Weight Loss Dailies


finally fridailies!!!!!!!!! (Read 9 times)



    mia-oh wow, that pre-employment drug screen does not sound like fun. My  niece is about 20 mos old, she is super cute. have anything fun going on this weekend?

    seattle-i can't believe you didn't have a bite of dough! that is willpower, cookie dough is my favorite.

    rtr-going home for my nephews 4th birthday party. and we haven't been home in a little bit, so ready for a visit! i am terrible at running after work, especially once i get home, stopping on the way home seems like a good idea to me!

    MC-great run! yes, I never stuck with lifting before i did p90x, i always did the same routines, and this is on a cycle so even though i've done them a bunch, my body still gets sore. i am bad and skip the warmup and cooldown bc i usually just stretch all the time while watching tv/doing other stuff. have a great trip!

    RR: 7 treadmill miles this morning and then 30 min elliptical. also did back/biceps last night with dbf, it isn't nearly as hard as the one we did tuesday. not super soret today, thank god.

    NRR: can't wait to get this day done! going home to see my monsters (what i call my niece/nephew). dbf and i rode into work today together so can leave right from here, which saves us about 35-45 minutes with traffic home/packing/leaving.

    FR: nothing too exciting. lots of carrots lately, with lunch and cooked with dinner. i <3 vitamin A!


      Good Morning and Happy Friday.

      RR: Planning to get out for a run today at some point.  Probably about 5 miles.

      NRR: Nothing big planned for today or even the weekend.

      FR: It's getting to be chili weather so planning to make a big batch of chili up soon.


      SJP: Have a great time at home.  Will your sister and her husband also be there?  Do you and DBF work near each other?

      Seattle: Any fun plans for the weekend?  When are you planning to move in with DBF?  Will it be closer to work for you?

      RTR: Do you have lots left to do on the house?  I think that stopping on the way home from work is a great solution.



        Hooray for Friday!


        RR - Had a good lifting session with DBF after work yesterday, my chest and tris will be sore!  Today will be a 3-4 mi lunch break run, tomorrow will be a 10 mi hill run on my favorite running trail.


        NRR- Had a relaxing night with DBF after the gym, we just cooked up some dinner, lounged around, watched some TV, and gave each other massages, super nice.  Tonight will just be finishing up homework and projects, and getting ready for the Husky game tomorrow...  it's a big one for sure!  Not much on the weekend menu except that, the trail run, Seahawks game on Sunday, and lots of studying!


        FR- Pan fried steak w/baked potatoes and asparagus last night was so good.  Splurged on some really good cuts of ribeye steak and it was delicious.  Thinking pizza or pasta tonight to carb load!


        Back in a bit for shouts Smile


          Forgot my running stuff so no lunch break run... boo.  Oh well, tomorrow's run should be a good one!


          sjp - my back and bis are definitely stronger than chest and tris as well (especially with the climbing that we've been doing).  DBF and I did bench press for the first time in a long time last night and I could only bench the bar... oy haha.  have a great trip/weekend!  I love baby carrots, need to re-stock on those... yum!


          Mia - too funny, I've been thinking it's chili/soup weather for a long time!  I guess I was just getting super excited for fall Smile  I hope that you have a nice low key weekend!  DBF and I will probably move in together late winter/early spring... probably not too terribly far away.  His house is pretty much exactly the same distance from my work as where I currently live, so commute won't be any better but not really any worse either.  Weekend plans are mostly running and football (and homework, but that doesn't count as "fun" haha), perfect fall weekend for me!