice run yesterday (3ish I think) all by myself. I felt guilty leaving Winston behind, but this was my first solo run in 3 months, and I really just wanted to enjoy myself without worrying about him.


      NRR: So very saddened by the events at THE marathon yesterday. Boston is such a dream for so many runners, I hate that it has now been tainted by a few horrible people. Once again though, I was amazed to see the good of so many come out in a time of tragedy. I actually shed a tear (and I don't EVER cry) watching the first responders run toward the blast as everyone else ran away.  My mother (a nurse) was one of those people who ran toward the blast during the OKC bombing almost 20 years ago, and I will forever be in awe of those people. And to echo OU - today I love being a runner.


        Good morning!  Add me to still being sad/upset from yesterday.


        RR- Climbed w/DBF yesterday but I was just out of it and not focused and whatnot.  Today will be a 5 mi lunch break run that I will appreciate every minute of.


        NRR- Didn't get much done yesterday...  couldn't focus at work, didn't do any hw, ugh.  Need to get back on track today but it's tough.  Hopefully all the work I have to do will distract me!  I wish I had thought to wear a race shirt under a sweater or something but I had not really planned ahead.


        FR- Orange chicken and rice probably.


          Morning.  Still very upset about yesterday's events.  Sickening.

          OU: It is always good to see how people come together to help after such horrible events.  Just wish we didn't have to have the horrible events.  Neither LAR or Happy were running Boston.

          Java: Good to see you.  Yes, we runners are a great community.  It is always so easy for me to strike up a conversation when i know someone else is a runner - it's like we have some sort of bond.  Sounds like your mom is a pretty special woman.


          RR: Haven't run in a few days but getting together with friends to run this morning.  We have all run Boston but none of us were able to go this year.  I'm sure it will be a reflective run.

          NRR: Had trouble turning off the news yesterday although I didn't want to see the images.  Just horrible and so unnecessary.  I finished all my painting yesterday but still have some work in the yard to do.  Will do that today as long as the weather cooperates.  I noticed a mole or moles have invaded my area near the patio I put in.  Interview went okay yesterday,  didn't like that job as much as the first one I interviewed for.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I hear from them this week.

          FR: I still haven't gone to the grocery store - TODAY!!  Last night I threw together beans and rice for dinner, those are staples I always have in my cupboard.



            Hi all,


            Have spent many hours since yesterday wondering whether we are just becoming a less civilized society. But then the reports of heroic acts and compassion lifted me back up this morning.


            RR: It snowed 12 inches here yesterday, and more on the way today. I think I might go for a walk in the snow.




              Yesterdays events are so sad, so shocking and so angering. I almost think I'm more upset by it because it ties into running. We'll never get an explanation as to "why" that will make any sense. I just don't understand what brings people to do this.


              RR- Ran almost ten yesterday as the bombs we going off. Came home to see that on the news. No running today. I have to head into the fire department before work and figured it was a good morning to sleep in a bit and enjoy my coffee.


              FR- Meh. Okay. Need to start cooking more, getting pretty tired of bring cold meals for my dinner at work.


              WR- Weighed 121 yesterday which is 2 lbs down from last week. I must have been dehydrated or something.


              And to echo, I love being a runner too. Yesterday was the first time I ever considered myself a runner. I've always thought "I run." But there is a strong connection between the huge running community and I felt it yesterday.