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    I think we're up and running!


    rr.  Hoping for something today on the TM while M is down for her nap.


    nrr.  Planning on a trip to Target today (yes, so exciting) and then going to the Hot Springs Pool.  Definitely looking forward to that!  M was practicing her kicking in the bath tub last night!  I have got to remember to get a video of that some day!


    fr.  Still sticking with soft foods.  Yesterday consisted of oatmeal, apple sauce, and yogurt.  We had baked potatoes for dinner which was okay but I was still STARVING after that.  Thank goodness ice cream is soft!


    Happy day all!


      So, I just copied and pasted what I put on runners world. 


      Good morning!


      RR:  I have a race today!  It's just a two mile Jingle Elf Run.  This will be my third year running it, so I'm looking forward to it. 


      NRR:  Work, the race, then hanging out with DF and his friends  after the race.  It's a race they always do, I started running it with them a few years ago.  I'm very much looking forward to the weekend.  I don't have any major plans, just some nice relaxation hopefully.


      FR:  Nothing too exciting.


      MIA:  Ooh, a new Garmin sounds nice!  I don't use mine anymore because I live around a bunch of tall buildings, but I really like it when I can use it.  I don't know where all the old posters went.  I think Happy and JKR popped in after their last marathons.


      Simon:  Have fun at the hot springs pool!  That sounds amazing!  If I had one of those near me, I would go all the time.


      Have a great day!


        Good morning!


        RR: a few miles this afternoon. Supposed to be very nice out, so I'm really looking forward to it!


        NRR: Crazy weekend ahead! Big B's birthday party is Sunday (I can't believe my baby will be 5 in less than 2 weeks!) We decided to have his party a few weeks early to avoid the holiday parties, but that failed miserably.  We have another birthday party to go to Saturday and a Christmas party Saturday night. It's my yoga studio's 1-year anniversary this weekend too so there's free yoga Saturday - NOT missing fee yoga! Oh, and little b caught my cold. Should be fun.


        FR: BBQ last night - so good.



        B: scrambled egg w/ spinach, ww toast, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

        S: Cliff bar, coffee

        L: either a salad or special K cereal (depends on how much time is left after I run before I have to get Big B from school)

        D: Probably ordering pizza



        Simon - Target is dangerous! No matter what I go for I spend at least $200 every time I walk into that store. I bet M is too cute kicking in the bath! Little b's favorite time of the day is bath time!


          x-post with rtr - have fun at the race! Sounds like a lot of fun!


            rtr.  Oooh - have fun running the race!  I love races that aren't on a Saturday or Sunday!  I'm doing our Jingle Jog with my friends in a couple weekends - really looking forward to it!


            java.  Is DS in pre-school this year or Kinder?  I loved planning M's party this year and can't wait for next year!  It'll just get more fun as she gets older I'm sure!  Today's Target trip is full of diapers, bath soap, and ibuprofen.  Fun, fun!

              post from RW site:

              morning everyone.  wow it is Friday already, doesn't seem like it for some reason


              rr: opting to run in the sunlight and nice weather this afternoon - bed was just too comfortable this morning.  that and legs are still feeling it from my weights on wednesday!


              nrr: had to take dog to the vet to get spayed this morning - so sad that they have no clue what is coming!!!!  work, a run, then some basketball tonight.  Looking forward to teh weekend!  a few people asked - I have 2 papers to write, each one about 15 pages.  almost finished with one of them, but the other is waiting till after the final in the class.


              fr: sticking strong to being healthy - passed up pizza yesterday and I haven't had fries since my marathon!


              simon: why starting a new group at running ahead (oops just read yesterdays post!)?  I won't student teacher for another 18 months or so - i do observe next semester though, first grade, I will be helping with the "pen pal" assignment each week!


              mia: I got a new garmin as a reward to completing marathon training - i actually went down from a 405 to a 210, but new toys are so fun.  Working the 410 is pretty easy, but definitely read the book at some point because there are a lot of fun features that you can use that a lot of people don't know about!


              rtr: race on a friday sounds fun.  I love the holiday races!!!  I would pick Hawaii for the honeymoon - i've been to both areas, and I just think hawaii is so much nicer.  I also enjoy the fact that it is still American and there aren't as many "unknowns" like being in a foreign country.  I prefer Maui!!!



                simon-thanks for starting us up over here!!! have fun at target, place is awesome and dangerous.

                rtr-good luck at the elf run, that sounds like a fun tradition! do you dress up for it?

                mia-ooh new garmin, that is awesome. i'm sure your dinner tonight with friends/man will be great! enjoy Smile cookies are the most dangerous food and my favorite...

                java-this time of year is just nuts with parties and such. enjoy the free yoga, sounds like you'll need some zen with that much to do on the schedule!

                RR: 8 miles on teh elliptical and 20 min of elliptical. felt good, getting used to being back on the treadmill again. not sure what i'll do for long run tomorrow, its cold here, 20s so might be split between inside and outside.

                NRR: finishing moving DBF's stuff and probably doing some xmas shopping. nothing planned specifically so that is always nice...

                FR: its cold here today, I'm not ready for frigid! I see coffee/soups in my future!


                  FOUND YOU!!





                    Hi all (copied from RWOL):

                    RR: Had a great 6-miler yesterday although it was downright hot out--I was overdressed. Can't seemed to get my running clothes right this week. Today I had a killer (for me) weight workout. I am starting to not hate burpees so much, and I'm starting to have a goofy love for deadlifts. They make my back feel good.


                    FR: Had some truly yummy beef stew at the pub last night with my work friend. It inspired me to try to duplicate it at home. I only had one glass of wine! But then I had a margarita. :-( It was so good.


                    NRR: Mom's birthday tonight so we're going to gather at my sister's for dinner. Should be fun!


                    Mia: I play guitar ... I have lots of musician friends, so we all kind of gather in different groups at different times and work up songs, or just goof off playing stuff. Mainly for fun! Have fun with your new Garmin!


                    Simon: I will check out the new user group! I was reading a few of the threads on Running Ahead last night, and I recognized quite a few people from RW. I sympathize with RW -- I work for a publishing company with very active forums, and any time we've tried to migrate to a new platform or do an upgrade, it's an absolute nightmare. 


                    M4Snow: How did your hill work go yesterday?


                    RTR: Jingle Elf sounds fun! We have a Jingle Bell run here tomorrow ... I might decide to do it at the last minute. 


                    OU: Good call to run in sunlight and nice weather! Nice job on passing up pizza. 


                    Seattle: Hope your cold is completely gone!


                    SJP: I often crave sweet potato! So wonderful.


                      Morning! Nice to have everything I post on be on the same site again!  DBF and I are both feeling a little better (I still have a cough), and it's Friday and payday!


                      RR - 4 mi lunch break run in the rain today, 6 mi trail run tomorrow.


                      NRR - Doing some baking tonight (cookie dough cheesecake bars, yum!) as my coworker and I are having a little dinner party with DBF and her husband tomorrow night, should be fun!  DBF hasn't met them yet so hopefully they will get along.  Looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!


                      FR - Thinking chicken parm from skinnytaste tonight.


                      Back for shouts in a bit!


                        Also, I made it to 100 miles running this month, woohoo!  I know that's not a ton but it's definitely the most consistently I've run in a while!


                          Seattle: 100 miles=awesome! I think that's a lot considering all the swimming and weights you do. I'm really struggling to get up to 25 miles a week with the 3 weight workouts a week. I've found that weights + running on the same day is still just too much for me. So contemplating running longer on the other days.


                            Ugh I just typed my part twice on RW and lost it. So now I'm out of time and patience so this will be quick.


                            RR- hill/trail yesterday for 5.5 miles went well, but slower than expected. I'm sore from weights and possibly upping my mileage. Today is a rest day.


                            NRR- nothing out of the ordinary.


                            FR- I'm having a terrible time eating right. How did you guys start eating right? I have good motivation to work out but horrible self control when it comes to food. What made you start saying no to things you shouldn't eat or stopping eating at the right time?


                            Simon- glad you started this here. Also, Target is my go to when I'm home in CO. .. No target where I live.


                            rtr- enjoy your race. Two miles should go quick from all the 10's you've been doing


                            Java- wow busy weekend! Enjoy all the get-togetheres.


                            OU- I like running in the sun much better. Its easier to be able to get in the zone and not have to worry about every little thing.


                            sjp- stay warm


                            MC- yum. wine. I can't have only one glass.


                            Seattle- Great on 100 miles! I think I'm somewhere in the low 70s.


                            Also as a side note. I'd be happy staying here, or going to RW when they get it together. I do like it over there but it's also not that great now that everyone has moved elsewhere. 


                              Geez - epic nap process today!  M was acting tired around 12:30 and didn't actually go down and go to sleep until 2:30!  We made our rounds at Target - made it out for under $100 and the majority of that cost was diapers!  M had an awesome time swimming today - we were in the pools for over an hour!  She was experimenting with jumping in to the pool but it was more like walking off of the edge.  Oh well - in time!  I've got the house spruced up a bit and I'm going to do my run after I finish up here.


                              ou.  Was it your dog you got spayed?  How old is she?  Oh - I love first grade!  They're so much fun (not really much different than Kinders but they can read!).


                              sjp.  Ewww 20's?  Ouch!  We're still in the 60s during the day but down to the 20s at night.


                              mcinfoco.  Which pub were you at last night?  We used to spend a lot of time at a dive (The Trailhead) when we lived in the Fort.  


                              seattle.  I'm making a skinnytaste recipe tonight too!  Tuna Noodle Casserole!  Haven't had it in ages and I've been craving it!  Congrats on 100!  I can't remember the last time I was that high!


                              snowden.  The one thing that works for me when I have a hard time controlling myself around treats is just not having them in the house.  It sucks but it's totally worth it.  BTW we're a 50 mile round trip away from the closest Target.  Probably a good thing!  I agree with you about staying put - seems like there's always "something" at RWOL that makes it difficult to use the forums.  It's hard to find forums here though...


                              mia.  To answer your question about the MIA posters (ha ha, see what I did there?)...anyway...jkr had a really heavy school schedule this semester so hasn't been around much, happy has been really busy since she started her new job, nines is equally busy but stops in from time to time with a quick update, as for MadTown not sure, and lawilliams since she's preggo and busy with her kiddos I'm sure that's keeping her plenty busy.  Miss them all too!



                                Went for a short run today, about 5 miles and then came home and cleaned myself up as well as the house.  

                                The man is almost here and then we are headed out to meet my friends.  eeeeek!  Why am I so nervous?


                                We introduce our new material at Weight Watchers on Sunday, so I need to do some studying/practicing tomorrow before my meetings on Sunday, but other than that just a laid back Saturday.  I really dislike having only 1 day off a week, but really trying to do something about that.


                                Talk to you all later.